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Title Loans in Utah: How to Apply & Choose the Right One

Located in Utah and in need of some cash out of nowhere? You've come to the right place!

Before applying for loans in Utah, this guide will walk you through crucial details to improve your chances of success!

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Utah, known as the "Beehive State," features a beehive symbol on its flag, symbolizing industry and cooperation.

What are Title Loans in Utah

If you're reading this, we're assuming you're in need of a reasonable amount of money and have nowhere to get it from.

Lucky you, though, title loans are an absolute thing in Utah and you can get a title loan as soon as NOW!

That's right, you can now get paid for allowing someone to borrow your car title. All this means is that legally, the lender will be the owner of your collateral.

A small price for a big sum of money, available in Utah!

How Much Money Can I Get From Car Title Loans in Utah?

Now you're informed that you can easily get money for your belongings, how much are people exactly going to pay you? After all, everyone needs some transparency when it comes to money.

Thankfully, title loans here at Utah play fair.

If anything, title loans at Utah are capped at $25, 000! Ever heard of other states give up that much money for a title? Only in Utah!

Factors That Affect Borrowing Percentages

Like any other thing on Earth, there's always some sort of catch.

You're expected to pay some sort of interest. But the interest rates are not just it.

While title loans here in Utah ARE capped at $25, 000, there will be some factors that will affect the amount of money you'll take. These factors are the following!


First of the biggest factors that affect the amount of cash you'll take is the amount of income you have.

Now, this is something that won't be fixed with various lenders; you'll have to negotiate and talk it out.

We'll talk about this more later, but do note that the bigger income you make, the greater the loan a lender will probably let you take!

After all, title loans are still business. And it all revolves around your ability to repay a title loan lender.

Loan Terms

Never overlook the loan terms!

Depending on the loan terms you discussed, the interest rates could be lower, the loans could be higher, or you could simply take more cash than you were expecting.

As you've heard thousands and thousands of times, communication is key! The greatest thing you could do for yourself when applying for a title loan is cash negotiation.

The approval of your terms makes all the difference.

Tip: While you're at it, talk about the repayment plan of your future title loan, too.

Value of Your Vehicle (if taking a car title loan)

Does the problem of your cash dilemma sound pretty easy right now? There's ANOTHER factor that will affect the payments of your title loan!

Last but not the least, the value of your vehicle changes the cash amount lenders will let you take.

Well, of course, you're going to be loaning your vehicle title for some cash, so this should have been expected.

The higher the value of your car, and the greater condition it's in, the greater the credit the lender will provide! So take note of that while you're thinking about that title loan.

Costs Involved in Title Loans in Utah

When it comes to financial institutions, everyone knows there's usually more than what the first of the funds show.

Once your title loan hits that approval point, however, it's best to discuss with your lender about other costs that are involved with the title loan (aside from the interest fees)

It's good to know that you should NOT be charged fees for making an application.

How Do I Apply for a Car Title Loan in Utah

Now you've heard of the basics of title loans here in Utah, perhaps you've decided to finally apply!

If you've decided otherwise, we're sad to see you go; title loans at Utah are extremely great with a cap of $25,000 after all!

So how should you start?

Where Do I Apply for Car Title Loans in Utah: Online

The greatest thing about title loans here in Utah is you can apply online!

Stress-free, hassle-free, and straightforward.

Typically, you just have to find a lender of online title loans in Utah and click apply. As per usual, there will be instructions and drop boxes for you to submit your documents to.

Online title loans are far better than going to a store physically these days.

The Best Car Title Loans You Could Get In Utah:

Before we get into the requirements, here are some of the best places you could get your title loans at Utah!

Whether you're talking car title loan or lending some other collateral, these are solid options.

Note: The requirements could differ depending on whether you get them, and that's why we're giving you options beforehand!

  • Loans for Less
  • Check City
  • Paramount Title
  • American Title Loans
  • Cash Store
  • Prestamos Rapidos de Pablo
  • Title Max Title Loans
  • Lend Nation

Car Title Loans Requirements in Utah

Finally, let's begin discussing the things you need in order to qualify for an application for a title loan in Utah!

The following requirements will apply to car title loans at Utah, but they shouldn't be too different for when you're lending other collateral.

Vehicle Title

The first requirement in a title loan application is your vehicle title. This is, of course, what you're offering so obviously you need it!

Car in Good Condition

As we've said earlier, the greater the condition of your car, the greater payments you could take at first glance!

Unless you pick the wrong lender.

A vehicle inspection will be conducted in order to check how much loan proceeds could be given to you.

Does the inspection include all parts of your vehicle? Absolutely, so check them all to get the most of your loan in Utah.

Photos of the Car

If you're doing your application online or in-store, you're probably still going to have to take some photos of the car you're offering.

On that note, it'd be best if your photos could reflect what they will be seeing in the inspection!

Form of Identification

In order to give you the cash for your loan, you also need to present some form of identification. This could be your driver's license or some other State government-issued ID.

Proof of Residence in Utah

Finally, in order to take loans in Utah, you have to prove you're from Utah.

You could simply submit utility bill/s that states your name and address that identify you as someone from Utah, and you should be good to go!

Monthly Earnings

We've said multiple times that the amount of cash you make on a daily or monthly basis could greatly affect the loan amount you'll be able to take.

They'll check your ability to pay loans in order to give you a plan that suits both parties.

So if your monthly earnings aren't that great, then you know what's to come.

Note: A credit check could also be performed to confirm your credit history and ratings. If your record reflects poorly, this could also affect the loan terms and amount you're eligible to borrow.

Proof of Valid Vehicle Insurance and Registration

Finally, you need proof that you've insured your vehicle and have it registered legally.

After all, during the period of the loan, lenders are going to be the legal owners of that said vehicle. And nobody wants messy business in the States.

Applying for Car Title Loans in Utah: A Guide

When you search up title loans at Utah on Google, you'll find WAY too many options.

You can't trust a wheel randomizer to pick for you, so here's our guide to choosing the best title loan in Utah for you!

How to Choose the Right Car Title Loan in Utah

There are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing a loan in Utah. Let's get started, shall we?

Speed of Payment

One of the factors you should consider is how fast you're able to get the credit in exchange for your collateral.

You don't want to sit in silence anxiously waiting, so ensure that the process shouldn't be too long.

When choosing, also consider there will be times you'll need higher credit on your hands as per usual.

You may also use this factor to ensure the safety of your collateral. After all, they're the legal owner.

Loan Rates and Borrowing Percentages

Another of the most important factors to consider in Utah is the loan amount rates.

Some lenders will give you more for a lower price and lower rates of interests, and you could easily lose track of them if you don't do your research thoroughly.

Then again, the rates and borrowing percentages depend on the strength of your application along with factors like your credit rating and history.

If there's 1 tip we should give you, it's this: Calculate your earnings, losses, and risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Pay for Title Loans?

Most lenders will have terms up to 30 days, according to the Title Lending Registration Act in Utah. When you choose a plan, it's best to take the rates of interests and credit into account as well.

However, it's possible to negotiate for a longer repayment period.

What Happens if I Fail to Pay my Title Loan?

If you fail to pay, your lender will take your collateral.

From the very start, you gave them the credit and permission to be the legal owners. Make sure you don't fall into the trap.

Can I Get a Car Title Loan in Utah With Bad Credit?


As we've said, a credit check might be performed. And those with better records will most likely receive better deals, but this shouldn't mean that you won't be eligible for a loan (whether that's an auto title loan or not).

So keep that in mind as you apply for auto title loans at Utah.

Can I Drive my Car Even if I Set It Up for a Car Title Loan?

Yes, you can keep driving your car even if it's on the line for the car title loan.

Basically, nothing will change apart from the legal ownership of the properties you decide to place for the loan.


That's it for everything title loans in Utah! There will be good things and there will be the bad, and that's why it's CRUCIAL you calculate your gains and risks before applying for a loan in Utah.

Life is hard, and cash can solve most problems. Nevertheless, don't act recklessly. Always iron out all the important details first and research thoroughly.

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