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Title Loans in Auburn , AL

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Car Title Loans in Auburn, AL: All You Need to Know

If FAST CASH is what you need, car title loans might be the solution for you.

You can get the money you need within a business day or even in just a FEW hours.

As long as you have a vehicle and a resident of Auburn, Alabama, you can apply for a car title loan in 4 easy steps. The BEST part – it’s totally HASSLE FREE!

Read below to know more!

Applying for A Car Title Loan in Auburn, AL: The Complete Procedure

1. Search and Apply Online

Get on your browser and look for nearby lending companies offering car title loans.

FILL IN AN APPLICATION FORM once you have chosen which lender you’d like to submit your loan application to.

This can usually be found on their website. Answer the questions honestly and completely, then click on the “submit” button.

If you’re unsure, you can always give them a call. The loan agent would be able to assist you throughout the whole process.

Important Tips:

  • Do note down the available options and compare rates of lending companies in Auburn, Alabama.
  • Verify if the lending company is registered and allowed to operate in the state of Alabama.
  • Take a quick look at their reviews from people who have previously applied for a loan from the lender. This will give you a sense of their customer service and terms.
  • Wait for your form to be reviewed and pre-approved.

2. Prepare and Submit Requirements

You will be asked to submit some documents for your loan application.

The list below contains the general requirements for an auto title loan in Auburn, Alabama. Some title loan lenders may ask for fewer documents, while others will ask for more documents.

Nevertheless, it would be better to have all these documents ready to speed up the loan process.

  • Clean vehicle title
  • Vehicle photos (front, both sides, and back)
  • Car photos containing odometer and Vehicle Identification Number
  • Government-issued ID that matches the name in the auto title
  • Social security card
  • Proof of Alabama residency (rent contract, water, phone, or internet bills)
  • Proof of income (payslips, proof of social security benefits, bank account statements)
  • At least two character references
  • Vehicle Insurance

Important Tips:

  • To avoid any problems, double-check the details indicated in the papers you will be submitting.
  • Make sure that ALL information matches with each other.

3. Read Details and Terms

You might think that the submission of papers is the crucial part.

However, for all title loans, this is the MOST important step.

Once the lender or loan agent has processed your application and given you an offer, carefully READ and UNDERSTAND ALL THE TERMS.

People often make the mistake of signing abruptly – DO NOT DO THIS.

Do not sign and agree in an instant without checking the conditions first.

Note all the information such as total loan amount, interest rate, repayment terms, and possible penalties that you might incur for late or early payments.

  • If some details seem UNCLEAR to you, call or check with your agent so they can explain how it would work.
  • If you feel like the title loan terms are difficult to fulfill, or you want to revise some conditions, try to talk and NEGOTIATE this with your lender.

Once everything is clear and agreeable to you, you can now sign the contract and send it back to the lending company.

One more step, and you’re done with the loan process!

4. Get Your Money

The most exciting part of title loans – RECEIVING YOUR MONEY!

After you have finalized and signed the title loan, the lender will present the options on how to claim your money.

There are a NUMBER of ways you can get your money in Auburn, Alabama: wire transfers, direct bank deposit, check, or through financial services outlets such as Western Union or Moneygram.

OUR FINAL TIP: Create a reminder on your phone regarding the schedule of payments to avoid any penalties!


What Is the Primary Function of Car Title Loans?

Car title loans (also known as vehicle title loans, pink slip loans, or auto title loans) give you money in exchange for the right to temporarily withhold your car title.

Basically, you temporarily surrender your car title to a lending company as a COLLATERAL for the loaned money.

DO NOT WORRY – in title loans, you won’t have to surrender your vehicle! Only your car title is handed over while the loan is ongoing.

Simply put – you can receive the money you need AND keep driving your vehicle!

Here’s the Best Part

You can do the whole title loan process ONLINE. Yes, title loans won’t require you to STEP A FOOT OUT your front door.

No long lines, no long waiting time, no-hassle process!

Auto title loans are often the go-to loan of people who need fast, safe, and hassle-free money.

Car title loans are a great option to pay off:

  • Overdue bills
  • Urgent medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Household purposes
  • Student loans
  • Credit card bills
  • Quick cash to cover personal expenses

We have prepared a comprehensive guide below on title loans for Auburn residents to help you get started on the application process. LET’S BEGIN!

Advantages of Car Title Loans

Highly Convenient

If you are a resident of Auburn, Alabama, needing extra cash for personal or medical emergencies, car title loans are utterly convenient.

  • Title loans give you the cash you need in a few hours with just a few documents – which you most probably have already in your filing cabinet.
  • The loan process can be done ONLINE, so you won’t have to worry about driving to the branch to apply for your loan.
  • If your credit score is low, you still have a CHANCE to have your title loan approved.
  • There are also multiple options in Auburn on how you can get your money. You can choose which one is the most convenient for you!

Fast Source of Money

In Auburn, the process for a title loan is quick and easy.

The whole loan process can be accomplished without stepping a foot out your door. Moreover, you can fill up and submit the requirements in less than an hour.

Also, if this is your first time to loan money, no problem!

As long as your documents are CONCLUSIVE and VERIFIED, you can expect your cash within the day or even just after a few hours!

Reliable and Safe

These lending companies offering title loans are legitimate, regularized, and recognized to operate in the state.


You won’t have to queue for long hours, worry about credit checks, or get scammed by a fake lender.

Moreover, you won’t have to disclose any information regarding the title loan proceeds. As long as you have your vehicle title, you’re already halfway through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Credit Checks?

Contrary to what is often advertised, lenders in Auburn, AL, MAY still perform credit checks.

Normally, they base their decision on the CAR and documents you present.

However, your credit score might still affect your application, especially if you cannot repay the loan.

Secondary to the car type, what lenders look for is the applicant’s ability to REPAY the title loan.

In addition, individuals with higher credits may receive higher loan amounts compared to those with bad or no credit.

Can I Get Approved With Bad Credit or if I’m Unemployed?

Again, this is on a case-to-case basis.

Just because you have bad credit or are currently unemployed doesn’t automatically mean REJECTION.

What you need to establish during the application process is your capacity to pay back the loaned amount.

This can be in the form of proof of your side jobs, pension receipts, or benefits you receive from the government (if any).

How Much Money Can I Get?

Loan amounts depend on your car’s equity value. The main factors that are considered are:

  • Make and Model of the car
  • Year the vehicle was made
  • Mileage or total distance traveled
  • Zip code where the car is registered

Thus, newer or well-maintained cars would have higher equity value.

TIP: Do check with the lending company what type of vehicles they accept for car title loans as not all vehicles may qualify for a vehicle title loan.


We hope you gained a clearer picture of car title loans and how the process works in Auburn, AL.

Car title loans are a reliable and safe option for your urgent cash needs.

They’re a great source of money for people needing extra cash in a short period of time. Don’t forget to do your due diligence before you sign and finalize your loan.

For all Auburn, Alabama residents, bookmark this article for reference!

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Have a bad credit score?
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