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Title Loans in Canton , Ohio

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Title Loans up to $20,000


Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

I was pleased with the loan amount offered by this company. It met my financial needs and allowed me to address my immediate expenses. Highly recommended!
Eunice H.
Eunice H.
I've gotten a car title loan from this business before, and I can attest to their professionalism. They made everything really simple for me, and I immediately received the money I required.
Jana R.
Jana R.
If you're looking for a vehicle title loan near me, this is the company to go to. They have a great process that makes it easy to get the loan you need, and they're always willing to work with you to make sure you're getting the best deal... possible.read more
Jeannie R.
Jeannie R.
I am very happy with the car title loan amount I received from this company. The process was very quick and easy, and I was able to get the money I needed in a very timely manner. The customer service was also excellent.
Anne A.
Anne A.
I found the car title loan process to be very simple and straightforward. I was able to get my loan quickly and easily, and the online repayment process was very clear.
Trisha T.
Trisha T.
I was really short on cash and needed to get my hands on some quick. I went to this loan company and they were super fast and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar bind!
Holly R.
Holly R.

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What Are Car Title Loans in Canton and How Do They Work?

Whether you need it for medical bills, school fees, an unexpected business expense, or whatever cash emergency, auto title loans just might be able to get you the cash you need TODAY!

But before applying for one, let’s learn about car title loans first.

Is it the right solution for you? As good as it sounds, what are the risks involved? What are the terms?

We answer all of that and more! Let’s get started!

What Are Car Title Loans in Canton, Oh?

Car title loans are FAST, EASY, and most of all, CONVENIENT.

You get approved the SAME DAY you apply, even as fast as 1 HOUR, and get your much-needed CASH RIGHT AWAY.

If you’ve heard of:

  • Payday loans
  • Auto title loans
  • Auto collateral loans
  • Pink slip loans

All of those are car title loans! All of them also work the same way.

If your car is fully paid and under your name, you can use your car’s title as collateral to take out short-term cash loans and get approved on the SAME BUSINESS DAY.

They also usually have to be paid back in 30 (sometimes 60) days.

Your car title loans lender will hold on to your car title, and you can continue to use your car as usual during the duration of the loan.

Who Is Qualified to Apply for a Title Loan in Canton, Ohio?

You are eligible for a car title loan if you are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A US citizen and resident of Canton, OH
  • In possession of a fully paid vehicle

The Loan Process of Getting Car Title Loans

Let us walk you through it in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Gather All the Required Documents

It’s always best to be prepared!

Before you start the car title loan application, make sure you have all these first:

Basic Requirements

  • State-issued ID with a photo of yourself. Also, you have to ensure that your name as it appears here is the same as it appears on your car’s title.
  • Proof of residency in Canton, OH. You could use your lease contract for this or any of your utility or phone bills.
  • Proof of income. A bank statement, proof of your social services benefits, your last payslip, proof of your inheritance or property, or any document that proves that you can pay back a vehicle title loan will do.
  • Personal references from 1 to 3 people who are not related to you. This further assures your lender that you will pay the loan in time.

Vehicle Requirements

Now here are the required papers for your vehicle that you need to submit:

  • Clean and lien-free vehicle title. The vehicle you will put on an auto title loan has to be paid in full and solely under your name.
  • Four photos of your vehicle. Take pictures of the front, the back, and the 2 sides of your car.
  • Vehicle registration papers. If your car isn’t up to date with its registration, contact your lender directly, and they might be able to assist you.
  • Vehicle insurance documents. If your car is not insured at the moment, your lender may be able to get it insured in no time.
  • Car keys. Your title loans lender will also ask for a copy of your keys, so if you have a spare, bring them with you. If you don’t have a spare, your lender might be able to assist you in duplicating the original.

Step 2: Get Pre Approved Online

This instant pre-approval step is OPTIONAL.

But if you want to speed up the process, you can apply online first. Go to your title loans lender’s website and fill up the online form on the first page.

Alternatively, you can also contact your loan agent by calling. They will give you a pre-approval after inquiring about a few details.

Step 3: Visit Your Canton Title Loans Lender

Drive your vehicle to your title loans lender’s office and submit all your documents for processing.

Your title loans lender will inspect your vehicle for assessment and evaluate your loan documents to decide whether to grant you the title loan.

Step 4: Negotiate

This is the most important step!

After approving your title loans, your lender will offer you a loan agreement.

They will inform you of your own interest rates, the maximum loan amounts that you can borrow, your payment terms, their fees, and other contract terms.

But before you agree to their terms, do your best to negotiate for better terms or a lower interest rate first.

Remember, the interest rate is NOT FIXED when it comes to title loans. It varies depending on the borrower.

You can convince them and bargain for more flexible terms and better rates!

After agreeing on your title loan terms, your title loans lender will prepare your contract.

Step 5: Getting Your Loan Proceeds

Now before you sign, be sure to read your contract THOROUGHLY, especially the FINE PRINT.

If everything is fine, then you can now get your loan proceeds!

You can receive your loan amounts in these different ways:

  • Direct deposit to your bank account
  • Money transfer
  • Online payments
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Or any other way that is convenient for you

Weighing the Title Loans in Canton Oh

Let’s look at the pros and cons and see if car title loans are for you…


Let’s start with the good about title loans…

Fast Cash

The approval process for an auto title loan is usually as fast as 1 business day, and if you come with all our required documents, you can get approved as fast as 30 minutes!

This is what makes title loans are super RELIABLE and CONVENIENT when it comes to financial emergencies and other unexpected expenses.


In taking out and applying for a car title loan, you don’t need many documents to submit. Your title loan lender will only ask for the basics.

You probably have most of them lying around your house or are super easy to obtain.

Title loan lenders also don’t prolong the loan process. The most that they usually do is a credit check, and not all of them even do this.

And as if it isn’t convenient enough, some auto title loan lenders even let you complete the entire title loan process online!

Your Bad Credit Score Won’t Matter

Not all lenders will conduct a credit check, but if your Canton title loan lender does when you have bad credit, don’t worry too much yet.

A bad credit history won’t automatically disqualify you for an auto title loan.

In Canton, OH, title loan lenders look at your ability to repay the loan instead of basing their verdict on your past credit decisions.`

Although, if you do happen to have a good credit history, you get more brownie points!

Borrowers with a good credit score get more bargaining power in negotiation and tend to be offered lower interest rates.

You Still Get to Drive Your Car

The best part about getting a title loan in Canton, OH, is that your lenders will only hold on to your vehicle’s title, not the car itself.

So you can still use your car as usual during the entire duration of your loan!

Instant Approval

And by this, we don’t just mean that there is little effort on your part to apply, but that your chances of getting approved are VERY HIGH.

As long as your car is fully paid, you have all the documents your lender is asking for, and you can prove that you can pay back what you intend to borrow, you can most probably qualify for an auto title loan.

Compared to a credit union and traditional bank loans in Canton, OH, the process is fast and convenient!


Now let’s look at the disadvantages of auto title loans that you need to consider…

High-Interest Rates

The interest rates set by lenders vary based on your credit score, but they usually average 25% a month.

That is equal to 300% when converted into APR! Before taking out a title loan in Canton, Ohio, keep that in mind.

Additional Fees

Aside from the interest rate and the principal loan amount, you also need to pay for title lender’s fees and other additional fees, depending on the lender you choose.

You also need to watch out for hidden fees in your contract before you sign and pre-payment penalties that some lenders charge to discourage you from paying your debt before the due date.

Short Term Financing

A short-term loan means you have only 30 or 60 days to pay back your debt.

Because of this, it might also be hard for you to pay back the loan amount in such a short period.

So unless you’re sure you can pay back the money you owe on or before the 30 or 60 days are up, DO NOT take out a title loan in Canton, Ohio.

Possibility of Losing Your Car

In the worst possible scenario, when you find yourself unable to pay your Canton title loans, your lender will take your car to compensate for their losses.

If your car’s value is worth more than your total loan amount, your title lender will also take that extra amount from selling your car.

However, if the total amount of your debt is bigger than the value of your car, then you get off the hook for the remaining amount of your debt.

What Kind of Title Loans Lender Should I Avoid?

Here are a few lenders to steer clear of:

Lenders That Charge a Pre Payment Penalty

What is this penalty?

You get enough money to pay back your loan way before the due date, so you decide to pay off your loan earlier for your peace of mind.

But when you arrive at your lender’s office, they suddenly tell you that if they accept your payment, they will have to charge you another fee for paying back your debt too early!

This is a pre-payment penalty designed to have you pay them on the due date (or later) so that your chances of repaying the loan on time get lower.

Small business loans typically charge this penalty, so beware before taking out a loan with one.

Lenders That Include Hide Fees in the Fine Print

This is why it’s vital to read your contract thoroughly before signing it.

Some predatory lenders take advantage of your urgent situation and hope you’ll sign in a hurry while binding you to absurd fees that you don’t notice the first time.

You don’t want to rush a loan!

Lenders That Are Vague

Everything you agree on: the loan amounts, interest rate, lender’s fees, etc., is EXPLICITLY WRITTEN on your contract.

Avoid vague lenders at all costs.

Lenders That Seem Untrustworthy (for Whatever Reason)

If you can’t quite place your finger on whatever bad feeling you have about your lender and are doubtful, don’t waste time figuring it out; just run for the door!

There are many, many other title loans lenders in Canton, and you’re sure to find one that doesn’t make you feel so distrustful.

There’s always a reason for your gut feeling!

Before Getting a Car Title Loan: Q & A

More questions? Let’s answer them one by one:

Is a Title Loan in Canton, Ohio, Legal?


Title loans are secured loans. They are perfectly legal loans that are monitored and regulated by the state.

Is a Bank Account Required to Get Approved?


The only situation where you will need a bank account is if you prefer to have your loan deposited in your bank account.

And it doesn’t have to have a certain amount deposited in it either!

Do I Have to Be Employed to Get a Title Loan in Canton, OH?


You don’t even need a steady income to get approved!

All you need to qualify for a title loan is to prove that you can pay back the loan by the due date.

So if you have inheritance, social security benefits, pension, property, etc., you can just bring proof of those!

What Happens if I Can’t Pay My Loan by the Due Date?

If your loan due date is approaching, but you find yourself unable to pay, your loan will be “rolled over” for another 2 weeks to 1 month for a fee.

What will happen is that your total debt amount will be carried over for another period, with interest and the rollover fee.

If it seems that you’ll have to roll over for a second time, get in touch with your lender first.

They might be able to set up a new payment plan that works for you or find other ways to help you pay them back.

How Is My Car’s Value Evaluated?

Lenders of title loans in Canton, OH, will look at these factors to determine your car’s current market value:

  1. Vehicle year
  2. Make
  3. Model
  4. Mileage
  5. Overall vehicle condition

How Much Cash Can I Get From Title Loans in Canton, OH?

The maximum cash you can get will be about 25 to 50% of your car’s current market value and your ability to pay back the loan.

But try not to max out that amount if you can. Borrow as little as possible, just enough to cover your current financial bind.

It will be easier to pay it back when the due date comes.

What Are Different Modes of Payment for Title Loans?

The same way you got your money.

You can pay through cash, check, online payments, or a direct deposit through their bank account.

Will I Still Be Able to Sell My Car?


When you’re done paying off your debt, your vehicle’s title is clean and free. So yes, you can sell it as if title loans were never even part of its lifetime.

Can I Take Out Title Loans for 2 Cars?


You can even take the loans for each car at the same time!

But they will need separate applications, and both cars will have to meet ALL the requirements.

Both cars will also have to be solely under your name, and you only get one loan per car.

Also, you will have to prove that you can pay off BOTH loans by the due date.

Short Recap

If you ever find yourself in a financial bind, most title loans can lend money directly on the same business day, even if you have a bad credit history.

This makes a Canton title loan appealing because it is a QUICK and EASY solution.

But keep in mind the risks: sky-high fees and rates (no matter how many highly competitive interest rates they offer you), the monthly payments, and the very real possibility of losing your car in the end.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all you need to know for getting title loans for Canton, OH! We hope this article has been helpful and informative.

Carefully weigh your options, research for a good, reputable title loan company, and make sure you already have a way of paying back your loan BEFORE you hand over your vehicle’s title in exchange for solving your immediate cash needs.

Have you had any experience taking out a title loan? Would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you can get out of your financial crisis!

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