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Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

Montana Capital Car Title Loans provided an excellent service when I needed a quick financial boost. Their check and title loan option was easy to understand, and their team was friendly and professional throughout the entire process,... making borrowing against my vehicle stress-free and efficient.read more
A Google U.
A Google U.
It can be depressing to navigate the loan world with poor credit, but this company emerged as a bright spot. When traditional lenders turned me down for a loan because of my credit history, their helpful staff and reasonable terms helped... me get approved.read more
Francesca G. C.
Francesca G. C.
Navigating the lending landscape with bad credit can be disheartening, but this company became a beacon of light. Their supportive team and fair terms helped me secure a loan when traditional lenders turned me away due to my credit history.
Donald S.
Donald S.
When I needed a title loan with a lien, I turned to Montana Capital Car Title Loans, and they exceeded my expectations. Their efficient process and transparent terms made navigating the complexities of a lien straightforward, providing the... financial support I needed without any headaches. Highly recommend their service!read more
Luca S.
Luca S.
My only choice was salvage title loans, therefore I'm happy I found this provider. They gave me the money I needed during a difficult period. Thanks!!!!!
Allison M.
Allison M.
Salvage title loans were my only option, and I'm glad I found this lender. They provided the financial assistance I needed in a time of crisis.
Misty H.
Misty H.
Their VIP title loans are the way to go. They offer top-notch service and made me feel like a valued customer. It's the best place to get a title loan, hands down!
Gail R.
Gail R.
I was skeptical about applying for a loan online, but this company put all my doubts to rest. Their website was user-friendly, and their team was responsive and efficient. Got my loan approved within hours, and the whole process took less... than a day!read more
Donna R.
Donna R.
Congratulations to this financing company! The Lauderhill installment loan firm came through when I needed them most. grateful for their quick assistance and friendly demeanor.
Kelly K.
Kelly K.
The loan company's auto pawn title loans were a saving grace for me. I needed cash quickly, and their streamlined process allowed me to pawn my car's title and access the funds I needed in no time.
Crystal A.
Crystal A.
When I needed a personal loan with bad credit, this loan company provided me with a viable solution. They worked with me to find a loan that met my needs and financial situation.
Cecil A.
Cecil A.
I was having money problems and needed a loan very away. Due to my poor credit, I was concerned to apply for a car title loan, but the loan provider was quite professional and gave me a detailed explanation of the procedure. I was... successful in obtaining the loan I required and repaying it over time.read more
Nicole M.
Nicole M.
I felt very comfortable with them and they got me the money I needed fast. I was hesitant at first to take out a title loan online, but this company was very professional and explained the entire process thoroughly.
Spencer J. S.
Spencer J. S.
I was in need of money and I didn't have time to go and get a traditional loan so I decided to try a title loan. I was hesitant at first but the process was so easy and the staff was so professional. I would definitely recommend this to... anyone in a similar situation.read more
Amber L.
Amber L.
I called this loan company up, and they were able to give me a title loan without even seeing my car. I was a bit skeptical at first, but they were able to give me the loan I needed quickly and easily. I would definitely recommend them to... anyone in need of a loan.read more
Yvonne A.
Yvonne A.
Other money lenders I've used in the past were all a waste of time. When I indicated that I was looking for places to get a car title loan close by, a friend suggested this company to me. I'm really grateful that I learned about this... amazing loan provider who immediately accepted my loan.read more
Tiffany C.
Tiffany C.
This loan company is amazing! I got a title loan for my commercial property and it was so easy and fast. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a loan.
Joyce W.
Joyce W.
Even though the interest rates are high, I am still able to get my loan very quickly. The company is very efficient and I am very happy with the service.
Doreen W.
Doreen W.
The customer service at this loan company is amazing! They were able to process my loan very quickly and the whole process was very smooth. I definitely recommend them if you're in need of a fast title loan.
Lolita J. G.
Lolita J. G.
I want to thank them for providing me with an instant loan at an affordable interest rate. I came across them while looking for bad credit loans near me.
Robert Alex J.
Robert Alex J.
With their assistance, I was able to get a really decent car. I am grateful to all their staff for being so kind and professional in handling my auto account when I have any problems.
Chavez L.
Chavez L.

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Car Title Loans In Lauderhill, Florida: All You Need To Know

No one means to run out of cash, but sometimes life just throws a wrench into your careful budgeting plans.

Whether it’s utility bills or medical bills, certain emergencies come up where we just need that money now.

If you find yourself grasping at straws, maybe it’s time to consider car title loans. Let’s begin!

Understanding How Title Loans Work

Simply put, a car title loan is a short-term, secured loan that uses your car as collateral.

Car title loans are also called “pink slip loans” from the pink paper that California vehicle titles were once printed on.

However, car title loans have certain nuances that make it different from secured loans taken out from a bank.

Here are the top 3 characteristics that make them different.

1. Your Ability to Apply Isn’t Based On Your Credit Score

Unlike secured loans where lenders base your ability to borrow on a good credit score, car title loan lenders in Lauderhill will base it off of your car’s “equity value”.

Equity value is the value of your car minus any amount you owe on, say, a vehicle loan. You have full equity value if you own the vehicle outright.

That’s why it’s important that you have full ownership of your car so you can use the entire amount as leverage in applying for an auto title loan.

2. The Loan Amount Will Depend On Your Vehicle

Following that line of thought, lenders in Lauderhill will base the amount people borrow on a percentage of their car’s market value.

Depending on the lender, this could be anywhere from 25%-50%.

Lenders will appraise your car based on its model, make, and current condition in order to come up with a loan estimate.

Remember that things like depreciation or previous damage will affect the loan amount so you have more luck getting more money for a brand new car!

3. The Lender Doesn’t Hold Onto Your Car

Unlike car pawn loans, auto title loans allow you to continue driving your car even if the lender is holding onto the title.

Lenders will only repossess your car if you can’t keep up with payments and pay off your debt.

Applying for A Car Title Loan in Lauderhill, Florida: 5 Easy Steps

Now that you know how title loans in Lauderhill work, let’s dive into the actual loan process for your vehicle title loan application.

  • Fill out an application form online or in-person
  • Bring your car and lien-free vehicle title to one of your lender’s branches in Lauderhill
  • Submit any other additional requirements (check the list below!)
  • The lender will do a car appraisal and determine the amount you can borrow
  • Sign the loan agreement and receive your money in cash or in your bank account

Main Requirements for Loan Application

While requirements may vary from state to state, lenders in Lauderhill will require people to provide the following as part of the application process:

  • Be at least 18 years old and the owner of your car
  • Present a lien-free vehicle title
  • Submit at least 1 valid I.D.

Top tip: Lenders need to get the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car when they’re processing car title loans.

A VIN number acts like your car’s fingerprint and will tell a lender if there is any lien on the vehicle.

The VIN number is found on your title, so in case you lost this, read on to find out how you can request for a replacement!

Other Requirements You Might Need

Keep in mind that even if lenders are open to customers with bad credit, the company will still want to dig around your credit history to make sure you don’t have a history of bankruptcy.

Here are some things vehicle title loan lenders in Lauderhill might ask customers to share when they perform a credit check:

  • Proof of monthly income
  • Utility bill or other proof of residency
  • Updated vehicle insurance and registration
  • Name, phone numbers, and addresses of 2-3 references

Helpful Things to Know When Applying

When applying for car title loans, it’s one thing to know the basic requirements to get you started on the loan application process.

However, there are certain game-changing tips that will make it even easier on your journey in securing a vehicle cash loan in Lauderhill.

Getting a Copy Of Your Title

In case you find out that your title has been lost, damaged, or stolen, fear not: You can get a copy at the local DMV in Lauderhill.

Applying for a Duplicate Title

You can apply for a duplicate copy either by mail or in-person by visiting your nearest local county tax collector’s office and bringing the following:

  • New vehicles: $77.25 (electric title)
  • Vehicles previously registered in Florida: $75.25 (electronic title)
  • Out-of-state vehicles: $77.25
  • Adding a lien to a title: $74.25
  • Printed paper title additional fee: $2.50
  • Expedited fast title additional fee: $10

Replacing a Lost Title in Florida

To replace a lost title in Florida:

After application, the DMV will send the duplicate copy to you in the mail within 10 days unless you paid for expedited title services.

Rolling Over Your Loan

If people can’t pay off their borrowing within the agreed term, the lender may allow them to “rollover” their existing loan into a new one.

Rolling over your loan essentially extends it to give you more time to pay it off. However, roll over title loans come with their own interest rates and fees that you’ll have to pay on top of your original one.

Roll over terms are a good question to ask lenders when you’re canvassing for title loans in Lauderhill. Each lender will have their own roll over-loan terms, fees, and maximum interest rate.

Refinancing Your Car Title Loan

When customers find themselves in a situation where they want to get out of a title loan with a high-interest rate, they can consider refinancing it.

Refinancing means taking out another borrowing either from a bank or another type of lender at a lower interest rate to pay off your first loan.

While this alternative doesn’t free up your debt, it will definitely help you save some money on paying interest for rollovers each month.

Top tip: If you’re having a hard time getting approved for a better loan due to issues with your financial score, try tapping a local credit union for possible alternatives.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Car Title Loan in Lauderhill, Florida

Applying for car title loans is a quick and easy process to get cash fast when you need it. However, lenders may not disclose everything during your initial discussions.

Before you settle down with the first title loan lender you see in Lauderhill, keep these important points in mind.

There Are Fees on Top of Interest Rates

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to read your loan agreement and ask about APR.

What is APR?

APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the yearly cost of borrowing money over your loan term. By law, lenders must clearly explain the breakdown of your loan’s APR as part of the loan process.

Some hidden fees may not be included in your APR, such as:

  • Late Penalties – charged when you miss a loan payment
  • Prepayment Penalties – charged if you pay off your entire loan before the due date
  • Credit Report Fees – for doing background checks during the loan application process
  • Origination Fees – service fee for processing title loans

While not all lenders will have these hidden fees, it’s really best to review your options with title lenders in Lauderhill before you decide on borrowing from a company.

Beware of Balloon Payments

A balloon payment scheme involves paying small portions of your loan’s principal balance over the entire term and then paying a lump sum amount at the end of the loan’s term.

A balloon payment tends to be double the cost of your other payments, and can even go up to 70%-80% of your total amount.

This could prove a heavy sum to pay especially if you’re tight on money, so opt for an equally amortized repayment scheme if you can.

You Can Be Denied a Loan Even if You Have a Car

Despite almost all ads for car title loans claiming that anyone with a car can be guaranteed fast money, you can actually be denied a loan by a title lender.

Common reasons for denied applications include:

  • Bankruptcy or history of bankruptcy
  • Unemployment
  • Bad credit record (ex. multiple findings of continuous missed payments)

Top tip: If you’re retired or disabled but receiving benefits from your state, you can use this as a source of income to present to your lender.

In Summary

Car title loans are not only a quick solution to getting the extra money you need but are much more affordable than other types of financing like payday loans.

However, just like with all loans, it’s best to educate yourself on all the costs that you might need to pay for on top of just your loan and interest.

Read over this article again and don’t rush in picking just any lender offering you title loans. Careful discernment may save you a lot of money in the long run!

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