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Title Loans in Bakersfield , CA

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Location Information:

Car Title Loans in Bakersfield
Car Title Loans
Title Loans


308 H Street
CA   93304

Working hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Title Loans up to $20,000


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Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

I needed some extra cash for an unexpected expense and decided to try out a title loan. This company made it easy to 'borrow money with car as collateral' and their customer service was top-notch. I highly recommend them!
Ryan C.
Ryan C.
Needed some extra cash, so I decided to place a lien on my car title. The process was straightforward, and I got the funds I needed without any hassle. The loan amount was fair, and I had no issues with the lender.
Crystal A.
Crystal A.
This lending company specializes in car title loans and offers an efficient online service. I was pleased at how quickly my application was processed and am very satisfied with the experience.
Kathleen W.
Kathleen W.
This loan company met my expectations and specialises in semi-truck title loans. Their affordable prices and adaptable terms made it easier for me to maintain my firm humming along.
Andrew H.
Andrew H.
I needed a loan, but my bad credit score made it difficult to secure one. That's when I found this loan company's personal loans for bad credit. The interest rates were reasonable, and the repayment terms were flexible. Thanks to their... help, I was able to get back on trackread more
Vickie A.
Vickie A.
I was in a bind and needed some cash fast. I found this loan company online and they were able to help me out. I got the money I needed within 24 hours and was able to pay off my expenses.
Robert S. D.
Robert S. D.
I needed some quick cash and found Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Bakersfield. The process was so easy. I was able to get the money I needed in no time
Bob V. R.
Bob V. R.
The loan company was very professional and offered me a fair exchange for my vehicle's title. I would recommend them to anyone in need of quick cash.
Toni J.
Toni J.
I was facing a hard time securing a loan due to my bad credit and losing hope. But when I applied for a loan with this lender I was able to get a loan for the amount I needed.
Agnes C.
Agnes C.
I was really short on cash and needed money fast. I found this loan company online and they were super easy to work with. I got my money within a few hours and was able to keep my car! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a... similar situation.read more
Eddie S.
Eddie S.
I wanted to get a loan on my car title and was looking for potential lenders before applying with Montana loans. I’m a happy customer who would surely be considering them in financial need.
Robert C.
Robert C.
The response I got from this loan company was really good. There was no hassle and I got the quick loans bad credit easily. I will definitely recommend it to other people as well.
Rosa C.
Rosa C.
It was great receiving assistance and assistance in getting my loan with poor credit application approved. The team was very helpful and easy to work with.
Geraldine C
Geraldine C
This is not my first time using Montana Capital in Bakersfield and it's always such a pleasure to work with them. They have an incredible loan process that gets you the money you need FAST. Highly recommended!
Thomas D. M.
Thomas D. M.

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About This Location

The H Street Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Bakersfield Branch has been providing the residents of Bakersfield with car title loans since June 7th 2017. We rent a space in Dreamers Multi Service Insurance. The store is located at 308 H Street, between Terrace Way and Loustalot Ln. If you live in Bakersfield and in need of quick cash, stop by the 308 H Street Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Bakersfield Branch. We are obligated to provide all our customers with unmatched customer service.

Why Choose Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Bakersfield

Montana Capital is the ultimate choice for title loan financing in Bakersfield California. Here’s what sets Montana Capital apart from the competition as a class of their own and why title loans are some of the best financial options available for the residents of Bakersfield.

Montana Capital is exceptionally versatile when it comes to title loans offered to their customers. Title loans can make all the difference when times are tough and all you need is the chance to get back on your feet again. As a financier that cares about their customers, Montana Capital vets their loan applicants using criteria designed to foster customer success.

Emergency Loan

Having a bad credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get approved for a loan. Montana Capital Car Title Loans offers emergency loans for Bakersfield residents. The application process involves using your car as collateral. If the car title meets our basic requirements and you have the ability to pay it back, you can get approved for a pink slip loan of a minimum amount of $2600. Get pre-approved by filling in your car’s details in the online form or by calling us.

Auto Title Loans

Getting extra money for any need in Bakersfield can be quite a challenge, unless you own a car. If you own a car and can make the payments, then you can apply for a car title loan at Montana Capital Car Title Loans. All the cash you can get from car title loans in Bakersfield can be used for anything you want. Do you want to go on a vacation, or do you need to buy a new appliance. Do you want to send your kids to a better school or do you have your own school expenses that need to be paid? If you’re being buried under a pile of bills and need to get out, an auto title loan might be a good idea.

Applying for a Loan

When you’ve made your mind up to send in your application, just go online and fill one out. Complete all the relevant details and send that over to Montana Capital Car Title Loans. Others like residents in Bakersfield are also sending in applications and getting money to cover their emergency needs. Make sure you’ve written in the details of your car so that we can get an evaluation of its value. To save time, you can also send in your car title. With that information (and more), we’ll get right to work on processing your request. You won’t have to wait very long to hear from us. We get back with people as quickly as possible regarding secured loan acceptance.

Cash for Cars in Bakersfield

Anyone living in Bakersfield knows how tough it can be to make a decent living and get by without getting into debt. But even if you’re doing pretty well with keeping up on the bills, a sudden emergency or change in jobs can quickly put you behind. If you’re in that situation and can use some extra cash, car title loans can be a great solution. You can send in an online car title loan application form and then someone from Montana Capital Car TItle Loans in Bakersfield will contact you.

Qualifying for Title Loans

Getting a loan from Montana Capital Car TItle Loans in Bakersfield depends on the present value of your car, meeting our credit criteria and ability to repay the loan. If you meet those three points, you could be preapproved for a title loan while still in your home. Then we’ll set up a meeting to further the discussion If you are approved, you can get a title loan from $2,600. When approved, we will become a lien holder and write our name on your car title. After you’ve met the contractual obligations, the DMV will issue you a new car title.

Title Loans for Bad Credit Applicants

We base our approval of loan requests on our criteria, and that is more important than your credit history. We don’t mind if you’ve had a bad credit status in the past or if your history is bad. If your car has adequate value, you meet our credit specifications and you can pay back the loan, you can still be approved. While you’re paying back the loan you can still keep your car to drive to work or wherever you want.

Get cash in your pocket while still driving your own car!

About Bakersfield

Bakersfield, which is located in Kern County near the San Joaquin Valley, serves as an important hub for oil production and agriculture. As a matter of fact, Kern County produces more oil than any other county. As far as agriculture goes, it’s the fourth most productive county in the US. The industries that keep Bakersfield going are natural gas, aerospace, manufacturing, distribution, mining, food processing and petroleum refineries. The city has made a name in the musical scene as well, for its country music genre called the Bakersfield Sound, made famous by such artists as Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

What Are the Advantages of Installment Loans?

Installment loans will help you when you want to buy something in Bakersfield that is expensive. For instance, if you wanted to buy a large appliance, a new set of furniture for your living room or even take a trip, installment loans could help. Whether you have enough money for the purchase or you have the money but don’t want to use it all, you can apply for installment loans. That way, the loan company will set up a payment plan for you that includes both the principal loan amount and the interest that is charged. You will know every month exactly how much money you’ll need to pay. Some installment loans are for a few months, but others can be spread out over the years to make it easier for you to make the monthly payments. These personal loans can be used for anything.

What Are the Advantages of Bad Credit Loans?

If you have your home in Bakersfield and have run into credit problems, then you know how hard it can be to get a quick personal loan. That is what makes bad credit loans so great! If someone has bad credit, then bad credit loans are available to them. That means like yes, we know that your credit is bad, but we’re still willing to loan you money. This is how it can work. Say for some reason you have gotten into a place of really bad credit, or you never even had credit before. If you need some fast money for any reason, then you can approach a loan officer and request bad credit loans. You will have to put something down as collateral, to secure the loan. That makes sense, right? But you can get bad credit loans and make monthly payments.

How to Find Collateral Loans in Bakersfield?

When you want a personal loan in Bakersfield, and you have something you can give as collateral, those are called collateral loans. You can speak with your loan company about applying for collateral loans, but the main point is they are secure loans. You give the lender something of value that you own, and it can be used as security to issue your personal loan. Go ahead and apply to get collateral loans today. Make monthly payments to return the money, and when the loan is paid off and finished, the loan company will happily return your asset to you. However, if you default on the loan payments and cannot repay the debt, the lender has the right to keep your object, sell it and use the money to put towards your loan. Pay the loan according to the contract, and you will owe nothing when finished.

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Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for a free quote

Select the amount of cash you want

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