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Title Loan Buyout

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Shir Amram

Written by: Shir Amram

If you’re tired of the high-interest rates or excessive payments and want something more affordable, a buyout for your car title loan may be the answer. 

A title loan buyout, or more commonly known as a title loan refinance, is a great option for you to get better terms on your loan than your current contract offers.

Let’s investigate what a title loan buyout is and how it works

Key Takeaways

  • A title loan buyout allows you to replace your existing title loan with improved terms.
  • A buyout can offer lower interest rates, affordable payments, and better service.
  • A buyout may prevent repossession by offering more favorable loan terms.
  • A title loan buyout differs from refinancing as it involves replacing the current lender.

What Is a Title Loan Buyout?

Similar to a refinance, a buyout for your car title loan is when a new title loan lender pays off your current car title loan balance and provides you with a new loan. 

The terms of your new loan are more affordable. Usually the new car title loan comes with lower payments and interest rate. 

Understanding the Importance of a Title Loan Buyout

A buyout for existing title loans is usually necessary when you are struggling to make your monthly payments and are at risk of defaulting on your loan. 

But What Does Defaulting on Your Loan Mean? 

While the title loan laws in each state may vary, a default happens when you can no longer make your payments, therefore breaking your loan agreement. 

At this point, the lender can repossess the car, sell it, and use the funds to pay off your remaining loan balance.

So if you are at risk of defaulting on your loan, a buyout for your car title loan may be able to offer lower interest rates and affordable payments to get you back on track. 

Benefits of a Title Loan Buyout

  1. Lower interest rates in some cases.
  2. A more affordable payment in some cases.
  3. Better loan servicers in some cases. 

Do You Struggle to Make Your Monthly Title Loan Payments?

Title loans offer relief to those experiencing a financial emergency, but it is a solution that often comes with high interest rates and monthly payments. Because of this, falling behind and struggling to make your payments may happen. 

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. 

The good news is that there are solutions to help, such as a buyout for your title loan. An auto title loan buyout can help you stay on top of payments and avoid losing your vehicle in a repossession.  

How To Get a Car Title Loan Buyout 

If your current monthly payments and interest rate are more than you can afford, we may be able to help. With a car title loan buyout, we may be able to offer you a new loan with better terms. 

Our company offers approved borrowers between $500 and $50,000, or up to 70% of their vehicle’s value, depending on their ability to repay the loan and the equity in their vehicle.

How the Title Loan Buyout Process Works

Applying for a title loan buyout is simple! To get started, follow the following process:

  1. Determine how much you need – If you’re paying off your existing title loan with another, you only need the funds to pay off your current balance.
  2. Gather your paperwork – You must include proof of your identity, residency, and pictures of your car.
  3. Complete the application – You can complete an application entirely online or call 1-800-700-8900. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll receive an answer quickly.
  4. Sign your loan agreement – If approved, review your loan terms and send your title loan to the lender.

Required Documents for Car Title Loans

The documents you’ll need for a title loan buyout include the following:

  • Proof of income – You must prove you can afford the monthly payment. Your income could be from employment, or another source.
  • Current title loan details  – Provide your current title loan details so we can assess the amount needed and facilitate payment to clear the loan.
  • Proof of identification and residence – You must provide a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, to prove your identity and where you live.
  • Pictures of your car – You must provide interior and exterior pictures to confirm your car’s value. The photos must also include the odometer and VIN.

What Do I Look for in My New Loan?

Before choosing a title loan company for a buyout, finding an auto title loan with the following factors is essential:

Lower Interest Rate 

If you’re considering a title loan buyout, getting a lower interest rate should be your main goal. 

A lower interest rate can do a few things:

  • Decrease monthly payments
  • Shorten your loan terms
  • A combination of both!

Shorter Loan Term 

With a better interest rate, you may be able to lessen the length of your loan. If you can afford it, consider paying more than the minimum, or the same amount of money you did with your old loan. Making larger payments can shave off time from your loan. 

Lower Monthly Payments

With a new lender, you may have the option to decrease your monthly payments. While this may mean increasing your loan term, it has its benefits. 

While this strategy will not save you money, it will open up more money for other bills and expenses each month, reducing your financial stress.

Lender Tip: Don’t Default On Your Current Title Loan!

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t stop making loan payments. A few include:

  • Credit score damage
  • Risk of repossession
  • Court fees and attendance
  • Owe remaining debt 

Keep in mind that it is in both the borrower’s and lender’s best interest to come to a solution other than repossession. 

If you fear that you will be unable to make your payments under your current terms, speak with your lender. They may be able to help adjust the terms of your loan. 

Title Loan Buyout vs. Car Title Loan Refinance

A title loan buyout and a car title loan refinance can provide borrowers with options to explore.

Here’s a Comparison Table Detailing The Differences Between The Two Approaches:

AspectCar Title Loan BuyoutCar Title Loan Refinance
DefinitionA new lender pays off your current title loan.Your current lender adjusts the terms of your existing loan.
Lender InvolvementNew lender replaces the current title loan lender.Existing lender remains the same.
TermsNew terms may include lower interest rates and payments.Existing title loan terms are renegotiated for better manageability.
QualificationQualification criteria may vary with the new lender.Qualification criteria remain consistent with your current lender.
Financial ImpactMay offer more favorable terms based on eligibility.Focuses on making your current loan more manageable.
Decision MakingDependent on individual circumstances and goals.Determined by assessing your current loan’s feasibility.

Reasons for Title Loan Struggles

You should only take advantage of a title loan buyout in extreme situations. 

Here are some common reasons you might consider it.

  • Financial Emergencies or Difficulties – If you’re struggling financially, you may need a lower payment. It’s worse to default on a title loan than it is to try to get lower payments. 
  • Risk of Repossession or Default – If you are struggling to make your payments, you may be at risk of defaulting on your title loan and having your vehicle repossessed. 
  • Poor Customer Service – If your lender doesn’t respond to questions or has trouble posting your payments correctly, you may want to pay off the original loan to work with a more reputable lender.

Finding a Title Loan Buyout Near Me

We may assist you in finding a title loan buyout near you. 

For a no-hassle application process, simply visit our website or work with a representative over the phone

Want to Compare Title Loans Buyout Offers?

If you’re looking for more options to compare, follow these easy steps to locate a title loan buyout lender that can provide you with the favorable terms you are looking for. 

  1. Complete an online search – Research online by conducting searches for phrases like “title loan buyout options near me” or “title loan buyouts (specific location).”
  2. Compare lenders – Investigate each lender’s website to learn more about their policies and procedures. Also, look for reviews from current and previous borrowers to see if they were satisfied customers or if they regret working with the lender. 
  3. Connect with buyout lenders – Call to speak with a representative to get all of your questions answered and see if they offer title loan buyouts. 
  4. Evaluate your buyout options – Compare any offers you receive and look for details such as interest rates, fees, charges, loan length, month payment amount, and more. 
  5. Finalize your application – Complete the remaining application online, in person, or over the phone depending on the lender. Read over any offers and compare them to each other. Pick which one works best for your family. 


Are There Any Penalties for Repaying My Title Loan Early?

Each lender has their own policy regarding fees and penalties. Review your loan terms and call a representative to learn about your specific loan.

At our company, there are no prepayment fees or penalties. We encourage borrowers to pay off their loan ahead of schedule if it makes sense for their situation and doesn’t create a financial hardship.

Can I Have Two Auto Title Loans at Once?

While you cannot have multiple title loans on the same vehicle, some lenders will approve borrowers for an additional title loan on a different vehicle. If you have multiple title loans, a buyout may be a good option to help you pay down your debt faster.

Title Loan Buyout – The Bottom Line

A new title loan company may be able to offer a title loan buyout if you ever find yourself unable to pay your title loan. It can make the new payments much easier to handle.

A buyout title loan from us can provide relief from your debt and allow you to manage it better. We offer up to 36 months loan term and up to 70% on your car’s value.

While you won’t get access to your car’s title until you’ve paid off your loan, it can help you avoid default and get a better loan term. To see what options you have, call us now or apply online 24/7.

Shir Amram

Written by

Shir Amram

Shir Amram is a senior loan officer at Montana Capital Car Title Loans. With over 10 years of experience in the finance industry, Shir has been an asset in her role and has contributed significantly to our company’s success, Shir’s academic background in economics and financial knowledge helps us fulfill our education mission as she creates a valuable content to our blog. 

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