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Understanding the Basics of Car Title Loans

To put it lightly, title loans are secured, short-term loans.

Borrowers of these kinds of loans offer the title of their automobile as collateral. The loan amount they are able to borrow DEPENDS on the quality of the vehicle itself.

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South Dakota, known as "The Mount Rushmore State," features a simplified version of Mount Rushmore on its flag.

Quick Run-Through:

In South Dakota, it follows a quick loan process, with a process where you won't face any problems whatsoever.

  • As long as you can provide all the requirements needed and can pay the loan back as per its conditions.
  • It's a totally easy catch too because most lending companies don't do credit checks when it comes to auto title loans. Although it still pays to be on a lookout because your lender might perform one if your ability to repay looks shady.
  • A title loan might have an average of 25% for monthly fees to the lender. Experts warn your APR would be about 300%. So it's always safe to research your lenders before proceeding.
  • Think of your auto title as the one that'll seal the deal. Plus, the best thing about it is you offer the title of your vehicle, and not the vehicle itself.
  • You can worry about your vehicle being taken away from you if and only if you fail to pay back your loan.

Why Should I Get Car Title Loans in South Dakota?

Here is the simplest answer for you: Car title loans are the quickest and most convenient way to get cash in urgent and emergency situations.

Title loans for your much-needed money are a great option because the fund you'll get is worth it. Plus, they're available to customers from almost any lender in South Dakota.

For South Dakota residents, who according to studies have 14.6% of its population in tight financial situations, title loans process as quickly as one business day.

Unlike bank loans which have a butt-load of requirements, their terms sound a lot better.

With that being said, title loans sound like a much better alternative than a bank or credit union since it's almost impossible to succeed with poor credit ratings during the credit check.

It's Utterly Convenient

Title loans are one of the most convenient options when it comes to quick access to funds or in dire need.

For whatever reason that may be, a hospital bill, paying off some student loans, a home repair, a title loan might be the best deal for you.

Residents of South Dakota can expect approval of their loan as quickly as they apply for it.

You'll be able to receive your cash in your preferred method once your chosen lender approves your application. The amount you will receive will depend on the terms of your agreement.

As long as you have a car, title loans really are the QUICKEST access to cash for an emergency. This can range between 1-3 days.

It's Straightforward

Just like the speed of your favorite vehicle, a title loan in South Dakota is the fastest option for money when it comes to addressing emergency financial needs.

Banks and credit unions take a longer time for processing cash loans, focus more on credit checks and have stricter guidelines.

Title loans in South Dakota are simple.

In summary, all you have to do is:

  • Hand over the title of your vehicle to your lender as collateral.
  • Receive the money that you need from your lender.
  • Make sure you'll be able to pay your lender back at the end of the loan.

It's Easy and Flexible Too

There are several lenders to choose from in the South Dakota area that are willing to service loans to anyone with a vehicle that needs it.

You have the option of either applying for vehicle title loans:

  • In the comfort of your own home via cellphone or telephone call, or online processes.
  • Face-to-face in a number of walk-in stores around the state. (not recommended due to COVID 19)

It's a Title Loan, Not a Car Loan

The terms of a title loan include handing over the title of your car to the lender, not the car itself.

This means you can keep driving whatever vehicle you own while the loan agreement is ongoing. As long as YOU'RE SURE you can pay it, you're good to go. Literally.

How Do I Secure a Car Title Loan?

When it comes to title loans in South Dakota, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Except it isn't sour at all. It's a sweet and secure ride to some much-needed cash.

Follow these steps, provide all the requirements needed pre-approval, and double-check the terms of the title loan.

Just do these four steps, and you'll get to borrow the money you need in no time!

#1: Choose the Right Lender Suited for You

Take some time to look at your options. There are several lenders that might offer an array of title loans to your liking.

There are many lending companies that will be available for you to do your vehicle title loans with. Some offer walk-in processes and others online.

These trying times ensure better safety on online applications rather than in-person applications due to the ongoing pandemic. Because of this, we personally prefer online transactions for our title loans.

On some sites, you can check the estimated amount you might be able to receive based on your vehicle itself. Super convenient, right?

Regardless of whichever lending company your choose, both you and your lender should be fully aware of the conditions of your title loan.

Terms such as interest rate, vehicle market value, equity, and the like can be discussed as you go over your loan. No need for any memorizing of these terms too. As long as you understand everything, you'll be just fine.

Besides, there will be a loan officer to help you navigate through how title loans work.

PRO TIP: Be on the lookout for lenders with high-interest rates and bad reviews.

#2: Fill Out Your Application Form

This is the next step after finding the right lending company.

Do note this is a CRUCIAL step when processing your title loans. This is because lenders are usually thorough with what a borrower will put down on their application form.

What you put into your form helps determine the loan amount you're eligible to receive from the lending company of your choice.

The more sure and prepared you are with what goes into your form, the quicker the loan process goes. The quicker the process, the quicker you'll get access to the money you need too.

The form for South Dakota title loans will most likely contain the following to be filled up:

  • Complete Name
  • Full Address
  • Contact Details
  • Vehicle Information (year of release, car make, model, etc.)

Always remember to carefully and surely fill up your form with correct details in every field. Double-check it if you have to.

#3: Be Prepared to Submit All Needed Documents

Just like anything in the adult world, title loans come with much responsibility.

You have to be responsible to collect all the needed documents and readily hand them over into your lender's possession for processing.

Though there are different lenders with different required documents needed upon application and approval of title loans, they mostly cover the same ground.

Some of the common requirements you need when applying in the state of South Dakota:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Original Title of the Car
  • Proof of Address in the State of South Dakota
  • Social Security ID Card
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Odometer for Your Car Mileage
  • Car pictures (all 4 sides of your vehicle)

These documents that your lender will ask you to collect will all be submitted to them to continue the process of the loan.

Just trust the process, and you'll be alright.

#4: Receive Your Cash (Not Really a Step)

This isn't really a step, but instead, it's the best part of this whole thing: claiming what you came here for.

Sweet, sweet cash, baby!

After finishing those three steps, you'll finally be able to receive the amount that was agreed upon with your lender.

Lending companies in South Dakota might take some time to assess the value of your car. Some may also look through your credit history and sometimes your credit score, depending on the company itself.

Hopefully, it'll be as quick as anything and your baby on wheels will ensure you as much money as you need.


What if I Have Bad Credit?

Even if you have bad credit, you're still eligible to apply for title loans! That's the best part about it.

Unlike when it comes to applying for loans with banks or credit unions, title loans are not in it for the credit history.

Some lending companies may still do a credit check. Furthermore, they're mostly focused on two things:

  • Your ability to repay - Can you provide proof you'll pay the amount back? Does your credit history show timely payments? Or are you always late?
  • Your car's value & condition - The better your vehicle's condition, the more you can receive

You'll still be able to receive some funds though, so don't worry.

Just be Aware That...

Applicants who have high credit scores are more likely to receive better deals.

If your credit score is low, it most likely means that you'll have to deal with higher interest rates, depending on the terms of the loan's agreement.

Remember: failing to pay means losing collateral or vehicle.

How Much Can I Get From Title Loans?

While it varies depending on what lending company you choose and the state from where you apply for title loans, it all boils down to the value of your collateral.

The value of your vehicle can be determined by the vehicle information that follows:

  • Year of Release
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Zip Code of Car Registry
  • Extras

So if you're going for an auto title loan, might as well present your best baby on wheels.


If you're looking for fast, needed cash, car title loans in South Dakota might just be what you're looking for.

Just follow the steps we presented, be ready and responsible, and remember to double-check everything.

Apply for a car title loan today!

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