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A Guide to Car Title Loans in Seattle, WA

Do you live in SEATTLE?

Do you need QUICK CASH?

Do you own a CAR?

If your answers to all these questions are YES, keep reading to learn how to get an auto title loan to get money quickly!

Are Car Title Loans for Me?

Residents of Washington state like you might be doubting their decision to get car title loans so, is it really for you?

Here are some reasons why your title loans may be beneficial to you.

You Get To Keep Your Vehicle

If driving is an essential part of your life, taking out a title loan is a good option.

The lender WILL NOT be taking the car itself as collateral, just the title.

That means you get to keep driving your automobile, which may be important, especially if you use it for your job or use it daily.

Great Alternative to Payday Loans

Payday loans are another way to make cash quickly, and the process is relatively simple as well.

However, payday loans often have CUTTHROAT ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES that can overwhelm you if you want to pay the money back.

Title loans have a lower APR compared to payday loans which may make them more appealing.

Application Approval Rate is Good

If you’re worried about getting approved for a title loan, you don’t have to worry.

While there are cases when a lender denies an application, there are more chances of getting approved on the first go.

You can also work out details with the lender if you get denied, so you know how to fix your application.

How Much Can I Get With a Car Title Loan in Seattle, WA?

The answer to this question depends on the assessed value of your automobile and the laws of your state.

Getting title loans in Seattle, Washington means you can only get a MAXIMUM LOAN AMOUNT OF 1,000 USD.

You can get a minimum loan amount of $100 from the lenders based on the laws in Seattle.

However, another aspect factors into how much money you can get out of vehicle cash loans.

Setting Value to Your Car

When setting the value of the car you want to get a title loan over, there are three main things to consider.

The Car’s Equity

The equity of your car will also determine the amount of money you’ll get from the lender.

Equity value refers to the actual value of your vehicle after you deduct the amount of cash you still owe in payments.

For example, if your car is worth $26,000, but you still owe money to a lender worth $8000, then the car’s equity value is ONLY $18,000.

Condition of the Vehicle

Is your vehicle still in MINT CONDITION? Or does it look like it’s been in an accident or two?

Lenders will usually make experts assess your car to look if there are any scratches, dents, cracks in the glass, or broken lights.

If they spot a problem, the lenders will deduct the cost of the damages from the value of the vehicle.

Miles Driven

Not only will your car title loan amount depend on the value, equity, and condition of the car, but also the number of miles you’ve driven with the automobile.

You can easily find the total amount of miles you’ve driven in the odometer, which can usually be found below the speedometer.

Having LESS MILEAGE means your vehicle will get you a better deal with lenders when talking over your loan application.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a car title loan in Washington.

You simply won’t be able to get the best deal in mind.

What Is the Auto Title Loan Process in Seattle, WA?

To apply for auto title loans in Seattle, you’ll need a few things to go through the application process.

  1. Government-issued ID
  2. Original copy of your car title
  3. Proof of income or employment
  4. Bank account details
  5. Proof of Washington residency

In the loan application, you can bring your car for the lenders to inspect or FOUR clear photos of your vehicle from 4 angles.

Once you have all the requirements, you can get an application form from the lender you wish to borrow money from.

During the approval process, you can begin to go through the loan terms with the lender.

This includes the loan’s interest rate, the duration of the loan, and any other things you want to bring up.

While the loan process is going on, they will also perform a credit check to look at your credit score to determine if you’re capable of paying the loan back or not.

Once they’re DONE looking through your application form and find you suitable to take out car title loans from Seattle, they’ll notify you and take the title of your automobile as collateral.

With that, they’ll send you the loan amounts to your bank account, and you can spend your money.

How Do I Pay Back my Title Loan in Seattle, Washington?

So you’ve got the quick cash you needed.

What now? Your top priority is to repay the loan in full to the lender.

That is, unless you want your car to be taken in as collateral.

You can do this by working on getting your paycheck or by working a part-time job for extra cash on top of your current employment.

Remind yourself when to pay back the lender ON TIME.

We suggest adding a reminder on your phone’s calendar or making an alarm, so you don’t accidentally miss the date of when you’re supposed to pay the lender back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions when talking about getting Title Loans, Seattle, WA.

Can I Sell My Car If It’s Under a Car Title Loan?

Yes, you can sell your automobile even if it’s under a title loan!

However, you’ll need to sell it to a private buyer who doesn’t mind taking on the loan themselves.

If you CAN’T find a buyer who is willing to pay off the remaining amount on your cash loan, then you’ll have to wait until you’re able to pay off the loan.

Can I Get Auto Title Loans With Bad Credit History?

Your credit score can indeed affect your chances of getting car title loans, but having a bad credit score DOES NOT MEAN it’s impossible.

Some lenders are willing to take on loans despite the person’s credit score, which is always a great thing for people who especially need the money.

However, the amount of money you can get out of title loans will decrease.

So be sure that you can pay off title loans, or the lender will take your automobile as collateral.

Are Car Title Loans Better than Bank Loans?

While bank loans allow you to borrow more money, the process to get one is far more complicated.

They’re also stricter when it comes to giving out loans which makes vehicle title loans an excellent alternative for people who can’t secure a loan from the bank.

Aside from that, the interest rates from a bank are far steeper compared to the interest rates from a lender who deals in title loans.

What Is the Difference Between a Vehicle Title Loan and an Auto Pawn Loan?

When talking about auto title loans and auto pawn loans, the main difference is that the former allows you to keep the car while under the loan.

A TITLE PAWN only takes the vehicle’s title, making the lenders the LEGAL OWNERS of said vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

That way, you can still use your automobile while paying off your title loans.

An AUTO PAWN LOAN means you have to surrender the automobile to the pawnbrokers for the duration of the loan.


With this guide, we hope you’re able to make a decision about getting a title loan in Seattle.

Whether your loan proceeds are for your rent, tuition, or anything else, title loans are a good option for those who need money quickly.

If you’re one of those people, drive down with your car and return with your vehicle and a pocket full of cash!

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Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for a free quote

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