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Title Loans in Iowa: The Full Review

So you've hesitated to get title loans in Iowa because you've heard of the laws and regulations?

Will it stop you from getting cash quickly?

We will clarify all your doubts and help you secure car title loans in Iowa.

What are you waiting for? Let's get on the move!

How Does One Apply for Car Title Loans in Iowa?

To apply for auto title loans in Iowa, one must go through the application process.

The application process only has less than five (5) steps, giving a higher chance for potential borrowers to apply.

However, it does not automatically guarantee that every potential borrower will qualify.

Step 1: Submit an Application

The first step of getting fast cash in Iowa is submitting an auto title loan application.

There are two ways of applying:

  • #1: Apply online: Apply online by visiting the title loan company's website and filling out the short inquiry form or application form.
  • #2: Call the title loan company: Give them a call first hand and speak with your chosen lender directly
  • Pre-recorded messages are prohibited.

Here are TWO TIPS:

  • Always give authentic and truthful information when applying for anything related to funds paid quickly.
  • Choose the right lender that you are certain would give you excellent title loan services.

Step 2: Prepare All Required Documents

The next step is one of the crucial parts of a title loan process.

There are only a few on the list, but truth be told, there are applicants who struggled with turning in all of the documents needed.

If you want to secure the money fast and get financial help, you should prepare all required documents and ensure they are up to date!

  • Government-issued ID
  • Valid driver's license
  • Clean and free vehicle title to your name
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income from any source -  alimony, child support, Social Security, workers’ compensation, or disability
  • A vehicle or car with pictures of all four sides
  • Insurance (some states require this but not all)
  • Three references not related to you

There is a slight difference when it comes to the requirements for Iowa residents:

  • Proof of registration
  • Proof of employment
  • Government-issued ID
  • Valid driver's license
  • Car's title paper

As we've said, it is crucial to have all of these documents prepared and updated.

This will speed up the title loan process, which means you can get quick cash sooner.

Most lenders will have this list of required documents a standard,

But some lenders will have additional requirements.

Step 3: Claim Your Cash

The last step of the Iowa auto title loans process is simply claiming your cash.

There are TWO WAYS of claiming your cash:

  • You can request a check of monthly payments
  • Have the money directly wired to your bank account

The process seems easy, but not so fast!

Although the whole procedure is simple, it is not that easy to qualify.

Of course, loaning money isn't that easy. Well, there's more to it.

Qualifying for an Iowa Car Title Loan Pre Approval

Like with the documents needed, there are also only a few qualifications necessary to seal the deal.

Consider car title loans as affordable title loans that make qualifying for a pre-approval a mixture of both easy and hard.

So again, what do you need to earn pre-approval?

  • Any credit score is welcome (NOTE: Those with a good credit score MIGHT get better deals than applicants with bad credit.)
  • You do not need to give up the full use of your car or vehicle once the car title loan goes through.
  • You must fully pay your vehicle, car, or anything you decide to put up as collateral for the auto title loan.
  • Your car should not be older than 20 years. Many lenders only prefer newer cars.
  • You must be of legal age, hence, 18 years old.
  • You need a bank account to take out the auto title loan.
  • To have some type of income.
  • The title MUST be in your name.

If you meet all of these qualifications, then there wouldn't be the slightest problem in getting that loan approval at all!


You should know how your credit score can affect the title loan interest rates if you choose to apply with poor credit.

In some states, there are instances wherein lenders conduct a credit check to applicants. A credit check covers the credit history and the credit scores, including bad credit.

When an applicant applies with bad credit, they can still be guaranteed a title loan,

BUT they will not be getting good deals than those with higher credit scores.

There are competitive interest rates in car title loans, and many lenders offer great deals to applicants with average or high credit scores.

We recommend boosting your credit score before applying because competitive interest rates can throw you in a curb.

Iowa Title Loans Laws and Regulations

You read that right, Iowa car title loans have laws and regulations.

It is only to find out if these short-term financing title loans are legal along with disclosure of necessary information regarding:

  • Loan amount
  • Competitive rates (interest rates)
  • Repayment terms

A List of Title Loans Rates and Loan Terms

This table shows the terms in which how much money you can borrow and how long you have before you return the money.

  • Maximum loan amount - $500
  • Minimum loan amount - $100
  • Maximum loan term - 31 days
  • Maximum APR - 21.00%

Iowa Title Loans Regulations

What do these regulations cover up?

What do they entail?

These regulations are sought after if there are complications to the car title loan.

They determine the following:

  • Limits interest rates that your lender may charge
  • What the lender can do in case of a defaulted payment
  • If renewals or new rollovers are permitted
  • Limitations on the minimum and maximum terms of repayment
  • Limitations on the minimum and maximum loan amount
  • Any prepayment penalties or hidden fees

Just so you know, A title loan in Iowa is illegal.

That is the reason behind these laws and regulations,

The laws set minimum and maximum of 31 day(s) loan terms, but there is no limit on the amount a consumer may borrow.

You must carefully comprehend these laws and regulations before applying for a car title loan in Iowa.

We know that you need quick cash, but you must prepare accordingly if this is your final resort.

Iowa Laws Aim At Title Loan Consumer Protection

These regulations reassure that title loans are only designed for backing up short-term urgent financial needs.

They emphasize that these are solutions for EMERGENCY EXPENSES ONLY (NOTE: Do not use it for average family size expenses.).

Since it is more available than a traditional bank loan, it is also riskier.

That is why we have these laws and regulations.

Iowa Loan Terms Based on Iowa Laws

 The maximum loan amount worth 500$ borrowers are permitted to loan against a car title in Iowa is also limited and usually relies on the following factors:

  • The equity value of the vehicle
  • The exact amount of the loan
  • Term of the loan
  • Gross monthly income

The gross monthly income is essential because it will determine the ability to repay the loan.

It DOES NOT have to be a high salary; a normal median income would be enough.

Advantages of Getting an Auto Title Loan in Iowa

What are the advantages of getting a title loan in Iowa?

Aside from getting approved as soon as the next business day, what else could applicants benefit from it?

Quick Process

The best scenario for financial situations like this is to get a cash advance quickly.

Title loans are supposed to be SWIFT. If you'd rather not go on-site, you can go for online title loans.

It is ultimately the same process and requirements, just done from the comfort of your home.

Convenient Terms

Unlike traditional bank loans, car title loans are filled with convenience, including their terms and conditions.

Title loans Iowa will provide ease in times of financial ruts!

Many title loan companies offer various title loan services, and we are glad to let you know that most of them;

Prioritize making it easier for potential borrowers who need financial aid.

With traditional banks, you have to wait in long lines and fill up a ton of paperwork!

With auto title loans, it is a hassle-free experience. You can get pre-approved within the same day you applied and decide to pay the loan early as you want!

You can even come to an agreement with your lender about a payment plan provided that there is express written consent.

Helpful Staff

Having a helpful staff surely makes an impact on the entire business.

Helpful staff can guide you in borrowing money with their services.

Keep Your Car

Other cash options will not let you keep the property that you put up as collateral.

They will confiscate it.

As for car title loans in Iowa, you get to use your vehicle or car even if the loan is already guaranteed.

Auto Title Loans Iowa Repossession Law

Repossession laws are probably the most vital part that borrowers must clarify before applying for a title loan.

In most states, the car or vehicle is the property set up for collateral.

According to Title loans Iowa regulations, a borrower can lose the vehicle if they trail behind on title loan payments or violate the title loan terms in some other way.

The lender has the right to permanently take the car, sell it, and use the money of the sale as compensation for a defaulted loan.

But do not worry because borrowers are protected at the same time.

How are applicants protected from the Repossession Law?

  • Iowa protects the applicants and residents by setting specific repossession laws.
  • The government destitution line makes sure that lenders offer additional repayment time or payment plans to redeem the title by paying back the loan.
  • The state also determines whether the vehicle can be sold and how much percent of the sale proceeds a lender can take.
  • Title lenders are obliged to maintain detailed records regarding all title loan transactions.
  • Iowa title loan lenders violating these laws will be fined up to $1,000.

Competitive Rates

Iowa today sits in competition with other title loan companies that offer competitive interest rates to borrowers.

Borrowers will typically go for the deal with a lower interest rate.

Of course, who would want to pay back more money than they borrow, right?

In that case, Title loans Iowa has a bunch of competitive interest rates to choose from.

Why Do People Use Title Loans

We are not here to convince you or anything,

We want to share the bigger picture of why people resort to title loans with you.

  • They're comfortable. You can make the entire application from your phone or device at home.
  • It's fast and straightforward. You do not need a client's assistance nor leave your house.
  • It does not put friendships and relationships to risk from loaning money from them.
  • People who don't have high-paying salaries can still apply, no matter how good or bad their credit score is.
  • They offer fewer APRs than other fast cash options like payday loans.
  • Newer cars can guarantee applicants a larger significant amount of money.
  • A legal solution to get urgent cash.
  • They do not involve any scam.
  • There is a flexible payment timeline for those borrowers who can't make monthly payments.
  • Promises fund transfer to borrowers' bank accounts on the same day of application.
  • No vehicle or car confiscation is necessary.

Why Should You Secure Title Loans in Iowa?

You never really know when the situation will knock at your doorstep.

It is good to be financially ready.

Again, you do not need a packed bank account to apply,

As long as you get to pay your gross median monthly rent, you're eligible.

If resorting to traditional bank loans, you will have to go under the risk of a past bankruptcy.

Would you want that? Because that can snowball into an endless cycle of debt.

Alternatives That You May Try

Are there better alternatives for title loans?

There are guaranteed other options, but they also come in long and hefty procedures.

Sure, you can get guaranteed the loan, but how soon? Your agenda is URGENT cash.

A cry for help! It's not practical to wait a long time to get loan approval.

Bills will double up by then, but here are some of the alternatives that you may try:

Credit Card Cash Advances

Even if cash advances are obnoxiously expensive,

They can boost interest rates well below triple digits.

A borrower with a credit card, a line of credit, and the ability to repay the loan,

In several weeks you will likely be granted access to such funds for a cheaper deal.

Short-Term Bank Loans

Even the most expensive bank loans are cheaper than other title loans.

You may try applying for a credit union or payday loan.

But payday loans are highly risky because of the skyrocketing interest rates and fees they offer.

The agreement for payday loans is that the borrowers repay the loan using their next paycheck.

On the other hand,  some banks will make collateral loans to borrowers with less-than-stellar credit.

Employed residents who own cars and vehicles may pledge their vehicles for bank-level interest rate loans.

An Extra Part Time Job

If doable, potential borrowers can try doubling up their income.

Many employers will hire individuals on a project-by-project basis.

Yes, there are jobs out there for those just looking for a sign.

Negotiate With Your Creditors

If you know that you can't make the repayment on time,

You should reach out to your creditors.

Negotiate about the chances of:

  • Enumerating alternate payment arrangements
  • Lowering interest fees
  • Negotiating discounts
  • Waiving late fees and other concerns

Credit and Debt Counseling

Those who chronically fall short on cash or ritually pay high prices for instant cash relief should seek the financial advice of a certified consumer debt specialist (CCDS).

These experts can help people strategize for:

  • Cutting costs
  • Reducing debt
  • Saving for a rainy day

Counselors can help borrowers understand the actual cost of short-term loans while steering them toward better cash options.

Frequently Asked Questions

This next section will provide you with all the answers and necessary information you need to ensure your loan application goes smoothly!

Be sure to read this thoroughly to avoid any problems or confusion.

How Do Title Loans Work?

Title loans are business-owned services as well. You put your vehicle or car as collateral for the loan, but only the title.

You come to an agreement with your lender and repay the loan back.

It does not require credit checks for the most part and has a 15-45 minute application procedure.

Why Should I Go For Title Loans Instead of a Traditional Bank Loan?

Auto title pawns in Iowa have a much quicker process and flexible requirements than banks.

Even with that level of convenience, it will still depend on your wants.

Do I Need to Have the Vehicle or Car Titled in My Home State?

Yes. If you’re moving out of state or love traveling, you must sign the paperwork for the state in which you reside.

Keep in mind that it will also cause complications if you won't be staying in that state for a long time.

How Do I Determine the Value of My Vehicle?

To provide an estimated value of your vehicle, lenders will use the condition of your vehicle’s:

  • Body,
  • Current mileage
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year

Lenders will also consider any extra features your vehicle may have, such as a stereo system, sunroof, or leather interior.

What Should I Do if I Lost My Vehicle Title?

You can apply for a duplicate title through the Secretary of State to determine what documents you will need to replace your title.

You will also need to pay a small fee for a duplicate title.

In some states, you can receive a new car title instantly.

Bottom Line

Title loans in Iowa could be your ultimate saving grace!

Be careful and be wise with all this information you now have. Title loans are not just something you instantly go for; you need to think about it.

Make sure they add up to your money, not empty them out. Nonetheless, we hope this helped you out with your finances!

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

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