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Should I Buy a Car Title Loan in Missouri?

Are you feeling stuck in financial problems?

Car title loans are the fastest way you can get some emergency money to escape the sticky situation.

When you need cash to pay off emergency bills, house bills, personal expenses, and other unpaid loans, getting a car title loan might be the financing solution for you.

READ MORE BELOW on how you can benefit s a resident in Missouri from a car loan when you need it.

Missouri Flag, USA

Missouri, known as the "Show-Me State," features a state flag with a simple yet distinctive design, showcasing the state seal against a field of red, white, and blue.

The Car Title Loan: A Brief Introduction

It's simple.

A car title loan is an agreement where you agree to lend collateral (your car) to the lender in exchange for some cash. A car title loan can also be called an auto-title loan by others.

If you're wondering if they'll take your car for good, don't worry, you still have your rights and ownership of the car during the loan period. 

Remember that it's important to pay off the monthly payments and fees, or less.

What happens if you don't? They will take your car and have the right of ownership.

Benefits of Buying Car Title Loans in Missouri?

Getting auto title loans is the fastest way you can get easy cash. However, these loans offer a lot more advantages besides instant money. Here are some of these benefits.

Shorter Processing Times vs. Credit & Bank Loans

When it comes to processing your auto-title loans, it's much FASTER compared to banks and credit unions.

All you need is a car and personal documents such as license, registration, proof of employment, etc., and you're good to go for approval on your loan.

No Vehicle Requisition Required

If you're opting to sign a title loan in Missouri, the lender company WON'T be confiscating or requiring you to give your car for the loan.

You will still have the rights and freedom to use and drive it around the area.

Credit Score Doesn't Affect Your Application

You are more than welcome to apply for a title loan in Missouri regardless of whether you have good or bad credit.

Some lenders won't need to have a credit check and will even assist you in your low credit score to optimize your agreement's interest rates and fees. In a vehicle title loan, all you need is a working car. 

However, some companies need you to undergo a credit check to see if you can pay the amount in the period. Nonetheless, your credit score won't affect your application process in Missouri.

MUST-READ: Regardless of your credit score, you are still able to apply for a title loan. But people with higher credit scores or good ones will receive more benefits compared to lower credit scores. 

Disadvantages of Buying a Car Title Loan

The processing time might be fast, short, and immediate, but vehicle loans AREN'T ALWAYS rainbows & unicorns.

Here are some of the disadvantages you might encounter with title loans:

Short Loaning Period

Title loans are relatively short compared to other forms of loans.

It can last for just a month at most, and any extensions to it will incur a higher charge and interest rate that might get your credit card broken in no time. 

Not All Vehicle Models Qualify

Some lenders require a specific vehicle model to qualify as collateral from Missouri residents.

Luckily for you, Missouri lenders only need your vehicle documents. You do need to make sure your chosen automobile is in safe and working condition. 

You May Lose Your Car

Part of the deal is lending your car (as COLLATERAL) for the money you will receive.

This means you can still use and drive your vehicle, but once you keep missing deadlines and didn't hold up at the end of the agreement, your lender now has the power to own your vehicle. 

Be careful when applying for title loans, as this one can make you bit off more than you can chew and may result in losing your vehicle completely.

Higher Interest Rates

Since the loaning period is much shorter, the interest rate is much HIGHER. Such as the case with lenders in Missouri.

Be sure to scout and source out different companies in Missouri before agreeing on an agreement with high rates and charges.

Requirements to Apply for a Title Loan

If you're a resident in Missouri applying for title loans, you will need documents for a proper application process for your loan amount.

Here are some of the documents needed in an auto-title loan:

Your Vehicle

It's going to act as collateral for when you buy title loans. Your lender will have an inspection first if it's in a working and safe condition.

Most lenders can check it through a personal inspection, pictures, or online.

Proof of Income as Well as Employment

This can be in the form of bank statements, checks, pay stubs, etc. This is important as this will determine if you are eligible or have the ability to pay off the loan amounts in months.

A Government-Issued ID 

Any ID type should work fine (such as a driver's license, passport, etc.). Also, you MUST be AT LEAST 18 years old or above to qualify for auto title loans.

How to Get Car Title Loans in Missouri?

Almost all of the lenders in the Missouri State have converted their forms online, making it a much easier process for everyone to have title loans.

However, it's important to do proper research on several lender companies in Missouri before signing an agreement.

Always check and compare for important information such as INTEREST RATINGS, TERMS & CONDITIONS, MONTHLY PAYMENTS, and their CUSTOMER SERVICE. 

Fill Out the Application Form

So you've scouted and did research on various companies and picked one around Missouri. It's time for the next step: accomplishing the online form. 

Usually, the form will require basic information such as your bank account, cell phone number, address, etc. 

Remember to fill out the form as HONESTLY as you can. Any mistakes may result in discrepancies and problems in your loan amount.

Present Documents for Inspection

After submitting the form, your lender will ask for an inspection of your documents, such as proof of income, residence, and pictures of your vehicle.

This is to ensure that the title and name of the vehicle are yours and yours alone. It also makes sure that the security of your legitimacy is also legit and that you have money to pay the loans.

Submit for Approval

The waiting game begins once you've accomplished all the instructions from your lender. Usually, title loans in the Missouri area take around a day or two to be approved. 

Review Terms & Conditions of Contract Before Signing

Before you sign your loan proceeds contract, you should always review every bit of information presented in the paper.

This allows you to renegotiate and ask questions to your lender for a possible tweak in your monthly charges and fee.

If everything looks goods and crystal clear, then you can sign it and have your title and cash on hand. 

Repay Your Car Title Loans & Get Your Vehicle Back

This is simple. Repay the agreement on the agreed date per month and get your vehicle's title back at the end of the term.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are Title Loans Legal in Missouri?

The Pawnbroker Loans Act under code 31-1-701 et seq governs title loans in Missouri.

If you get a title loan, your agreement must be signed and written.

This allows your lender permission to keep your title as collateral. You also give them a security interest in your collateral. 

You will be able to redeem your title by repaying the agreement IN FULL and complying with the deal.

If you FAIL to pay off your end of the agreement and redeem your title, your vehicle may be repossessed and sold.

State law says Missouri residents cannot get a title loan for more than $5,000, but the exact amount you can get through a title loan DEPENDS on the agreement you and your lender have. 

However, during negotiations, your lender is REQUIRED to consider your financial ability to repay the agreement.

How Much Cash Can I Get From a Car Loan in Missouri?

A few different things determine the value of a title loan in Missouri:

  • The Value of the Vehicle- This will be based on the car’s make, model, size, mileage, age, and condition.
  • Income- Your lending company will look into how much you make monthly and annually. They will try to arrange the monthly payment amount/agreement that is reasonable to pay off.
  • Ability to Repay the Loan– Your lending company WILL NOT overwhelm you with payments so that you can cash in every month.

Are There Differences in Missouri Title Loans?

Each state has different sets of rules, guidelines, and regulations for residents' title loans. 

Certain laws/rules in Missouri are DIFFERENT from the rest of the United States when it comes to car title loans

Income Check

Some lenders in Missouri do not need a credit check to check for your income, but most companies will perform one to determine the ability to repay.


Rollovers in loans are extensions lenders grant (for a fee) to borrowers IF they cannot pay the monthly payment on the due date. In Missouri, you are ONLY granted a MAXIMUM of two rollovers with vehicle loans.

Repossession Laws

If loans default, laws in Missouri allow your lender to repossess the vehicle. However, they have some REGULATIONS they must follow.

Companies have to wait a certain amount of days after a payment is missed to begin the repossession process.

They MUST also send a notice, allowing more time for the borrower to pay back the agreement. If it is paid back ON TIME, they ARE NOT ALLOWED to repossess the vehicle.


Now you have the information needed if you need to apply for car title loans in Missouri.

Just remember, many companies can give you the service and agreement you deserve for a loan.

That said, be sure to scout and compare lending companies so that you can get the one that has the best value out of your agreement.

We hope this will give you the security and money you need for your financial situations and emergencies.

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