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Buying Car Title Loans in New Mexico

Are you having trouble with cash finances? Having trouble keeping up with bills and credit card checks?

By letting a lending company make your car collateral for a few months, you can pay off any extra loans and bills that you needed to be erased from your notebook through a car title loan.

Luckily for you, we'll provide the necessary information for your car title loans so that you don't fall into debt you can't pay.

Car Title Loan: Some Quick Pointers to Remember

A car title loan is a loan type that lets the lending company give your vehicle (aka the collateral) access to loans and cash for emergency purposes until you can pay off the amount.

MOST lenders will also incur additional fees before your title loan receives approval.

Before it's granted to you, your credit score will be checked and scored to see if you have the capability to pay the loan in the time allowed. 

It doesn't really have an impact if the credit scores land on good or bad.

But on the bright side, you are still able to use your car during loans. More on that later!

How to Apply for Car Title Loans in New Mexico?

If you're a New Mexico resident, chances are you'll encounter many lenders that can help you with your concerns and situations in approving title loans.

It's important to research companies in New Mexico and prepare the necessary documents beforehand to make your loan application process smoother.

Let's go more into detail with the steps in processing your vehicle loan amount application end-to-end.

Select Your Lending Company

You must choose one lending company to do business with.

Many companies in New Mexico are often UNIQUE in their processes, advantages, terms, and conditions in performing a vehicle loan for your needs.

Choose one in New Mexico that will accommodate you until the end and listen to your concerns to optimize the fees, terms, and the amount needed.

Never agree to high-charging lenders to its loan amount.

Fill up the Application Form

Another important process is filling up the application form. 

This will let your lending company in New Mexico have a background check on your information to set the process of the terms of agreement for your loan amount.

Make sure that you always put the CORRECT INFORMATION, such as your ID, to make approval of your application faster and possibly on the money you will receive.

Get the Necessary Documents Prepared

  • A clear vehicle title with only your name on it: It's going to act as collateral for when you buy a title loan.
  • Of course, your vehicle for the loan: It's necessary to inspect the car at first and estimate its value, but that doesn't mean you can't use it in between.
  • Photos of the vehicle to be used in the loan
  • Proof of income as well as employment: Though you can find a lender providing Title Loans even if you are not currently employed
  • A Government-issued ID
  • Proof of New Mexico residence
  • Bank account information (not always required, depending on the lender)
  • Proof of valid vehicle insurance and registration

The required papers for your title loans will depend on the lender you will be going to. Some companies in New Mexico will not require a title, proof of employment, etc.

Some companies will also perform credit checks to see if they can pay off the amount in due time. Other companies don't need to perform credit checks since they need the papers stated above.

Receive Your Cash

Once you've accomplished everything written above, you will automatically be given your auto-title loan and the much-needed cash to get off the sticky situation.

However, you might have to wait a couple of days before your cash is given to you. It really DEPENDS on how fast your lender from New Mexico can operate. 

It really boils down to how fast your lender is in processing your account information.

Things to Remember During a Car Title Loan Period

A title loan is a commitment you should consider going over through days or weeks before signing an agreement.

Going blindly into one will result in you being broke and going into deeper loans than you can imagine.

As Much as Possible, Pay at the Right Time

I cannot stress this enough.

Having a good relationship with your lending company in New Mexico will pretty much bring you additional benefits that you can use for your vehicle title loans. These include:

  • Lower amounts
  • Manageable interest rates
  • More time on your next payday

You MUST remain consistent on your pay times as it will entail trust between you and your lender.

You Still Get to Keep the Car Model

Your car will become collateral once you sign the agreement.

However, keep in mind that you will NOT waive your rights of ownership. You still have the right to use and drive it around New Mexico.

However, if you manage to miss TOO MANY payment deadlines and do not hold up with the agreement, your lender will transfer your car ownership to them.

What if I Need to Get Out of Car Title Loans?

If you're committed to an auto-title loan between your vehicle and the lender, paying it is A MUST if you want to keep your vehicle.

If you're late behind your fees, cash deposits, and don't have the ability to repay your title loans in months, chances are your collateral vehicle will be owned by your lender. 

Here are some methods to refinance your loans in no time.

Renegotiate Your Terms

The FIRST STEP to always take in a title loan concern is approaching your lending company in New Mexico. You can try and renegotiate your terms with them.

It's always good to ask for any compromises. Maybe your lender can decrease interest rates and additional fees needed. 

Sell Valuables and Commodities

Another method is selling valuables and house properties that AREN'T needed. Do a proper inventory of everything you have inside the house and sell them for extra cash for your title loan.

There are many places and ways for you to sell inside the web, making your inflow much FASTER.

Ask for an Advance Salary

If you are employed, try asking your boss for an advanced paycheck to finance your title loans. It might not get approved, but it's worth the shot.

You can always try explaining to your boss why you need the advance paycheck. They might be more understanding of your current problem and grant you the money you need for the loan.

In return, you can log in more hours of work in the business.

Sell Your Car to Get a Cheaper Model

Signing in with a loans agreement will automatically make your current vehicle the collateral for not meeting the agreement between you and your lender.

You can purchase a cheaper model from selling your vehicle to pay off your title loans with cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Title Loans Legal in New Mexico?

YES, THEY ARE! However, it should be under a maximum of $2,500!

Please refer to the 2018 New Mexico Statutes, Chapter 58 - Financial Institutions and Regulations, Article 15 - Small Loan Business, Section 58-15-24 - Loans made elsewhere, for more information.

Does a Title Loan Alter Your Credit Score?

In most cases, title loans WON'T have any impact on your credit scores. That can be good and bad.

For starters, most title lenders don't run a credit check when you apply. 

Since you are borrowing money from your vehicle, title loans don't necessarily need your credit check.

As a matter of fact, your lending company may also help you adjust if you have a bad score on your checks.

A lot of lending companies only look if you can pay the REQUIRED loan amount.


We hope we shed some light regarding the discussion on title loans. It's a matter of planning ahead of time and preparing for your next set of loans.

Indeed, securing a title loan does have its share of pros and cons, but the former outweighs the latter.

We highly encourage you to pursue such loans so that you won't encounter any issues paying up your bills and other urgent expenses.

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

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