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Title Loans in Virginia: All the Information You Need to Know

Did you know that taking in a loan is not as bad as it seems? Do you need cash and convenient emergency funding IMMEDIATELY?


If you live in Virginia and need that cash ASAP, why not apply for a TITLE LOAN?

Virginia Flag, USA

Virginia, known as "The Old Dominion," features a unique state flag with a blue field and the state seal centered on it.

Title loans will save a lot of time and work for you! All it takes is a call, and the next thing you know, you have your money!

Read more to learn how to apply for Virginia title loans!

How to Apply for Title Loans in Virginia

So you want to apply for a title loan in Virginia? Here are the steps on how to apply for one in Virginia! Don't worry about the process! It goes by much faster than you think!

Step 1: Apply Online or Call

Applying online or via call is not should be CHILD'S PLAY.

Go to your chosen lending company's website or any of their branches near you and accomplish the application there!

You may either apply online or give them a call with the telephone number provided!

Make sure your zip code matches Virginia!

If you are in a DIFFERENT STATE, you have to change state, change zip code, and confirm that through documents and proof.

Once you are pre-approved after the pending review to apply for the title loan services, be ready to submit some basic documents!

Step 2: Submit Your Documents

Complete the online loan application and enter your personal information and the vehicle's basic information you will treat as COLLATERAL.

This means submitting LEGITIMATE identity documents, providing acceptable property to use as collateral, and documents regarding your property.

Once pre-approved, the lending company will assign you one of their lenders, and they will assist you in your car title loan process with their title loan services!

Step 3: Get Your Cash!

Once the lenders from the lending company reach the final approval and push through with it, you will get your cash, likely on the same business day!

To ensure the loan processing went smoothly, double-check your documents, see if your personal information is correct, and ensure that the vehicle you gave is your car outright.

The vehicle's title should belong to the lenders, and you should know the interest rates moving forward.

What Are the Car Title Loan Requirements in Virginia

Here are the required documents needed for you to submit to your lender for a car title loan application!

  • Bank Statements or Other Documents That Can Prove Income
  • Recent Photos of Your Car
  • Proof of Residency
  • A Virginia State-Issued ID or Other Valid Government-Issued ID
  • Car Title in Your Name, Registered in Virginia

The loan amount and how much cash the lender will give will depend on your car as collateral.

The lenders will determine its vehicle title, car insurance, value, and other factors determining the amount of equity your vehicle has.

What Are the Title Loan Laws in Virginia

Did you know that Virginia title loans can be referred to as title pledges, title pawns, or pink slip loans?

For the title loan market to work, laws must govern it. Here are some of the most important rules to note if you consider applying for Virginia title loans.

Qualifications for Title Loans

Lending companies in Virginia will look into the following to determine one's qualification for title loans - actual loan amount, term, and annual percentage rate.

The companies also determine if the applicant is capable of REPAYING THEIR LOANS.

If they cannot do such a feat, the company usually denies them.

Fees and Terms

  • Maximum loan amount: No more than 50% of the value of your vehicle
  • Loan terms: Three to twelve months
  • Late fees: No more than 5% of the payment amount
  • Rollovers and extensions: Not allowed

Repaying Your Virginia Title Loan

The lender is required to do the following when you have fully paid your loans.

  • Mark the contract either as paid or canceled.
  • Terminate the lender's lien on your vehicle's title.
  • Return the vehicle title to you.

Claiming Your Car Again

The lender must give you a 10-day notice that you can repossess your vehicle. The notice MUST contain the following information.

  • The principal of the loans
  • The interest due
  • That you can avoid repossession by paying back the loans in full

Selling Your Vehicle

The lender, similar to claiming your car again, must give you an advance, 15 days to be exact, of you wanting to sell your vehicle. The notice should contain the following information.

  • The principal of the loans
  • The interest due
  • The predicted date and time your vehicle will be sold
  • A list of reasonable expenses of repossession

The general rule of selling the vehicle for title loans is that the lender will only receive what the borrower intends to pay back.

For example, you need to pay back $2,000.

If the lender sold your vehicle above the payoff amount, let's say $3,000, the lender will receive the $2,000 while you keep the remaining $1,000.

If the lender sold your vehicle below the payoff amount, let's say $1,000, the lender will get the $1,000, and you DO NOT have to pay the remaining $1,000.

Why Should I Apply for a Title Loan in Virginia

Need to know more reasons why to apply for a title loan? Here are some of the best reasons why you should apply for title loans in Virginia!

Fast Pre-Approval

Title loans in Virginia have a FAST APPROVAL RATE.

This means that once you have applied and submitted all requirements and information, the company will tell you if you are approved of the loan on the same business day!

However, it also means that if you are not qualified to take in title loans, they will tell you immediately that you are DISQUALIFIED from applying to their services.

Nonetheless, the approval process is FAST and RELIABLE!

A short-term loan is easy to get once you've submitted the right documents.

Competitive Interest Rates

Interest rates in Virginia have competitive rates for you to choose from!

Lending companies in the state will give you reasonable interest rates and realistic terms for you.

On average, title loans will always have high-interest rates.

But in Virginia, they make sure that their rates are reasonable enough and stay competitive with other companies.

Superior Customer Service

Virginia lending companies have some of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICES in the market.

Do you need help in the loaning process? Do you have questions regarding the minimum loan and your existing loans, and so on?

All you need to do is call them up, and they will guide you in any way they can!

Title loans can be daunting at first, but the customer service of the lending companies is helpful, respectful, and available whenever!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still unsure whether the car title loan is for you?

Here are some FAQs if you need more information about the title loans in Virginia!

Be sure to read this thoroughly to avoid any problems or confusion BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the application process.

What Makes Auto Title Loans Better Than Traditional Bank Loans?

We all know going on a trip to the bank can be the most boring experience ever. Here are a few reasons you should apply for auto title loans instead!

Obtaining the Auto Title Loan

An auto title loan has advantages over other loan methods like a bank loan and other short-term loans like payday loans and cash advances.

Auto title loans do not require obtaining a loan from a bank, credit union, or a consumer finance company.

A payday loan and other short-term loans do not require the lending companies' decisions on loans and credit.

All they need is to determine if one can pay back title loans.

Cash Will Be Given to You Immediately

As soon as you meet the conditional approval of your requirements, your lender will send the cash DIRECTLY to your bank account or via direct deposit! 

Typically, borrowers can borrow from $200 - $25,000 in Virginia. For comparison, South Carolina title loans give a MINIMUM loan amount of $601.

In addition, the loan proceeds can either be in cash, check, or a debit card, allowing for versatile ways on how the company can send you the money!

Fast Processing

Acquiring online title loans is much faster than acquiring loans from a bank.

All you need to do is contact the lending company online or by telephone, submit documents and wait for the lender's approval.

No Vehicle Requisition

You will still be able to drive your car even if it was used as collateral!

The lending company keeps the vehicle's title.

If the loan term is up and you have yet to pay the title loan in its principal amount, they will take your vehicle's title, and you will lose ownership over it.

To avoid this, PAY THE LOAN, and the company will return your classic vehicle lien-free.

If you do not pay the loan in time, the vehicle ownership title that you own will no longer cease to exist.

Many Companies Do Not Require Credit Score

Lending companies often do not require a credit score!

If you have a bad credit score and DESPERATELY need cash on the fly, consider getting title loans!

Companies often do not consider the credit score when serving their customers because the vehicle provided as collateral is more than enough assurance for the loan.

When people look for alternatives on how to get cash quickly, they usually refer to title loans.

Convenient Payback Scheme

Lending companies make an effort to make their payback schemes very convenient.

It allows the borrower to pay MUCH FASTER AND EFFICIENTLY.

They guarantee that no hidden fees will be charged and that everything, including interest rates are in good faith.

How Does the Payment Process Work for Car Title Loans?

There are many options when making payments for the loan.

Some lending companies can send the cash directly to your bank account or even your debit card. They also allow people to have access to emergency funding!

If you still have some available credit on your credit card, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking a credit card cash advance.

Since title loans in Virginia charge interest, taking a cash advance will lower your interest rate.

There are also cash options to choose from!

What Will Happen if I Have Bad Credit?

Like many lending companies, getting a title loan in Virginia DOES NOT REQUIRE a credit check!

Many consider getting a title loan in Virginia a great alternative for Virginians to get a loan instead of getting one from a bank.

This is mainly due to the swift process and same-day cash giving that the companies provide.

While having bad credit is not checked upon by lending companies and many lenders, it is still wise to make your credit score good to make your financial decisions in the future much easier!

Although it is not limited to fast cash, getting title loans will benefit you if you need cash intended primarily for personal and family purposes!


If you DESPERATELY need quick cash, you should get a TITLE LOAN! Applying for car title loans is convenient because you will already have the cash on the same business day!

However, just because you have cash now doesn't mean you should be careless about it.

Car title loans are excellent if you need cash NOW, but we HIGHLY recommend applying for it if you are financially CAPABLE of paying the loan back.

With the high-interest rates and collateral of your vehicle, the loan will be hard to pay back.

So if you want to get a title loan, go ahead! Just be aware of the consequences.

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