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Car Title Loans In Westland, Michigan

If you’re interested in exploring different ways to obtain cash in case of emergencies, title loans in Westland are one quick option available to owners of automobiles.

Cash loans can be hard to come by when you don’t have great credit scores but that doesn’t mean applying with low credit ratings is game over too.

The application for and processing of title loans will differ across the country, so if you’re looking up information on applying for an auto title loan in Westland, you’ve come to the right place.

What Exactly Is a Car Title Loan?

First thing’s first: what exactly is a car title loan? A car title loan also referred to as auto title loans is a type of loan that a borrower makes using their car title as collateral.

This means that should the borrower be unable to pay back their loan on time, the lender or creditor has legal rights to repossess the vehicle stipulated in the contract.

Don’t worry, our FAQs section will address all your worries and doubts!

How Car Title Loans Work In Westland

Car title loans are usually short-term loans with high-interest rates. As a loan that’s seen as considerably low-risk to lenders, they can be quickly approved for those that qualify.

While you may keep and use your vehicle during the term of the loan, the vehicle title will be in the possession of the lenders.

The loan amount is determined by the value of your car among other factors, and with this sort of collateral, lenders can provide substantial loan services to even those with a bad credit score.

Once you’ve established yourself as a qualified borrower, you can receive the loan amount in cash or have it directly sent to your bank account.

To make processing go even faster, in Westland it’s sometimes possible to call loan companies to get pre-approval and a quotation.

However, you should take note that an auto title loan usually requires a lump-sum payment. So at the end of your loan’s terms, you should be able to pay back the following all at once:

  • Total loan amount
  • Interest
  • Any additional finance charges (lenders may charge service and processing fees)

Let’s Use an Example

If a title loan business in Westland lends you $1000 for 30 days with an interest rate of 15%, at the end of 30 days you’ll need to pay a total of $1150.

While they’re great for when you’re in a pinch or have bad credit and need money, title loans are really expensive cash loans— it will essentially cost you $1150 to borrow $1000.

Take note the example we’re using is only theoretical. Interest rates can be quite high, especially with lower credit ratings.

If you’re unable to pay this back on time, you won’t necessarily lose your car right away— but it can be the beginning of a never-ending debt cycle.

To avoid that, be sure you know what you’re getting into before applying for title loans and remember your rights as a resident of Westland!

In Westland, auto title loans are regulated by the Michigan State Department of Financial Institutions:

  • Per law 44-287 ARS, the contract must state the buyer’s and lender’s names, as well as a description of the vehicle.
  • Under 44-290 ARS, you may also request the lender to provide you with a written statement outlining due dates and payment amounts.
  • The lender should provide you with the complete title loan terms in writing before any contract is signed, and you may also request a written receipt for cash payments.

Requirements for a Car Title Loan In Westland

Car title loans are pretty easy to qualify for because there aren’t many requirements for a title loan application form.

In Westland you will need the following for a title loan application:

  • A clear lien-free vehicle title with only your name on it— if you aren’t the sole owner of the vehicle or you haven’t fully paid off the cost of your car, this could affect your application form approval.
  • Proof of valid vehicle insurance and registration
  • The car and photos of the car
  • Proof of income and employment
  • Driver’s license or any other government-issued ID
  • Proof of Michigan residence
  • Bank account information (this won’t be required by all lenders)
  • Other documents and information may be required of you if you are not a US citizen, and would differ depending on your status***

The Process

#1 Research and Filling the Form

First, you’ll want to do some research on title loan companies in Westland— to avoid entanglement with anything sketchy or illegal methods a licensed title loans lender might do.

#2 Present Documents and Verification

Once you’ve gathered all the required documents, the information you provided will then be considered by the lender to determine specific title loan terms.

Again, your credit score and history won’t necessarily affect the approval of your loan application, but sometimes a lender wants to gather enough information to ensure you qualify and can pay off the loan.

Additionally, your car will need to go through a thorough inspection to determine its value and how much money a lender will be able to loan you.

#3 Contract Signing, Discussion of Rates, And Get Your Cash

When that’s done, all that’s left to do is go over and agree on title loan terms— don’t forget, you have rights that are protected by Michigan law!

And of course, ALWAYS read the fine print! You can also ask about your terms and rates in this stage.

After your application form has been approved, you’ve come to an agreement and the contract’s been signed, you’ll pay the lender’s finance charges and hand over your vehicle title.

The lender will then either give you the loan amount in cash or wire it to your chosen bank account.

Paying Back Auto Title Loans

Another important thing to take note of when applying for title loans as a Westland resident is that some contracts may include a clause for prepayment penalties.

This is a clause that stipulates a penalty against the borrower for paying off the loan too early.

You might be confused about why a lender wouldn’t want title loans to be paid back earlier but there is a reason for this. Simply put, prepayment penalties exist to offset profits from lost interest payments.

The financial institution is effectively “shorted” of some of its expected earnings and will try to make up for it through these prepayment clauses.

This amount of money is how financial companies can earn from providing loan services, so each day of interest for car title loans lost by an early loan payment can make a big difference.

Other than the possibility of this clause, just make sure you have enough money in time to pay off your car title loan to avoid the repossession of your vehicle!

And if you’re paying with cash, don’t forget to ask for a written receipt as well!


Aside from the processing of your title application form, there is more information you might find interesting about applying for title loans as a resident of Westland, Michigan.

How Much Can I Borrow In Westland With Car Title Loans?

In Westland, Michigan a title loan can be anywhere from $100-$50,000. But again, title loan amounts are dependent on several factors including the value of your automobile.

Whether or not you’re a first-time borrower in Westland might also limit how much a lender is willing to give you for a title loan.

How Much Is the Interest for a Title Loan In Westland, Michigan?

Title loan interest rates are, as we mentioned earlier, very high and are regulated by both federal and Michigan laws.

Fortunately, Michigan state law protects its population from title loans with an exorbitantly high-interest rate.

The law 44-291(G) ARS limits the amount of interest a company charge on these kinds of loans:

  • The financial rate for title loans equal to or less than $500 cannot exceed 17%.
  • The financial rate for title loans between $500-$2,500 cannot exceed 15%.
  • The financial rate for title loans between $2,500-$5,000 cannot exceed 13%.
  • The financial rate for title loans greater than $5,000 cannot exceed 10%.

What Happens In the Default And Seize of an Auto Title Loan In Westland, Michigan?

In Westland, the following qualifies as a default on loans:

  • The borrower failed to make a payment on their loans.
  • The borrower gave an incorrect/inaccurate amount of money.

While deals can be made with your lender, in Westland, a loan default automatically gives the financial institution the right to seize your car as the collateral.

The default and seize of title loans work the same in Westland as in the rest of Michigan, which means that in order to repossess your car, they will need a court order first.

However, the title loans company does not need to give you prior notice before doing so.

After which, the title loans company has the right to sell your car publicly or privately.

The profits of this sale will then be used to pay for the remaining balance on your loan and any other expenses the company incurred in the repossession and sale of your car (or other automobile/vehicle).

You will then be notified of the sale of your vehicle and oftentimes, you’re given the chance to buy back.

Just know that by this point, since you’ve already defaulted on your loan, your credit score will be drastically affected.

Lowering your credit further will make it more difficult to apply for other loans in the future, at which point you may no longer be in a possession of a car to use as collateral.

Loan Rollovers

If you’re unable to pay back your loans in full, you can also opt for a loan rollover rather than just defaulting on your loans.

This way, you can hold onto your vehicle for a little while longer and prevent them from selling it right away. However, you will need to be able to shell out more money to pay for the loan extension.

Loan rollover terms will also be dependent on the company, but you can usually extend the loan for another 15-30 days for additional charges and at the risk of cycling debt.

Can I Be Denied a Title Loan?

In Westland, like in the rest of Michigan, title loan proceeds are granted for household purposes and cannot be used for student loan services.

The borrower can also be denied a title loan for one or more of these reasons:

  • The borrower does not have all of the required documents.
  • The borrower’s vehicle has too little value to use as collateral.
  • The borrower’s car title isn’t lien-free.
  • The borrower’s potential income is too low.

Should I Pay Back My Loan Early?

This all depends on your income or how much cash you’re able to procure. Even with any penalty clauses for early payment, the amount you end up paying may cost less than the accumulated interest.

What’s better is that paying your loans off early can actually have a positive effect on your credit!

Of course, it would all depend on the specific clause conditions and how early you’re actually able to pay back the loan.

Are Car Title Loans Better Than Payday Loans?

The difference between a title and payday loan is the amount of money you can borrow along with the repayment period, collateral security, and how much you’ll need to cash out initially.

Payday loans usually require a larger amount by way of a check upfront, rather than giving up your car as collateral, in exchange for cash from the financial institution.

They are also usually for smaller amounts of less than $500, with an even shorter loan term. All in all, which loan to get would depend on how much money you need and whether or not you own a car.

Do I Really Need A Car Title Loan?

If you live in Westland, have bad credit, and are in desperate need of cash, sometimes title loans are your best bet.

But there are also alternatives for your quick cash needs! If your car doesn’t have amount to much value or you don’t have one at all, payday loans could be another option.

And if you’re hoping to start a business, you can look up some information for the requirements for small business loans instead of banking on a title loan!

The good news is that funding for small businesses is relatively accessible for Westland residents.


Even with bad credit, coming by some quick cash in Westland isn’t all that difficult! We hope our explanation of the process for title loans was helpful.

If you still have some questions about applying for title loans as a Westland local, feel free to leave a comment or contact us for more information!

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