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Title Loans in Tennessee: Complete Application Process Guide + 3 Tips

Sometimes, life hits us with a plot twist, and the next thing we know, we have a tough financial situation.

We understand, don't worry. Emergency expenses arise every now and then.

Tennessee Flag, USA

Tennessee, known as the "Volunteer State," features three stars on its flag, representing the three regions of the state: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.

With so many title loans made available in the state of Tennessee, you won't run out of options to get the funds you need.

Ready to apply for a vehicle title loan? Keep reading this article to know more about title loans in Tennessee.

 Some Tips When Applying for Title Loans in Tennessee

Research About Title Loans

One way to understand what title loans are is by conducting a simple search on Google.

It would help a lot if you look up the basic terms such as the usual terms and conditions, lender policies, credit requirements, etc.

This will ensure you will comprehend how title loans work, and how they can help you get the cash you need.

Compare and Contrast Title Loan Companies in Tennessee

Of course, we only want the best of the best for you. You deserve the right kind of support in a time of emergency.

When comparing companies in Tennessee, list down their interest rates, approval process, prepayment penalties, if they give a cash advance, and other miscellaneous payments.

This will help you choose which loan company is the most appropriate for you and your needs.

Learn How to Build Trust Between You and the Lender

An important factor in making sure you are eligible is your ability to repay the title loan amount.

Put yourself in the lender's shoes in this one. Would you lend some cash to someone who does not have the means to repay you?

No, right? This is why, as early as now, we advise you to find ways to generate a reasonable amount of income.

This will ensure the lender you've got what it takes to make the required monthly payments for your loan.

Note: Most title loans do not require that you have full-time employment, as long as you prove that you can pay the monthly payment.

How Do I Prove That I Can Repay the Loan, Then?

If you think your main source of income - whether that is a job, social security benefits, or the like - would not cut it, then we recommend you venture out to different avenues that can help you earn money.

Find some side hustles or start a small online business with little to no capital. This dedication to finding ways to generate income streams and increase your funds will not go unnoticed by the lender.

Title Loans Application Process 101: Everything You Need to Know

Here are the steps you need to follow accordingly when you are applying for a title loan in Tennessee.

#1 Choose From One of the Title Loan Companies

Before you start the paperwork, you have to take some time to seriously sit down and assess all your options.

Based on your research and comparison, which of these companies have the best policies and offers for you and your vehicle?

Also, make sure to choose one with a simple process, as this will speed up the time it takes for you to get your money.

Here, you will also choose a title lender.

We advise you to choose someone who will give you a good deal for the value of your car, as this will be the collateral to secure the loan.

Make sure you clarify the interest rates, the length of the loan, terms, conditions, and more.

Remember, you are looking for a solution to your urgent need for cash. Choose your lender wisely.

#2 Submit the Online Application Form

The form contains all the necessary information a lender will need to assess the loan amounts of different applicants.

This is why it's so important to be completely honest in what you input in the form.

Find yourself unsure of a certain question? Don't hesitate to seek the help of your chosen title loan company and ask for an officer to assist you through the form.

To give you a summary of what most lenders will ask, you will likely have to provide some personal information such as your complete name, full address (has to show that you reside in Tennessee), age, birth date, and important car information (year, make, model, mileage).

#3 Verification of Paperwork

In this step, the title loan lender will now review your application form and verify the information you submitted with your documents.

Your title lender will most likely ask for the following:

  • Government-issued ID (passport, social security ID, etc.)
  • State-issued driver's license
  • Vehicle title (has to be lien-free)*
  • Insurance papers of your vehicle
  • Proof of income (payslips, bank statements, social security benefits)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer
  • Interior and exterior pictures of the car (all 4 sides)

Remember, this is just a general list of what the title loan lenders may ask from you. They may require you to submit other documents to further verify.

These will help the lender to assess how much they can lend you, which is why it's so important to have complete paperwork.

*A lien-free title means there are no outstanding judgments or debts attached to your car.

#4 Getting Your Cash!

And just like that, you have successfully been approved for a title loan in Tennessee.

The lender will now begin to process your loan money. Depending on the lender, this will take about one to three days.

This will be given to you either through cold cash, bank deposit, or in another form of wire transfer.

Title Loans vs. Other Types of Loans

There are a lot of other types of loans in Tennessee. You may opt to have a payday loan, or directly apply for a personal loan at the bank.

So, why are title loans becoming increasingly popular in the state of Tennessee? Allow us to tell you what makes title loans different from other kinds of borrowing.

Straightforward Approval Process

Unlike other types of loans, title loans keep it simple.

The four-step process above works, and you'll immediately be notified whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

You won't be left wondering for long periods of time, only to be denied at the end.

Here in title loans, we understand you're in a time-sensitive situation. The money is given immediately after finalizing the terms.

No Strict Credit Requirements

Have you ever been rejected for a bank loan because you have a low credit score?

Don't worry, your title loan approval WILL NOT solely depend on your credit rating.

Don't get us wrong though, a lender MAY still perform a credit check to ensure that you are capable of paying the loan.

Credit rating is one of the ways in which a lender checks the credibility and paying habits of a borrower.

This is why applicants with higher credit scores will receive better deals and lower interest rates.

BUT, again, a bad credit rating will not mean you are automatically disqualified from a title loan.

What's important is you show proof to your lenders that you have the capability to pay the monthly loan dues.

Flexible Loan Terms

Other types of loans keep a rigid structure of policies and rules when it comes to approving a loan. Title loans in Tennessee are an exception, though.

We understand that every borrower has unique financial needs and purposes for applying for title loans.

In title loans, you are given the opportunity to negotiate with your lender before signing the loan agreement.

You Get to Keep Your Vehicle

One of the best reasons why title loans are better than other types of loans is they don't require your vehicle to be temporarily surrendered.

Your car only acts as collateral if you are not able to fulfill your financial obligations to your lenders.

But while you're paying off the amount, you can continue driving around Tennessee. Isn't it cool? You get your cash AND you keep your vehicle!


Still have some questions left? Don't worry, we are here to answer them!

Are Title Loans Legal in Tennessee?


In Tennessee, title loans are regulated by the Tennessee Title Pledge Act under the Department of Financial Institutions.

Under the state laws of Tennessee, lenders of title loans must be licensed to operate.

As a borrower, you have the right to ask your lenders to show their license, as a title loan from unlicensed lenders is considered void by the Tennessee government.

Lenders are also required to disclose crucial information such as rates and terms if they will be conducting a credit check, and the like.

As a borrower, you have the right to:

  • Decline if the lenders want a guaranty aside from the collateral vehicle
  • Be notified if the lenders are going to repossess your vehicle for the failure of making the monthly payments
  • Receive the cash within the promised business days of the lenders
  • Have your title be returned to you after you successfully paid the last monthly payment

 Will All Kinds of Car Qualify for a Title Loan in Tennessee?

Unfortunately, no.

Lenders of title loans in Tennessee usually DO NOT  accept a car that is made before the 2000s.

A vehicle with high mileage is disqualified too. The reasoning behind this is that the car's condition may not be ideal anymore for it to be considered as a collateral.

To be sure if your car qualifies for a title loan, you can check with your lending company.

How Much Can I Get From Title Loans?

The amount of money you get will depend on your car's equity value.

In a Tennessee title loan, the following will be considered when determining the value of your car:

  • Make and Model of your car
  • Vehicle's mileage
  • Year the car was made
  • Zip code
  • Car accessories

Note: If you have unpaid dues or pending installments, those are subtracted from the car's equity value. To compute an estimate of the money you'll get, this is a simple formula:

Equity Value = (Car's Value - Dues and Fees) x Rates

Do I Need to Go Out to Apply for a Title Loan?

Before, you must bring your car to the lenders and have them verify the condition of your vehicle.

But now, you can do everything ONLINE. We understand that not everyone can go around Tennessee in a pandemic.

Residents of Tennessee can get approved for a title loan from HOME.

How Do I Know My Title Loans Info Is Confidential?

It is true that the information you submitted in your documents is confidential, especially your Vehicle Identification Number, credit rating, personal details, and more.

The state of Tennessee implements data privacy, and your lending company will do the same.

Apply for Tennessee Title Loans Today

Emergency expenses appear from time to time, and that's why title loans are available to provide support for you.

Apply for title loans today, and get your much-needed money right away!

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