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Title Loans in Yucaipa , CA

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Location Information:



35051 Yucaipa Blvd., #C
CA   92399

Working hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Title Loans up to $20,000


Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

When I needed money quickly, Montana Capital Car Title Loans delivered. Their title cash loans gave me the freedom to take care of my family's needs without worrying about repayment terms. With their competitive rates and helpful staff, I couldn't ask for more.
Mildred Perry
Mildred Perry
I was blown away by how simple it was toapply for title loan online with these guys. It was so easy, like, so easy. The whole process was straightforward and before I knew it, I had the cash in my hands. I totally recommend their user-friendly platform.
Lorene Jackson
Lorene Jackson
Having a low credit score made me apprehensive about applying for a loan. However, this reputable loan company offered poor credit loans that completely changed the game for me.
Nicholas Kim
Nicholas Kim
I had a great encounter with this loan company that provides no credit check title loans. Their simple and straightforward process enabled me to acquire the funds I needed rapidly. Their cordial staff and clear terms made the whole experience easygoing.
Jasmine Black
Jasmine Black
I was pleasantly surprised when I got a title loan without having my vehicle present. This loan company understands the value of trust and provided me with the funds I needed quickly.
Jeanne Payne
Jeanne Payne
Using the internet to find local businesses, I discovered the best car title loan provider. The staff was courteous, and the loan application process was straightforward.
The loan company in Yucaipa was very helpful when I was in a financial emergency. They gave me the loan I needed to get through my difficult situation. I would recommend them to anyone who is in a similar situation.
Effie Warren
Effie Warren
I was in a bind and needed cash fast, so I decided to apply for a title loan. The process was quick and easy, and I was approved despite my poor credit. I highly recommend this loan company to anyone in need of financial assistance.
Jenny Watson
Jenny Watson
I discovered this loan firm when I was looking for a personal loan. The process was very simple and the customer service was great. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a loan.
Ellen Ellis
Ellen Ellis
I am very happy with the service provided by the loan company. They were very professional and helped me get the best online title loans I could easily afford.
I was in a difficult financial situation and needed money fast. I was able to get a cash time title loan from this loan firm and it was a very quick and easy process. The loan was very helpful and I was able to get the money I needed in a very short period of time. I would definitely recommend this loan firm to anyone who needs a loan fast.
Tony Jefferies
Tony Jefferies
I know that there are many title loan places out there, but I have to say that their agency is my favorite and the only one I can trust. They have never given me a hard time when I am in need of money and always provide excellent customer service. The rates are great too, so it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to get the cash I need. Highly recommend!
Priscilla Cole
Priscilla Cole
I needed some quick money to cover my medical expenses. I obtained my car title loan approval in less than 15 minutes, and within a few hours, I had the money in my account. Fantastic!
Bessie Ortiz
Bessie Ortiz

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About This Location

Title loans in Yucaipa, California offer residents a convenient way to secure quick financial assistance using their vehicle’s title as collateral.

These loans are designed to help individuals facing unexpected expenses or financial challenges. To apply for a title loan in Yucaipa, you need to own a vehicle with a clear title in your name and provide some basic information about your income. The loan amount you can receive depends on the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan.

What’s advantageous is that you can continue driving your car while repaying the loan, making it a flexible solution for those in need of fast cash in Yucaipa.

If you’re facing a financial hurdle in Yucaipa, consider exploring the option of a title loan to bridge the gap.

Title Loans and Personal Loans in Yucaipa

The Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Yucaipa team is ready to serve you with fast title loans and a fast, effortless application process. You can find this new location at 35051 Yucaipa Blvd #C, near the intersection with California Street. If you see a Brewcaipa Brewing Company, you’ll know that you’re in the right place. If you live in Yucaipa and need cash quickly, stop by our Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Yucaipa Branch. Expect unsurpassed customer service.

Our Title Loan Services

Title loans are your key to quick cash when you need it—for emergencies, extra breathing room or unmissable opportunities.

Title loans are simple. As long as you have a vehicle, you can use apply for a car title loan. You don’t even have to give up your car! Continue to drive it while you’re making payments on the loan.

Title Loans vs. Payday Loans

When you need fast cash, you have the choice of Payday Loans or Title Loans. While they may be used in similar situations, they aren’t much alike. For many reasons, you should consider the Title loan instead.

First, Title Loans allow you to secure a much larger amount of money. While a PayDay Loan is only good for an amount equal to your next paycheck, the value of a Title Loan can go up to $20,000.

You’ll also enjoy that you have the flexibility to pay back your title loan over a series of months. That’s flexibility you don’t have if you choose a PayDay Loan that has to be paid back in full with the next paycheck.

How Big of a Loan Can I Get?

The size of your Title Loan is determined by the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. The more valuable your car, the closer you can get to our maximum amount of $20,000.

If you’re interested in learning how much you can qualify for, contact us today for an evaluation.

What is the Approval Process?

The process can be different depending on the state, but California’s process is refreshingly simple. You will need to start by providing some basic information to prove your identity and the authenticity of your claim to the vehicle.

That starts when you provide a personal ID and proof of a valid driver’s license. You must be listed as the owner of the car on the license. Additionally, you’ll need to provide some proof of income so that we can verify that you can pay back a loan. Great credit isn’t always necessary, but some manner of income is. We may ask you to bring insurance papers along.

What are the Terms?

The terms for the loan are easy to understand, and we’re here if you have any questions.

Remember that your first payment is due 30 days after the signing of the loan. You can apply for pre-approval if you’d like to save some time before you visit. Call our office to learn more about how to pre-qualify today.

There are no extra or hidden fees! What you pay is listed on the loan, and you will never be charged extra fees of prepayment penalties.

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Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for a free quote

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