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Pawn my car and still drive it

How much cash can i get

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How Much Can You Get With a Car Title Loan

1: Title Pawn Terms

2: The Title Pawn Process

3: Title Pawn Benefits

4: Drive Your Car with a Title Loan

5: Where Do I Pawn My Car and Still Drive It Near Me?

Are you in need of some cash and thinking of pawning your car? Montana Capital offers car title pawn loans in which you use your vehicle as collateral and still get to keep driving your car! Under these types of loans, also known as auto title loans and pink slip loans, the lender becomes the legal owner (lienholder) of the vehicle while you remain the registered owner, allowing you to get the cash loan you need and still keep your car.

If you need some extra money, no matter the reason, a title pawn loan can be a great option. You don’t need to have a perfect credit rating or let go of your vehicle for this loan. Instead, your car is used as collateral and essentially serves as the credit for this secured loan. The process is fast and efficient, allowing you to avoid the hassles of getting a bank loan. To learn more about title pawns and whether it can be the right choice for you, continue reading below.

Title Pawn Terms

The terms of a title pawn are relatively simple but it’s best to first understand what it all means. Pawning means that you are using some object as collateral that is left with the lender while getting a secured loan in return. In the case of title loans, you are pawning your auto title but get to keep your car. In other words, you are getting a secured loan in which your vehicle is used as the collateral.

The value of the car is one of the factors, along with the ability to repay the loan, determining your title pawn loan approval and terms. Once a title loan lender approves you and provides the funds, it is added as a lienholder, or legal owner, on the vehicle’s title.

All in all, the car title is left with the lender until the loan is completely paid off but the car itself stays with the borrower. The terms of the title pawn loans are determined after you are approved and you should make sure that the loan amount, payments, and interest rates fit your needs and abilities. You may be surprised at the concept of a title pawn, but in fact, it exists in many states and thousands of people choose this loan every year. It is ideal for those who want to pawn their car title but still drive their car.

The Title Pawn Process

Now that you understand more about how title pawn loans work, you may be wondering about the process of getting such a loan. We’re here to assure you that we kept it simple in this aspect as well. The following steps are how you get a title pawn loan:


You can use our online application or apply by phone with the help of one of our loan agents. Either way, the application only takes a few minutes and by the end you will know if you are pre-qualified for a title pawn loan. For the next step you will be required to send in some important documents, such as a copy of your title and proof of income, after which you will receive a final approval.

Get Your funds

Once you’ve been approved and accepted the loan terms, you will get your money. We offer several methods of disbursement including MoneyGram or a bank transfer. Choose the option that fits your needs.

Pay Off Your Title Pawn Loan

The final step in the loan process is paying off the loan. You can make the monthly payments outlined in your loan contract or you can pay more in order to get rid of the loan faster. Once you pay off your title pawn loan entirely, we will remove the lienholder and send you back a clean title.

Title Pawn Benefits

There are many reasons people choose to get a title pawn over other types of loans. It could be a fast process, straightforward terms, or the fact that there aren’t many hassles and paperwork involved. There are many benefits to get a title pawn loan and we’ve listed the top reasons below:

  • Keep driving your car – crucial for those who need their car to get to work or run important errands.
  • Receive money fast – you can get your money within hours of the application.
  • The customer is a top priority – we have professional loan agents who work hard to provide stellar customer service.
  • No need to have perfect credit – we accept all credit types as long as you can prove an ability to repay the loan.
  • No prepayment penalties – pay your loan off early and avoid further interest.
  • The Process can be done online – for more details about our online loans click here.

As you can see, there are many reasons one would choose a title pawn loan. When you’ve reached a situation in life where you need a loan, you want to make sure that getting it doesn’t disrupt your life even more. That’s why thousands of people choose a title pawn loan as their financial solution.

Drive Your Car with a Title Loan

Wondering how you can pawn your vehicle title and still drive it? The answer is simple and it all lies in the ability to have both a registered owner and a legal owner on a vehicle. When you buy a car, often you are financing it so the company that sold it to you becomes the lienholder on the car while you are the registered owner. The registered owner is responsible for paying any yearly fees to the state’s department of motor vehicle, as well as for any tickets and citations received that are related to that specific vehicle.

However, the lienholder remains the legal owner of the car so while it is not under its day-to-day possession it is still its asset. Title pawn loans work very similarly to this by allowing the borrower to remain the registered owner and the lender to become a new lienholder. While there is a lienholder on your car you cannot sell it to anyone else or get another loan on it. All in all, this allows you to pawn your car title and still drive the car. Most people cannot afford to lose their car, especially when going through financial trouble, and so auto title pawn loans are a wonderful solution!

Where Do I Pawn My Car And Still Drive It Near Me?

Another thing that can confuse people about title pawn loans is where do they actually leave the title? The answer varies widely across lenders but for the most part it will be kept in their headquarters or local loan office. The title remains with the lender until you are finished paying off the loan, at which point the lienholder gets removed and you get a new title. During the loan, you get to keep driving your car for whatever your needs may be.

Thinking where you can find a title pawn near me? Montana Capital can help you get the funds you need. We have years of experience in providing car title pawn loans across the state and helping those who need it most. When you want to get started you can fill out our online application or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in the process so you can pawn your vehicle title and still drive your car.

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