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Title loans in Santa Ana

Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Santa Ana
car title loans in santa ana
car title loans
car title loans
title loans

300 N Broadway St.

Santa Ana

92701 CA

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Our goal is to provide you the maximum cash value with a payment plan that works for you, along with the an outstanding customer service. Our loans have helped give them the boost they need to get ahead in life.

No prepayment penalties

and no hidden fees. We don’t believe in these! Payoff your loan whenever is best for you. Your first payment will only be due 30 days from the day of your contract and in monthly installments afterward.

Bad credit is okay

Our loan approvals are based more on your ability to pay back the loan. We believe in helping everyone get ahead, regardless of credit! Check us out Today!

Best customer service

we have attentive title loan agents waiting by to help you today. Give us a call at 800-700-8900

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Our main

Montana Capital is one of the most flexible and trustworthy finance houses in the great sun-soaked city of Los Angeles, California. While there are many things that set Montana Capital apart from its competitors, here’s what customers should know about Montana Capital's differences.

Great customer service

No other financier will give you better customer service, and many of them won’t give you the time of day.

Loans for low credit score

Montana Capital has a reputation for working with customers with all sorts of credit score.

Simple application process

With options to apply online or to apply via phone, Montana Capital won’t let you wait forever until you get a response.

About This Location

The North Broadway Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Santa Ana Branch center has been providing the residents of Santa Ana with car title loans since May 2016. We rent a space in Costa Azul Travel Agency. The store is located at 300 North Broadway, between 3rd Street and 4th Street. If you live in Santa Ana and in need of quick cash, stop by the North Broadway Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Santa Ana Branch. We are obligated to provide all our customers with unmatched customer service.

About Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a city in its own right with its own mayor and city council. But you could be forgiven if you thought you were still in LA as Santa Ana is considered metropolitan Los Angeles. Actually, the town of Santa Ana was incorporated as a city in 1886. The City fathers displayed great wisdom when in 1877 they obtained with favorable terms the establishment of a terminal of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Direct access to LA by car was established in 1935 with the opening of Firestone Blvd., which later became the Santa Ana Freeway.

Auto Title Loans in Santa Ana

It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. If you need urgent cash in Santa Ana and you own a car, we at Montana Capital Car Title Loans might help you. We know what we’re doing and we know that if you need quick cash for any reason, you don’t want to go through a lot of hassles and you don’t have time to wait for it. At Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Santa Ana, we are here to assist you with emergency auto title loans. Go online and fill in the form to find out if you are qualified for a car title loan. Our friendly loan team is here to help you with any questions you might have on auto equity loans.

Emergencies Loans

From one day to the next, no one knows what emergencies might come up. On Monday you might be doing great and have all your bills paid, and then on Tuesday, you get some bad news in the mail. Maybe you have some old debts you’ve only been paying the minimum due on, or your credit rating just took a nose dive or you forgot to pay your school fees for the semester. You know what? It doesn’t matter why you need emergency money. With Montana Capital Car Title Loans you don’t give up your car to get a loan. Don’t hesitate, apply now for secured loans in Santa Ana.

Secured Auto Title Loans

As amazing as it sounds, it’s all pretty simple. We can use your car as collateral to prepare an emergency loan. The minimum loan amount is $2,600. We at Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Santa Ana issue loans according to our credit criteria, which includes the value of your car and your ability to pay back the loan. We’re not interested in your past or current credit status, because it is only one of you many credit criteria. Your car will be a security for your loan.

What Is the Maximum Loan Amount At Montana Capital Car Title Loans?

Our maximum loan amount is $20000. We suggest getting a loan that meets your needs and your ability to repay. Our experienced agents are here to help you learn about the different loan plans available to you.

Can I Get A Loan If I’m Still Financing the Car?

We may be able to help you pay off your car and still provide you with some extra cash. Call us to learn more about this option!

Do You Accept Salvaged Titles?

We accept some salvaged titles. Please call us to learn more about this option, our trained agents are waiting by to help you get the cash you need quickly and easily.

Who Can Get Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are personal loans specifically designed for people who have bad credit. There are specific requirements as to how they are approved, but anyone with any credit status can apply for bad credit loans in Santa Ana. They are also available to borrowers who have never had their own credit before and those with a bad credit history. The important point to the lender of bad credit loans is that they are secured. This only means that the borrower with bad credit must give the loan company something valuable to hold until the entire loan has been paid back. Once it’s paid according to the contract, the lender will return the asset back to the borrower. On the other hand, if the money is not returned according to the contract to the lender, then the borrower will lose possession of that item.

How Do Collateral Loans in Santa Ana Work?

Collateral loans in Santa Ana can be a solution to getting money you need today. As everyone probably realizes, emergency needs can pop up at any time. We can’t always prepare ahead of time for every urgent expense that arises, but we can find solutions to getting the money we need. Collateral loans are one way to get a quick loan that can be used for those emergency expenses or anything else you might need. They are secured by an asset you own that has adequate value to cover the cost of collateral loans, just in case it doesn’t get paid back according to the contract with the lending company. This is how the lender can be sure to get the money. After the loan is repaid, you can take your item back and keep it with you. Anyone can apply for collateral loans.

Who Can Get Installment Loans?

Installment loans are available in Santa Ana to people who apply and can meet the security criteria. You should expect to be asked to give an object for the lender to hold as collateral, such as your vehicle or another valuable asset. Usually people think of installment loans as a way to buy large ticket items today but pay it back over the span of a few months or even a few years, depending on how much it costs. The loan company will make a calculation as to how much you need to borrow and how much interest will be charged, depending on how long the loan will be for. Then the lender will let you know the monthly payment amount, so you will be able to fit it into your budget. To make budgeting easier, the payment amount will be the same each month.

Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for
a free quote

Select the amount of cash you want

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