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Title Loans in Parma , Ohio

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Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

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Sunny J.
I needed urgent cash when unforeseen medical bills arose. This company was discovered while searching for the top title loans in Parma. Their quick service and low prices gave me the financial respite I needed.
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Annie W.
I needed urgent cash when unforeseen medical bills arose. This company was discovered while searching for the top title loans in Parma. Their quick service and low prices gave me the financial respite I needed.
Obtaining the best online title loans through this service was a seamless and efficient process. The user-friendly online platform, fair terms, and quick approval made it a reliable choice for obtaining the financial assistance I needed by... leveraging my vehicle's title.read more
I needed urgent cash when unforeseen medical bills arose. This company was discovered while searching for the top title loans in Parma. Their quick service and low prices gave me the financial respite I needed. Thank you Montana Capital... Car Title Loans!read more
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Josephine B.
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Edna A.
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Jenifer R.
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Janie R.
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Edwin L.

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Car Title Loans in Parma

Curious about the process of getting car title loans in Parma?

You’re in the right place.

Here, we’ll tell you the entire loaning process as well as the requirements for obtaining car title loans. You’ll also learn all the crucial info you need to consider before applying for a title loan.

How Hard Is It to Apply for a Car Title Loan in Parma?

Obtaining an auto title loan in Parma, Ohio is NOT as difficult as getting money from banks.

The application process will take no more than a few days to finish. And you can actually RECEIVE the title loan amounts you requested within 24 hours of applying.

And the actual procedure is fairly straightforward too — there’s no need to wait for several hours sitting in the lobby just so you can submit all the documents you have gathered.

Even all the requirements are easy to prepare as well:

  • Proof of ability to repay the loan (could be pay stubs or bank account statements)
  • Proof of residency (with your name and current address)
  • Your vehicle as collateral
  • Photos of your vehicle
  • Free and clear vehicle title
  • Bank account and credit
  • A state-issued ID (you must be an Ohio resident)

Applying for Title Loans in Parma

And here is the typical process of applying for pink slip loans in Parma too:

  1. Fill out the application form first: What’s best about this is you can actually fill out the form completely ONLINE. And then you can simply bring it to the loan officer directly.
  2. Submit all requirements: You can hand the car title here along with the other requirements. And yes, you can submit them online too. But remember that it DEPENDS on the title lender if they offer an online transaction.
  3. Get ready for vehicle inspection: The title lenders may require photos of your vehicle, but that will not be enough. They will still do a thorough physical inspection since the loan amount you receive will HIGHLY depend on the equity value (EV) of your vehicle.
  4. Wait for the approval process: There’s literally nothing to do here. Whether you’re about to be given title loans or not, you just wait for them to contact you via call or email.
  5. Get your money: You get your cash as soon as you pass the verification stage. You will discuss the loan payment terms with the title lender afterward.
  6. Repay the loan: And all that’s left to do is to pay for the total loan amount you got which again, would depend on the collateral value of your car. But MIND the additional interest rates and more fees so you will not be surprised when paying for title loans.

5 Things to Consider Before Getting an Auto Title Loan

Does the title loan process seem to be too smooth for you? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself yet.

There are still several things you have to consider before you take out auto title loans. You don’t want your money savings to drain to zero at the end of the loan term after all.

1 – Don’t Be Unemployed!

Many title loan lenders in Parma will say that it is totally okay not to have a job in order to get cash.

But for us? We RECOMMEND the complete opposite. Because first of all, you will be approved of auto title loans faster if you can prove that you have the ability to pay the loan.

And this isn’t just as simple as showing a piece of paper to title loan officers.

You will need to prove you have an actual stable income that covers excess payments that might possibly be made in the future.

So you should THINK TWICE before you get title loans in Parma especially if you have…

  • Contract work
  • Part-time job
  • Or if you have NO work at all

What If You Are Self-Employed?

Rest assured, you can still get car title loans in Parma with this kind of job. But you’ll have to be in the same position for at least two years.

And the reason for this is because the title loan lenders usually inspect your preceding tax returns. This will tell if you can actually pay for the loan with enough cash/money within the loan term.

You will be in their BEST INTEREST if you have permanent employment with a stable income.

Also, you should take note they may also contact your employer for verification of your income. And that’s regardless of the job you have.

Now, you can also USE other sources of income if you want to get lenders to fully trust you.

These sources could be…

  • Your spouse’s income
  • Second job
  • Child support

2 – Make Sure You Have Good Credit

Lenders in Parma don’t typically check your credit score. But you have to be PREPARED for it, especially if you don’t have a strong source of income.

Like with a credit union or bank, you will be approved of car title loans much FASTER if you have a positive credit history.

And this is all because they will be able to see here how you EFFECTIVELY manage your money.

In the two most popular credit-scoring models…

  • Your score should be around 800-850 if you want to have an excellent background. But you can get away with it with as LOW as 670 in the FICO® Score.
  • And in VantageScore, you should have an exceptional background with 750-850 scores. But you can still pass the inspection even if you have a 650 score.

The higher your score, the better. But in any case, you should NOT have a score LOWER than 650.

Why is this important?

Because you’ll have a lower chance of getting loan proceeds if you have a poor credit score. A poor credit score typically indicates you have a great risk to default on the car title loan.

So you can’t really blame lenders if they don’t hand you the loan once they see your negative credit.

What can I do to get a loan despite having negative credit?

Well, the good news is you can still be approved for a car title loan EVEN if you have a poor credit history.

BUT! This is only possible if you can prove you can actually pay for car title loans at the end of the term.

So it would be BETTER for you if you can show them you have permanent employment plus an additional source of income.

3 – Know the Value of Your Vehicle Beforehand

You don’t need to necessarily know the exact formula for solving the equity value of your vehicle. But you should AT LEAST be familiar with the resale value of your vehicle on the market.

This is because the collateral value determines how much money you can borrow. You CANNOT borrow more than the value of your vehicle. Unless you’ve arranged some kind of negotiation with your lenders.

But still, lenders in Parma don’t usually just agree with this kind of bold request. Especially if you don’t have any proof that you can pay for that excessive amount of car title loan you’re asking for.

So if you want to borrow more cash…

You should mind the other things that affect the value of your vehicle too:

  • Overall condition of your car
  • Mileage
  • Brand and model
  • Car color
  • Modifications made
  • And service history

Take note that these could affect the collateral value either in a negative or positive way. So as an owner, you should DEFINITELY treat your car as if it’s newly bought if you want to take out more cash.

Now, you can rely on a car dealership to give you an ACCURATE appraisal of your car. They will inspect your car and compare it with other similar vehicles to get the precise collateral value of your car.

This will only take about 30 minutes so it’s totally worth checking out.

On the other hand, you can use some online appraisal tools if you don’t want to get out of your house. You should use Kelley Blue Book (KBB) as one trusted tool.

But remember it will only give you an estimation, NOT an actual value.

4 – Familiarize Yourself With Interest Rates in Parma

Similar to payday loans, car title loans also have a HIGH interest rate. So it’s definitely important you are familiar with this before you take out a car title loan.

Generally, the interest rate in Ohio falls around 300% a year. This means you get to pay an additional $250 on top of the title loan amount you requested.

And they could be as high as 28% per month. But don’t worry since that’s the CAP for short-term loans in Ohio.

Although you should be WARY of sketchy lenders that say they also offer “guaranteed” student loans or payday loans. If they start charging you MORE THAN 28%, that means they somehow got away with the strict Short-Term Loan Act.

And they could also be charging you EXCESSIVE…

  • Origination fees
  • Appraisal fees
  • Underwriting fees
  • Administration fees
  • Credit report fees
  • Processing fees

So your total payment for the car title loan could be WAY higher than it should be.

5 – Don’t Forget When You Have to Pay!

Now, you should keep in mind that the loan terms in Parma are usually within only 30 days. So you have to provide the COMPLETE payment for the car title loan within the deadline.

It’s also an important thing to remember since there will be HORRIBLE consequences if you cannot pay on time. And this is such as you could lose your car or be totally out of cash when the term ends.

In some cases, your lender may even renew or rollover your initial contract for the car title loan. However, this is a slippery slope since you would pay additional interest rates (and possibly more fees) for your loan.

So DON’T let your guard down just because you finally got the money you’re wishing for.


The title loan process may be as fast as a Ferrari… But the hardest part of taking out car title loans is proving you can actually give back the money you loaned.

And you should be scared if you can’t somehow pay them on time despite submitting all the strong evidence. Remember that the consequences of NOT paying within the deadline could be dreadful.

So our final tip for you: Make sure to remember all the things we have said if you want to obtain car title loans WITHOUT any issue.

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