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Car Title Loans in Lakewood: Ultimate Guide on Getting One + Tips

Sometimes, things turn for the worse, so we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. For sure, everyone has experienced those difficult moments.

Some sell their properties, while others borrow money from their friends. Whatever the method is, the goal is the same: to find some quick cash.

So, if you are curious about how title loans in Lakewood can help you, continue reading this article to find out more!

How Exactly Do Car Title Loans Work?

There are so many myths surrounding car title loans, and many people believe those myths because they sound ‘believable.’

However, be prepared as we are busting all those myths, so we can tell you how car title loans work and how they can help those who need money right away.

Myth #1: A Car Title Loan Is an Informal Loan

One of the most common misconceptions about a title loan is that they’re just like any other personal favors you owe. But nope, title loans are more than you owing a friend with zero consequences.

Auto title loans are a recognized form of loan in the United States.

A title loan is a type of short-term loan wherein your vehicle’s title acts as collateral while you pay off the loan.

Myth #2: I Just Have to Give My Title and Get My Money


Like all traditional loans, a title loan also has a process. However, unlike other types of loans, such as bank loans, getting one is much simpler and straightforward.

It would only take about THREE STEPS, and these are the following.

1 – Fill Up Your Application Form

In this step, you would supply all the necessary information that your lenders will need from you, such as your source of income.

This is done to estimate the amount of loan you will get.

2 – Verification of Your Car

Lenders usually do this to double-check whether all the information you put on your application form is LEGITIMATE.

Be prepared to have pictures of the following: year, make, model, mileage, and extras of your car, as this will also determine the loan amount.

3 – Collecting Your Money

You see?

We told you it’s SUPER EASY to get a title loan. Just follow all the steps above and prepare all your needed documents.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is comply with the loan terms. Your money will be given as cash or transferred to your bank account.

Myth #3: The Car Title Is the Only Document Required

We can’t blame you for thinking that, honestly.

Sure, it’s called a car title loan, but the title of your car is not the only document that a lender may need from you.

The following are the general requirements of most lenders for an auto title loan. Some lenders might require additional or fewer requirements.

To be sure, also prepare the following documents:

Personal Documents

This would include those that would verify your identity, especially your residence in Lakewood, Ohio.

Prepare one government-issued ID such as your passport or even your birth certificate.

To prove that you are a resident of Lakewood, Colorado, bring a local ID that shows your residential address.

Alternatively, you can also bring other proof of residency such as utility bills, a contract of lease, or a valid permanent resident card or Form I-551.

You can also bring the contact information of at least two character references. Your lender will contact these people to ask about your credit history and how well you followed the terms of your previous loans.

Car Documents

Of course, your car title must be clean.

This means that there should be no outstanding liens or judgments to your car, ensuring your lender that the vehicle doesn’t have a liability to anyone.

Your lender will also look for your vehicle insurance documents. Of course, your title loan lenders should not be liable for anything that happens to the car itself, as their concern is mainly the title.

Other essential documents and vehicle info include your vehicle’s photos (ALL FOUR SIDES), a picture of the odometer, and your Vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN).

If you are having trouble finding your VIN, you can find it on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. If it’s not there, you can also try to look for it on the driver’s side door pillar.

Proof of Income

Like in any other loan, a lender will have to consider your ability to repay the loan. But, unlike different types of loans, you don’t need to be employed to be granted a car title loan.

As long as you can prove that you have a source of income to make the monthly payments of the title loan, you are sure to be approved.

Proof of income includes payslips from your employer, statements, and even proof of social security benefits.

If you receive social security benefits, bring your social security card to enjoy the perks.

Why Should I Apply for a Title Loan?

Simple Application Process

Residents of Lakewood will benefit from the quick and easy process of applying for an auto title loan. You won’t have to be buried under mountains of paperwork and wait for a pre-approval.

A lender for title loans will immediately tell you if you qualify for a loan, and if so, the terms of the loan.

Your title loan application will take at most 10 minutes to answer the application form. After the lender verifies your car, he will already tell you the loan amount you will receive.

This straightforward method will save you a lot of time. We know that your situation needs an urgent response, and we won’t have you apply to us, take our time, only to reject you in the end.

Here in Lakewood title loans, our mission is to assess loans as fast as possible so we can cater to your need for some quick money.

PLUS, if you have some concerns and questions, our experts will urgently answer and assist you if you need some help.

You Get To Keep Your Car

Keep in mind that the car title (and NOT the car itself) is THE collateral. This means you can keep driving your vehicle around Colorado or even have a trip to California.

Your lenders will not put restrictions on how you will use your car as long as you keep the loan terms.

What Do I Have to Keep In Mind When Applying?

It’s great that you now know the steps in applying for car title loans, but that’s not enough.

Here are some considerations you need to remember to avoid any problems or conflicts between you and your lender.

#1 Lender May Conduct a Credit Check

Of course, your title lender will have to make sure of your capability to repay the loan amount. One of the ways to ensure you can check your credit score.

Before you get worried, a bad credit score DOES NOT disqualify you from a car title loan. But, those with better credit will get better offers.

A credit check ensures the lender of your financial trustworthiness [R]. Don’t worry, it’s just one of the ways to review your paying habits.

Again, bad credit does not mean you won’t get a cash loan, but a credit check is a way for a lender to assess your credit history.

#2 Your Vehicle May Be Disqualified

Some lenders in Colorado do not accept cars that were manufactured before 2000. Again, this depends on the lender, and not all lenders have the same criteria.

A vehicle that has a high mileage MIGHT NOT be accepted. Again, it depends on the lender. If you are in doubt, you can ask the lender their criteria for cars.

#3 There Is a Risk of Losing Your Vehicle

As collateral, the lender has a hold over your vehicle title if you cannot pay off your vehicle title loan. This is a recognized risk of all Lakewood title loans.

Don’t worry because repossession doesn’t happen right away.

If you fail to deposit payment on time, for example, the lender is NOT allowed to get your vehicle immediately.

You can always ask your lender to modify the loan terms if you have difficulty following them. Again, auto title loans are known for their flexibility, so we encourage you to discuss them with your lender.

However, if you still fail to make the payments after several warnings, the lender has all the rights to the collateral.

These are all risks of taking out a title loan, but you could avoid these if you take due diligence in slowly paying off your credit. We will tell you some more tips below.

#4 Competitive Interest Rates

Title loans are a type of short-term loan, and these loans are known for their steep and competitive interest rates.

The interest rate will depend on many factors, such as your car’s equity value*, your credit score, interest rates of other lenders, and the like.

Those with a higher credit score will have better deals and a lower interest rate since the lender sees less risk.

What Is My Vehicle’s Equity Value?

Your vehicle’s equity value depends on the five factors mentioned earlier:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Extras

Of course, you should also check the overall condition of the vehicle – the LOWER the mileage, the HIGHER the equity value.

If your vehicle has some extra modifications, such as a sunroof or leather seats, then these raise your vehicle’s equity value.

Remember, in the Lakewood title loans, as the value of the collateral goes up, so does the loan amount. The better the condition of your vehicle, the more cash you’ll get out of it in the car title loan.

Some Strategies to Secure a Lakewood Title Loan

You might still be feeling confused or worried that you might encounter issues or unforeseeable events when applying for a title loan.

We’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to help you overcome any worries or potential issues.

#1 Research About the Loan

GENERAL TIP: Do not get into any type of loan without knowing how the loan works first. Research everything you need to know about car title loans.

Ask yourself, “What are the usual terms and conditions?” “Is there a pre-approval?” “Will my vehicle qualify?” “Do I need to have a bank account?”

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and voice out your concerns before signing the loan agreement. In this way, you know all the conditions of the loan before committing to it.

#2 Increase Your Sources of Cash

Remember, you would have to commit to paying a certain amount every month or so, so make sure to find ways to earn more cash.

Another way to earn additional cash is to do some side hustles. This way, you can be sure your lender won’t repossess your vehicle.

Apply for Lakewood Title Loans Now

As they say, urgent situations require urgent solutions. What are you waiting for?

Apply for a car title loan in Lakewood now and get your cash!

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