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The company provided an excellent loan with monthly payments process, and the entire process was quick and easy. I enjoyed getting my mortgage; the process was simple. The team of professionals were friendly and eager to help me.
Gloria T. Lawrence
09:53 21 Oct 21
The company provided an excellent loan with monthly payments process, and the entire process was quick and easy. I enjoyed getting my mortgage; the process was simple. The team of professionals were friendly and eager to help me.
Mary J. Cordell
11:20 13 Oct 21
Amazing and quick service for installment loans online for bad credit. I recommend them as they quickly helped me with arrangements for the funds.
stephanie kaitlyn
09:31 21 May 21
Quick and simple loan and repayment process and got loans for people with bad credit. The team was super responsive and quick with all processing, recommended!
Carol Hughes
11:42 20 May 21
They responded to my inquiries in a quick and timely manner again and again and made me feel as if I was the only client. Thanks Montana I appreciate everything you guys have done for me!
zina nealon
08:03 15 Apr 21
I was moving out of my apartment and the landlord said I couldn't get my deposit back unless I replaced the carpets. I did something really clever. I got a payday loan online to buy the carpets so I could get back my deposit.
Erika Allen
17:05 15 Mar 21
They deserve the five star rating, they offer exceptional service..! I am impressed with how quick they did everything! If you are in the market for a car title loan, these are your people...!
Christopher J. Hicks
10:42 14 Feb 21
Montana Capital helped me a ton with getting approved. Very courteous people who know a lot about car title loans so you can ask questions freely. Choose them!
Kristen Tice
06:27 30 Sep 20
I was looking around for title loans in Rancho Cucamonga and these guys are the are way better than the competition. I spoke with the rep and he really helped me along the process. Thanks!
Javion F Maurio
13:20 17 Jun 20
Those people over at Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga are so helpful and professional!
Vincent Lauritsen
06:51 29 Jan 20
Thx to Montana capital they help me a lot whit everything easy monthly payments overall 5star thx to everyone they saved my car thank you again
Sevada Shamirian
23:52 27 Nov 18
Damn thieves. You are better off going bankrupt then dealing with these clowns. They ask you to make a nice comment in order to get a gift card to chipotle lmao
Robin Guevara
02:50 23 Sep 17
I like it. They helped me.
Martha pekarek
00:01 22 Apr 16
Service was very good. Friendly staff that answered all my questions
Tanya Morales
02:26 06 Apr 16
Very helpful and the staff is very polite and helpful
Christopher Moore
22:00 01 Feb 16
Great service. The process was a bit delay, but everything worked fine. I got my money the same day.
Marvin Rivas
22:51 21 Nov 15
good service and fast friendly employees
02:14 18 Nov 15
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Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga
car title loans
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ABC Insurance Services

9681 Business Center Dr. Ste A

Rancho Cucamonga

91730 CA

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Our goal is to provide you the maximum cash value with a payment plan that works for you, along with the an outstanding customer service. Our loans have helped give them the boost they need to get ahead in life.

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No prepayment penalties

and no hidden fees. We don’t believe in these! Payoff your loan whenever is best for you. Your first payment will only be due 30 days from the day of your contract and in monthly installments afterward.

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Bad credit is okay

Our loan approvals are based more on your ability to pay back the loan. We believe in helping everyone get ahead, regardless of credit! Check us out Today!

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Best customer service

we have attentive title loan agents waiting by to help you today. Give us a call at 800-700-8900

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Montana Capital Car Title Loans is one of the most flexible and trustworthy finance houses in the great sun-soaked city of Los Angeles, California. While there are many things that set Montana Capital apart from its competitors, here’s what customers should know about Montana Capital's differences.

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Great customer service

No other financier will give you better customer service, and many of them won’t give you the time of day.

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Loans for low credit score

Montana Capital has a reputation for working with customers with all sorts of credit score.

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Simple application process

With options to apply online or to apply via phone, Montana Capital won’t let you wait forever until you get a response.

About This Location

The Business Center Drive Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga Branch has been providing the residents of Rancho Cucamonga with car title loans since June 7th 2017. We rent a space inside the store of ABC Insurance Services. The store is located at 9681 Business Center Dr, Suite A near the intersection with Archibald Avenue. If you live in Rancho Cucamonga and in need of quick cash, stop by the Business Center Drive Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga Branch. We are providing all our customers with unsurpassed customer service.

About Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga CA is known for its great weather. While the national average of sunny days per year across the country is only 205, this city gets about 287 sunny days. Its Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing grapes for the wine industry. In 2006, Money Magazine voted Rancho Cucamonga as Number 42 on the “Best Places to Live” list. Insider Magazine called one of the city’s neighborhoods the 13th most wealthy in Southern CA. With its good transportation opportunities, it has attracted large corporations.

Car Title Loans

Rancho Cucamonga has a city crest which boasts it as a “world class community” and it has been voted a great place to live. But that is never the whole story and there are many residents who find life difficult and perplexing- especially when it comes to paying their way. So, what they find the most helpful when they need emergency cash relief, even if their credit status is plumb awful, is to apply for an auto title loan from Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga. Our minimum pink slip loans amount is $2,600 and you can use the money in any way that you want to.

Will I Be Surprised to Find Additional Fees I Wasn’t Aware Of?

No, you won’t. Montana Capital Car Title Loans has no hidden fees or prepayment penalties. Our agents will make sure you have all the payment details prior to taking the loan.

What Type of Documents Are Needed for The Application?

Basically, you need a car title, ID, car insurance (in some cases), and proof of ability to repay the loan, including proof of income and expenses. Additional documents may be needed in certain situations. Don’t worry, our agents will walk you through the process and the paperwork.

I Have A Salvaged Title. Can I Still Apply for A Car Title Loan?

Yes. Montana Capital Car Title Loans accepts salvaged titles. Call us and one of our loan agents will provide further details on this option.

Secured Loans Online Application

If you could use some financial help and you own a car, then feel free to send us your online application at any time. Complete it with your name and the details of a vehicle that you own. You can only use the details of a car that has your name on the title, so be sure and verify that you are the owner of the car that is listed. At Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Rancho Cucamonga we approve applicants based on our credit criteria, which include your ability to pay the loan and the value of your car. As soon as we have this information, we will contact you to let you know if you qualify for a loan. Once you get an approval from us, we will process your loan as quickly as possible.

Keep Driving Your Car

The best thing about car title loans in Rancho Cucamonga, is that you don’t need to give up your car. It stays with you the entire time that you are paying back the monthly payments. Use your car to drive to work, to take the kids to school, to go to the movies or to visit family members. Call now to find out more about our auto equity loans offers.

How Can Bad Credit Loans Help You?

Living in Rancho Cucamonga can be a pain if you are low on money and you have bad credit. But you don’t need to suffer, even with bad or no credit. Bad credit loans are available to help people just like you! With bad credit loans, you can get the money you need quickly without a lot of embarrassment. The loan company will only need to make sure that they’ll get their money somehow or another. This usually means you’ll need to give up something as security while you are repaying the loan. If the lender has something of yours that has value, you’ll be eligible to apply for bad credit loans. This could be your car or some expensive jewelry that will secure your loan. When you get the money in your pocket, use it wisely for whatever urgent needs you have.

Getting Collateral Loans in Rancho Cucamonga

Collateral loans are a type of secured personal loan. Anytime you apply for a secured loan; it means that the loan will be less risk to the lender, so you can expect to get better terms. What are collateral loans exactly? Well, it means that you offer something you own to the lender to secure the loan with. Let’s say you offer your car or an expensive piece of jewelry. If for some reason or another you are unable to repay the loan company, the lender has your valuable item to sell. Collateral loans have a backup plan, or a “Plan B” worked into the system to guarantee to the lender that the debt will be repaid. Collateral loans are ideal for borrowers who don’t have a credit status or for those with poor credit. Use the money for anything you want or need.

How to Get Installment Loans in Rancho Cucamonga

Installment loans can be a real lifesaver when you need to make a large purchase. They are basically just personal loans, but unlike others, these can be paid back over long periods of time. Say you want to buy a new appliance, or you want to enroll in an educational program, but you don’t want to spend all of your cash savings. Instead of using your own money, you can approach a lender of installment loans in Rancho Cucamonga. Sit with the loan agent to arrange the terms best for you and your budget. Installment loans can be short term or long term, with payments due every month. The amount due will be your loan amount plus interest added on. The payments will be the same amount each month, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying for how long. Use them for any purpose!

Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for
a free quote

Select the amount of cash you want

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