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They outperform in terms of both customer service and providing a great loan that works for your budget. Keep it up Montana Capital and I will be back for sure!
Lloyd Daphne
17:11 09 Mar 21
I don’t make a loan decision without calling Montana first. I recommend them highly for any type of loan you need!
Monroe Vinson
14:47 09 Feb 21
The staff were amazing. I heard from a friend about this company and It's an absolute pleasure to work with each of them.
Ishani Henrrisl
05:32 13 Jan 21
I've to admit I didn't think I'll ever need car title loans but somehow I already got them twice.. But it's okay because Montana Capital came through for me and helped me. Call them👍🏻
Adam Brown
11:27 07 Sep 20
I have to admit I didn't think I'll ever need car title loans but somehow I already got them twice.. But it's okay because Montana Capital came through for me and helped me. Call them
Robert Sanderson
10:22 07 Aug 20
You'd think a bad credit score is like the worst thing that can happen to you but it's really not. First of all, I don't think it was my fault at all that my score got so bad - it was more of a miscommunication. But anyway, so long as I can get bad credit loans when I need them, all's good.
Joe Corby
08:52 19 Feb 20
Lizette ocampo
16:44 31 May 19
Ivan was amazing to work with. He helped make the process smooth and easy. I’ve done 2 title loans before with different lenders and this experience has by far been the best. Ivan was very kind and helped get me exactly the amount I needed. The entire process was very fast and I highly recommend Montana Capital to anyone interested in an auto title loan
Porus Jetli
21:35 29 May 19
Ivan was amazing to work with. He helped make the process smooth and easy. I’ve done 2 title loans before with different lenders and this experience has by far been the best. Ivan was very kind and helped get me exactly the amount I needed. The entire process was very fast and I highly recommend Montana Capital to anyone interested in an auto title loan
Porus Jetli
21:34 29 May 19
Adayne Harriott
20:46 24 May 19
Victor Ruelas
18:29 12 Feb 19
The customer service has always been Pleasant with me!
Dan Ramirez
18:26 08 Feb 19
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Billy Buchanan
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Car Title Loans in Toledo, Ohio: Requirements & How to Apply

Wondering about that car title loan craze, but can’t seem to find any good sources?

Are you still feeling confused and lost?

Are you preparing in case you may need one soon?

Look no further!

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know and more about car title loans in Toledo, Ohio — the basics, qualifications, requirements, and even some tips!

Once you are done, you’ll be able to evaluate if a title loan is for you or not.

Car Title Loans 101

A car title loan is a short-term secured loan that requires your vehicle title as collateral.

A borrower must be the OWNER of their car, free and clear.

How much cash you will be lent is determined by the car’s value and your ability to pay off the debt. It often ranges between 25%-50% of a car’s value.

This is intended primarily for individuals who have immediate cash needs or need funds paid quickly since they will be giving up the title of their car to a lender who lend money directly.

For example:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • House improvements
  • Tuition fees

That’s not all — you can actually keep your car and use it as usual, even if you’re under an auto title loan! t

How To Get Approved for Car Title Loans in Toledo, Ohio

Before we get into the loan process itself, let us first tell you what qualifying for one in Toledo, OH, actually entails.

Make sure you meet all standards below before you go on applying for Toledo title loans:

1. Car Equity

Simply put — this pertains to the financial ownership you have of your car.

Car title loans are all about car equity, and rightfully so.

You need to have car equity to get approved for a car title loan. The more worth you have, the bigger your chances of securing one.

Car equity is the difference between what your car is worth versus how much you still owe for it.

If you have not completed your payments yet, then they should be at least close to being paid off.

If you still have a long way to go on your payments, you might want to go ahead and get those done, or you may have to think twice before applying.

2. Source of Income

You need to have a verifiable source of income to get your loan approved in Toledo, OH.

No, this does not mean an actual job.

Simply providing proof that you will be able to pay off the amount borrowed is what is required.

Besides a salary, below are some other sources of income:

  • Social security
  • Government-issued funding
  • Tax documents

Additionally, you actually do NOT need a bank account when applying for a title loan in Toledo, OH.

3. Age

For loans in Toledo, applicants should be at least 18 years of age to secure a loan.

4. Vehicle Ownership

How are you supposed to loan off your car if you don’t actually own it?

The fact that you outright own your car is a must in order to borrow money through it.

You must have a clean title with your own name on it in Toledo, OH.

WARNING: Another individual CANNOT be the one to apply for one for you.

5. Vehicle Insurance

Lastly, it is important that your car is insured to protect all parties involved in the car title loan.

How to Apply for a Car Title Loan in Toledo, OH

If you meet all the previous qualifications we stated, what else are you waiting for?

You can now apply for loans in Toledo, OH, and we will guide you all throughout.

Don’t worry — this is just a fast loan process!

Step 1: Apply Online or via Phone

You can secure car title loans online!

Once you have a chosen title loan company, reach out to them through their website.

You will be able to start the loan application process by reaching out to them via their online application form or hotline.

Various title loan services have customer-centered service with excellent customer service, which usually leads to a positive loan experience.

They will ask you to provide the following details:

Car Information:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage

Personal Information:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Address

NOTE: Submitting your application means you express written consent that the business (preferably with a California Financing Law License) may contact you concerning your transaction.

Step 2: Pre-Approval

Once you’ve submitted all the requirements in Step 1, you will receive a notification from the title loan company regarding your pre-approved loan amount.

During this pre-approval stage, the loan agent will ask you a few more questions to qualify you for full approval on your desired loan amount.

It is also in this step wherein you will be required to provide below photos:

  • Driver’s License
  • Car Title
  • Actual Car Images

They usually have instant approval.

Step 3: Discuss With the Lender

If you meet the requirements, they will do their best to get you the loan approval by connecting you to the right lender based on your situation and preferences.

Yes, they’ve got a pool of lending partners to choose from.

Their job is to match you with a perfect lender to have the best rates, as lenders vary based on their requirements own interest rates.

We greatly advise you to learn more about your lender while discussing loan terms and conditions like the usual lenders’ interest rates.

Ask all the questions that may be running through your mind.

Step 4: Claim your Cash

Once you have a loan approved, everything is agreed on, and the necessary documents have been signed, you can now claim your cash in as fast as 1 business day!

Fortunately, most title loans companies in Toledo, OH, offer multiple ways for you to receive the cash.

In no time, you’ll have some money in your hands!

The Best Things About Car Title Loans in Toledo, OH

At this point, car title loans may already seem quite enticing, but they’ve actually got even more to offer!

#1 Low-Interest Payments

Typically, auto title loan interest rates start at 200%-400%. However, you may be able to score as low as 175% with the right title loans company offering competitive rates.

Other companies even drop their rates with every on-time monthly payment by as low as 32% compared to other lenders’ interest rates.

Yes, this means your payments could eventually turn out to be HALF OFF from when you started.

This is unusual as most would keep a consistent interest rate throughout the entirety of the title loan.

#2 No In-Person Vehicle Inspection

While some car title loans processes in other states send over a loan agent to inspect and test the vehicles, this does not apply to title loans in Toledo.

Here you can take photos of your car ON YOUR OWN! It’s that easy!

Simply snap some photos, upload them online for checking, and the loan proceeds to be processed and evaluated.

#3 No Pre-Payment Penalties

While there are rare instances where auto title loans companies surprise their applicants with hidden or surprise fees, find the best one that won’t.

If you can, you should be allowed to pay early or pay above the minimum loan amount without any prepayment penalties.

#4 Does Not Rely on Credit History

If you have a bad credit score, this will NOT directly affect your qualification for a title loan in Toledo, Ohio.

So yes, even if you have a bad credit score or low credit score, you may still be able to secure one as not all lenders require this.

#5 Improve Credit History

Be on time and consistent with your monthly payments in order for you to improve your credit history every month and even increase your credit score.

Don’t worry too much about that bad credit.

Contrary to popular belief, car title loans can allow you to re-establish bad credit to achieve a good credit history.

Good credit decisions may lead you to financial stability!

#6 Business As Usual

We’ve saved the best for last.

If you have title loans in Toledo, you can still use your car as if nothing happened.

This is what makes car title loans so attractive!

Title Loans Drawback to Watch Out for in Toledo, OH

Do you think it’s all too good to be true? You could be right.

There is one main disadvantage to car title loans as well.

#1 Repossession

As a borrower in Ohio, you will have to sign a security agreement that gives your lender the right to repossess your car if you fail to repay the loan on time.

When the lender repossesses a car, they must notify the borrower within 5 business days before taking the car. The borrower must therefore pay the various penalties.

Afterward, the lender must actually sell it. The proceeds from the transaction will pay off the loan.


Or else, say bye-bye to your precious vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Title Loans in Toledo, OH

We believe we’ve practically got you covered by now, but do enjoy the bonus information we included below:

Why Choose Auto Title Loans Over Traditional Bank Loans?

Car title loans have a much swifter and simpler process, plus more flexible requirements and basic documents than usual bank loans.

A traditional bank loan may also be considered unsecured since it does not require collateral.

In this case, your credit history will be a deciding factor.

That being said, title loans could be the best option for someone with bad credit.

What Are Other Loan Options?

Aside from title loans, you may have heard of other things like short-term cash loans, installment and payday loans.

It may get overwhelming, but there are multiple types of loans available in the market. Here are a few of them:

  • Tribal loans – Online payday loans from lenders from tribal land, a.k.a. tribal lenders
  • Small business loans – Typically small or large amounts that are used for business purposes
  • Service student loans – A loan wherein there is a middleman between the student and the federal government that lent money for college
  • Payday loans – Short-term, high-cost loans usually due on the borrower’s next payday

What Factors Determine a Car’s Equity?

Below are some vehicle factors that determine a car’s equity in Toledo, Ohio:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Modifications such as interior or exterior improvements
  • Overall condition

The more details you can provide, the more you can get!

Is My Data Safe?

Since everything can be done online now, when choosing your title loans company, make sure you go for a website that is REAL and SECURE.

Some companies use 128-bit encryption to protect all the information submitted to them online.

Keep your data safe by checking if the website has a padlock beside the website address in your browser bar to verify its security.

Aside from this, be aware if the title loans company requires more information than what’s needed to secure the loan.

Watch out for suspicious questions and provisions.

What Is a Short Term Loan Act?

In Ohio, there is something called the Short Term Loan Act.

This bans lenders from accepting a car title as collateral for a short-term loan.

However, title lenders work under Ohio’s Credit Service Organization (CSO) Act.

This requires registration and connection for establishments that offer credit repair, debt counseling, and related services.

The CSO Act states that a lender can issue a loan in form of a check or money order, then charges a cashing fee which is usually 3%-6% for each transaction.

A lender can also get a CSO license from the State, then act as a broker to help applications secure a title loan from a third party.

What Are Some Relevant Facts about Toledo, Ohio?

The normal median income in Toledo is USD39,113, with 27% living beneath the government destitution line.

On the other hand, its average family size is 3 persons, and the gross median monthly rent is USD699.

It’s no wonder why a considerable amount of people are looking at car title loans as potential solutions for their financial setbacks.

It’s Time Apply for Title Loans in Toledo, OH!

We know that all could’ve been overwhelming, but we believe you now have what it takes.

Think title loans are for you?

They are definitely a convenient and quick way to access cash FAST! Especially if you’ve got a car that you can use as an investment.

Keep in mind the qualifications, processes, and disadvantages we’ve laid out for you in case of emergencies or if the need arises.

(Although, of course, we hope you never have to in your life.)

Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for
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