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725 SW 16th Ave Unit #6
Delray Beach
Florida   33444

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Title Loans up to $20,000


Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

This loan company provided motorcycle title loans near me, and their friendly staff made the process stress-free. I received the loan quickly and had a great experience overall.
Vivian Hansen
Vivian Hansen
I was hesitant to apply for a title loan without vehicle present, but this company made the process very easy. I was able to get the money I needed quickly and easily.
Lawrence Myers
Lawrence Myers
The financing company has literally saved my life. Because of my older vehicle, I was unable to obtain a title loan through a conventional bank. I was able to get the money I need thanks to the lending company's assistance in obtaining a title loan for vehicles older than ten years. They were prompt, simple to work with, and very competent. I greatly appreciate it!
Janice Shaw
Janice Shaw
I needed cash fast and this loan company was able to get me the money I needed in a hurry. They were very professional and the process was very easy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a quick loan.Thank you so much!!!
Brandy Rogers
Brandy Rogers
Montana Capital Car Title Loans team makes it easy for me to get a loan, even if I am not a bank customer. I love that this service is available to me at a competitive price. I also appreciate that they are transparent about the rates and loan terms they charge. It is easy to apply, and the customer service is always helpful.
I used the pink slip loan from this company and I was very impressed with the service. They were able to get me the money I needed very quickly and the process was very easy. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of a loan.
Kenneth Bennett
Kenneth Bennett
This loan company is a lifesaver! I needed a short-term loan to cover some unexpected expenses, and I was approved even though I have bad credit. The process was quick and easy, and the loan was deposited into my account within 24 hours. I definitely recommend this loan company to anyone in need of quick cash.
I was in dire need of quick cash and auto title loans near me seemed like the best option. I'm so glad I found this company! They were able to give me the money I needed within 24 hours and the process was super easy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.
Janet Fox
Janet Fox

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Car Title Loans in Delray Beach, Florida: What You Need to Know

You never know when an emergency situation will hit.

What if a disaster strikes your home or a family member ends up in the hospital? How will you pay for the expenses?

Luckily, there is a convenient way you can some needed cash in case of said emergency.

Introducing CAR TITLE LOANS!

A car title loan is when you surrender the TITLE of your car to a lender in exchange for financial aid, like a LOAN, hence title loans!

Here’s how the process works in Delray Beach, Florida!

What is a Car Title Loan?

Car title loans in Delray Beach, Florida, are also known as:

  • Pink slip loans
  • Auto title loans
  • Vehicle title loans

Car title loans are when you lend your car’s title to a lender as COLLATERAL in exchange for money.

Essentially, this means that your vehicle is NOT UNDER YOUR NAME, but the lender! The lender now has full control over your vehicle until you can repay the loan.

But do not worry!

You can still drive your car as you normally would! The only difference is that it is not under your name.

Think of the title loan like a FAIR TRADE! You borrow some money for another party, and in exchange, you lend your car’s title, and you can only take it back after repaying the full loan.

Why Apply for an Auto Title Loan in Delray Beach?

As mentioned earlier, car title loans in Delray Beach, Florida, are a quick and easy way to cover some emergency expenses. You can easily get some money without all the long paperwork and waiting time!

You can also get title loans serviced by many reliable firms!

The loan proceeds can help cover anything from:

  • Medical bills
  • Utility expenses
  • Rent
  • Household purposes
  • Taxes
  • Service student loans
  • And more!

The best part is that the Delray Beach loan process is really simple, and you can get your money within the day!


Do not apply for a Delray Beach vehicle title loan just because you can! If you decide to apply for the loan, make sure you pay it back on time! Paying it back is probably the most important part!

If not, you could lose your car!

NOTE: A car title loan is only for short-term financing and not a permanent solution to financial issues!

Apply for a Car Title Loan in Delray Beach in Just 4 Steps!

The loan application process is SUPER EASY and can be done in JUST 4 STEPS!

Before we get into the steps, here is a list of all the basic documents you will need.

Required Documents

  • A valid, government-issued ID with the same name as the vehicle owner (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of income
  • Car’s insurance and registration
  • Proof of residency (Delray Beach, Florida)
  • Pictures of vehicle
  • Clear car title records
  • Bank account or social security number (depending on the lender)

Step 1. Apply Online

The first step to title loans in Delray Beach is to apply online by filling out an online application form!

Luckily, this step only takes a few minutes and will save you a lot of waiting time. You are likely to be contacted within one business day.

There are also a lot of trusted online companies that will give you the best car title loans!

Step 2. Evaluation with Representative

This is probably the heaviest part of the auto title loan process.

Once you have applied, you will be contacted by a representative, and you will likely meet the lender directly.

The representative will go through all payment terms and conditions with you, including interest rates, the minimum loan amount and the vehicle’s overall condition.

While most loans require a credit check, title loans in Delray Beach do not! Credit history is not an important factor in eligibility.

In fact, some lenders are FLEXIBLE and will adjust their loan plans to help accommodate those with a poor credit score!

This makes the title loan process easy for anyone regardless of credit score!

For the next step, your car will undergo an assessment to determine the car’s equity value or estimated value. This will determine how much money the lender will loan to you.

During this step, they will look at the following:

  • Model
  • Make
  • Vehicle year
  • Mileage
  • Other modifications

Remember to make sure your vehicle is well-maintained before presenting it to the lender. The better the condition, the more money you can get!

Aside from all these formalities, this is also your chance to ask any questions about the loan process. Clarify anything unclear and negotiate some more if needed.

NOTE: Before you get approved, you may receive conditional approval (pre-approved), which means the lender is satisfied, but you may have to meet certain criteria before being fully approved.

Being pre-approved also does not guarantee that you will be fully approved.

Step 3. Final Approval

Once everything is finalized, and you meet all the lender’s criteria, you are now free to claim your money! You can conveniently receive it within one business day.

You can have the title loans serviced at any loaning firm in Delray Beach or have it deposited straight in your bank account.

Step 4. Repay Money

So you have the money and can now take care of whatever expenses you have! But title loans do not stop there!

The final and most important step of the loan is to REPAY!

Failure to repay the loan within the given time frame (usually 30 days but depends on the lender) can result in higher interest rates.

And you do not want interest to pile up over time!

Aside from that, since the auto title is under someone else’s name, they have the right to repossess it, which means you could LOSE YOUR CAR!

Always remember to repay on time! Make sure to avoid unnecessarily spending as you might need that extra money to repay!

You can also talk to your lender regarding paying in INSTALLMENTS! You do not have to repay everything all in one go, as long as the installments ultimately add up to the full amount.

What Are the Benefits of Car Title Loans?

Now that you know the basics of auto title loans in Delray Beach let’s look at some of the benefits and why people would resort to them!

Title Loan Processing is SUPER FAST and EASY

A big plus! There is no need for annoying waiting times, long lines, and no driving to physical offices!

You can start your title loan application ONLINE, and the loan processing takes place within the day!

Pay Monthly Bills On Time

Apart from that, auto title loans are a great way to help take care of monthly payments such as rent or utility expenses or emergency expenses like hospital bills or damaged property.

And it’s not just monthly payments! If you want to buy some new appliances or do some remodeling, the cash loan can help with those too! Just remember to use the money wisely!

A little extra money is always helpful!

Use Your Collateral While on Loan

Additionally, even though your car title temporarily belongs to the lender, you still have access to your car and can still drive around normally!

Car title loans also do not require a credit check, so do not worry if you have bad credit! Most loaners accommodate those with poor or bad credit and will still help you with your personal loan process!

Drawbacks of Car Title Loans

While auto title loans in Delray Beach can be a real convenience for some, there are some reasons why it may not be the best decision for others.

High Interest Rate and Hidden Fees

For starters, car title loans can be an expensive solution. Title loans tend to charge high interest rates, and they can be especially higher for those with poor credit.

There may also be additional or hidden fees not previously mentioned, so be wary of those!

Additionally, some loaners charge pre-payment penalties, fees charged for paying off all or part of the loan early.

But wait, why would you be charged for paying off early? Isn’t that a good thing?

Well, yes, but by paying off the loan earlier than scheduled, the lender gains less interest. 

By setting a pre-payment penalty, the lender can gain the full loan PLUS full interest or make up for the loss by charging that fee. You will not be charged this penalty if you pay as scheduled.

So, be careful of lenders who charge such fees.

Risking Your Car

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, there is a big risk of losing your car!

So remember to pay the title loan on time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Cash Can I Get with a Car Title Loan?

It depends!

In Delray Beach, the overall condition of your classic vehicle will determine how much cash you can receive!

The lender will look at your vehicle as a whole to determine how much money it is worth. They will look at the vehicle’s model, make, year, mileage, and other modifications.

These modifications can include paint jobs, interior design, accessories, etc. Remember to keep your vehicle well-maintained so you can get a bigger loan amount!

Can Other Vehicles be Used to Apply for a Title Loan in Delray Beach?


Aside from standard cars, you can also use motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, trucks, any vehicle to apply for title loans!

As long as the vehicle is LIEN-FREE, meaning it is under your name only and not any third party’s. The same process applies, but how much money you can receive will vary as well.

Other types of loans use other things as collateral—for example, providing acceptable property, like a house or land, as collateral is a common way to secure a loan. 

You can also pawn valuable items for a loan too!

Why Was I Rejected from my Title Loan?

There could be several reasons why you were rejected from your personal loan.

Assuming it was not because of credit score, as it is not an important factor, the problem likely lies within your VEHICLE.

One reason you were rejected could be because the lender was not satisfied with the condition of your vehicle. Perhaps some criteria were not met, or the vehicle was just not in good condition.

Another possible reason is that the lender does not think you are capable of repaying the loan. This could be because of low income or job instability. 

Other reasons may include incomplete documents or inaccurate personal information.

How are Title Loans Delray Beach Different from Payday Loans?

Title loans are different from payday loans because a payday loan requires no collateral. 

Title loans are also usually given more time than just two weeks, and you must pay the payday loan in full. 

You can apply for the said loan, but it is usually repaid on your next salary every two weeks. A payday loan is also sometimes described as a predatory loan, because of the short amount to repay.

Final Reminders

Before we wrap up, here are some quick reminders before applying for the loan in Delray Beach!

  • Remember to check your financial situation before applying! Make sure you have enough funds to repay the loan plus interest.
  • Before signing the deal, go over the terms and conditions with your lender multiple times. 


And there you have it! A full guide on car title loans!

Car title loans are a very practical solution when it comes to finances and is really convenient in helping us deal with our financial issues.

But you cannot take it for granted!

Always remember to read the fine print, use the money wisely, repay on time, and you should be fine!

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It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
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