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Title loans in Lafayette

In just a day, I was able to get my bad credit loan approved, which made it possible for me to pay off some debt. The customer service you provided was also excellent. Thank you so much!
Thelma Garcia
04:45 12 Nov 21
A smooth process for applications and approvals! My consultant kept in touch with me throughout the emergency loans in North Hollywood. My application was approved quickly with a very competitive interest rate.
Kevin Thompson Jr.
06:16 26 Oct 21
No matter how many issues I've encountered, they've always helped me, and have ensured that the loan process goes as smoothly as possible. This company gives personal loans for people with bad credit. You guys are great!
Guerrero Strong
17:47 29 Jun 21
They treat me like family I love the customer service here. I would recommend to anyone needing a quick payday loans.👍👍
valdez preston
16:35 03 Jun 21
Montana great to work with on our recent car title loans. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond, and very reliable. Highly recommend this company.
crystal estrada
22:59 26 May 21
As a first-time borrower, I anticipated that obtaining this loan would be extremely stressful. Obtaining a loan is never a pleasant experience, but it is what it is. Montana Capital Car Title Loans did an excellent job of calming me down and assisting me in making the best decision for my future. Thank you.👍
Aleena Angela
11:55 29 Apr 21
It's seriously impossible to find service as good as you get from Montana Capital Car Title Loans! They work with and for their customers to get you what you need. Truly amazing I fell in love with them!
Brynn Hammond
12:20 15 Mar 21
Montana Capital provided excellent communication and they guided us through our loan application every step of the way. They made it feel really easy.
Steven L. Moss
06:10 12 Feb 21
I was too upset to even think right when I applied for fast money from Montana Capital Car Title Loans. I guess I gave some goofy answers on the application, because Ramona called me right up to walk me through the process. She was super sweet and helpful.
Danny Echols
06:55 27 Dec 19
I gave 1 🌟 because Montana capital stressed me out I had to make my July payment in August due to me having to bury my son Montana capital did not understand I asked for and extension on my August payment and they still said I had to pay .I have became homeless do to me laying my son to rest.montana capital did not care .thanks Montana capital for really stressing me out doing the time of losing my son
Maria Moore
16:58 16 Aug 19
Best thing to do is sell your car and pay a new car and not them. I borrowed 6k. 3 years later I already paid them 11k and my balance is still 5300. How on the hell. Crazy. Theives they are super nice of course. They try to convince whatever it takes. Also if u must get it. Keep saying no thanks and they lower and lower the payment
Cesar Moreno
20:02 19 Apr 19
Best thing to do is sell it car and pay a new car and not them. I borrowed 6k. 3 years later I already paid them 11k and my balance is still 5300. How on the hell.
Cesar Moreno
19:43 19 Apr 19
This place is not worth it. You’ll loose a lot of money you gotta be completely desperate to take a car title loan out from this place. Example my aunt took out a 2600 loan paid over 5,000 she called to see how much she owed they said over 3,000 do the math folks is this really worth it hell no. I repeat go somewhere else that doesn't charge 2 arms and a leg in interest. How can you just be paying interest and no capital sh*t makes no since? I'm warning you people don't go here. And the people saying how great this place is, is lying 🤥 like a mf.
Joshua Freeman
19:48 15 Jan 19
This place is not worth it. You’ll loose a lot of money you gotta be completely desperate to take a car title loan out from this place. Example my aunt took out a 2600 loan paid over 5,000 she called to see how much she owed they said over 3,000 do the math folks is this really worth it hell no. I repeat go somewhere else that doesn't charge 2 arms and a leg in interest. How can you just be paying interest and no capital sh*t makes no since? I'm warning you people don't go here. And the people saying how great this place is, is lying ???? like a mf.
Joshua Freeman
19:47 15 Jan 19
Kyle is a great constomer service rep. He is alway there to help me on my payment is is friendly and prompt. What I really like about these guys is when I call, there is no wait time.
Max Morgan
20:02 26 Jul 18
Jonathan is the customer service rep that I always talk to. He always treats me nice and is fast and effectiant.
18:40 05 Jun 18
I needed fast cash due to my wife having a health issue. They got me the amount that I needed and the process was fast. No hold ups. When I call to make a payment I always ask for Jonathan and he is always friendly and assists me very professionally.
Joe Cheuvront
19:50 25 Apr 18
Excellent customer service, fast response.
cynthia rojas
21:01 14 Apr 18
Kiara made it really simple for me, having everything done in an record time, excellent costa service!
JuNiM RoSa
23:09 12 Apr 18
Very helpful. Nice and efficient.
Natasha John Powers
23:35 11 Apr 18
One person handles you professionally. His name is Kiel. Johnathan and Daniel are very rude and very unhelpful. Do not allow them to assist you. They are very unprofessional!
muriel jones
18:24 02 Apr 18
Great place when you are ready to do a title loan. Montana tells you to pay it off as quickly as possible so you do not incur too many payments, but if you have to make a loan, this is the place. Speak to Kyle F, he is the very best! Very professional, informative and very courteous and kind! Thank You Montana!
muriel jones
21:48 27 Mar 18
These people are criminals. The F.B.I. has a case on this company. If you have any information regarding your experience with Montana Capital Car Loans please respond with your information. Thank you.
Julius Schreck
22:07 26 Mar 18
Great customer service with Kiara, made my transaction very smooth and quick in about 1 hour.
Erica Hurtado
20:03 22 Feb 18
I deeply appreciate the help and kindness.I will refer people to get a Title Loan from Montana Capital.
Tammy Work
20:58 13 Oct 17
Simple and easy process very friendly and prompt, so far so good — better than other places no complaints
Elyce Hastings
18:00 21 Sep 17
Quick and friendly. Rates were better than other title loan companies I've tried. They were helpful and informative and processed my information in no time.
Rebecca Richardson
20:56 15 Apr 17
Great expeience. Very helpful staff! Easy process and it all can happen in the same day!
Lale Weier
23:20 27 Jan 17
These people were fast with the decision process and very polite. Everything above board would recommend to anyone.
Al Delarosa
18:48 19 Dec 16
Joel and staff provided friendly, efficient service... Everything was explained clearly to me and my questions were answered in a professional manner..I would highly recommend using them if you need to .... Note: Loan isn't cash, it is a Bank of America check. Not a big deal to me, but maybe to you.
Life With Mrs Clark
22:41 10 Sep 15
Kira helped me in April 2014. I needed quick help. The interest rate was high...but as a business man, I understand their exposure to risk. I did the loan. It was quick once verifications were complete (same day/several hours) and I was on my way in my car with check in hand. Best to pay off this loan quickly knowing a chunk of $ is coming in to you to clear the loan...otherwise the burden of monthly payments at high interest could be overwhelming if stretched out. Montana reps tell you this...they are upfront, friendly and professional. If you are at a place of 'last resort'...then do business with Montana! I may use them again, soon, as a quick 'bridge loan' and pay them off quickly, as before. This is the BEST way to do it. Ron
Ron Vale
23:35 12 Jul 14
It's tough when you're stuck with limited options for a quick loan. If your only option is a car title loan, this is an honest place with nice people who will work with you. The place is in an industrial area, but the offices are clean. The people here are well organized and friendly. They can set up automatic monthly payments. They are quick to answer their phones too.
Erica Fleming
19:39 29 Jan 14
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Title Loans in Lafayette: Everything You Need to Know

Title loans are among the most popular cash loans out there for getting quick money for urgent situations.

In this article, we’ll be looking into the inner workings, plus all other important questions you might have about title loans!

If you live in Lafayette, Indiana, and are looking for how to apply for title loans, you’ve come to the right place!

Title Loans, Defined

A title loan is a short-term loan, usually with high-interest rates, that you receive when you provide any property in exchange for cash.

There are numerous kinds of title loans, but arguably the most popular version is a car loan, where car value is the MAIN FACTOR.

There are places across the country that have title lending agencies and lenders, including Indiana & nearby states, and among them is Lafayette!

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

The borrower is responsible for providing acceptable property as collateral to make up for the risk of loan default.

A common example of this is vehicle title loans, where you provide your vehicle & title.

You might be considering loaning off one of your classic cars and its vehicle title in exchange for cash, so the best thing to do is negotiate with a loan representative for a car title loan.

When you get the loan amounts in return, the only condition is to pay it back within the given term limit.

Title loans have long been considered a perfect emergency cash solution for personal and household purposes, and in most states like Indiana, they should only be considered such.

Applying for a Title Loan in Lafayette, Indiana

Now that we’ve covered the basics of car title loans, we’ll need to answer the next question, “How do you apply for a title loan?”

Thankfully, we’ve got a comprehensive list of exactly that!

Let’s take a look at our step-by-step guide on applying for title loans in Lafayette, Indiana!

Step 1: Go to a Lafayette Agent to Apply for a Title Loan

To apply for a title loan in Lafayette, you may first reach out to a loan agent that offers services related to auto title loans by visiting their location nearby.

You can also apply online, as there are plenty of online-only auto title loan services nowadays, or contact a lender directly over the phone.

  • Car title lenders operate differently from one another, some offering a streamlined process and others with more traditional procedures that could take up to a few more hours in a day or more.

Upon application, you may be asked or redirected to fill out the form with details such as:

  • Basic personal information (your full name, number, and e-mail address)
  • General equity in a vehicle (brand, model, year, and mileage)
  • Your employment status and income details.

You may also be asked follow-up questions regarding your application details and qualifying vehicle; answer these and the rest truthfully!

Once that’s settled, wait for a pending review of whether you’re qualified for loan approval and how much cash you can get based on the lender’s credit criteria.

Step 2: Prepare the Required Documents for Submission

After the conditional approval has been greenlit by the Lafayette title loans agent of your choice, the next thing is to submit all the required documents for verification.

Most Lafayette auto title loan lenders may ask you to bring any of the following important documents, such as:

  • Your car – During an in-store visit, the lender may take a closer look at the details of your vehicle and may then review if they are accurate.
    • Most title loan lenders may allow you to apply online with all the info about your car without having to go onsite – you may send detailed photos, including the VIN, plate number, etc.
  • A qualifying car title – The clear title copy must be registered within the state of Indiana under the borrower’s name.
  • Your government-issued or state-issued photo ID – This includes your driver’s license.
  • Proof of Indiana residency – This includes any verifying document to prove you are a resident of Lafayette/Indiana, such as a previous monthly bill, lease agreement, etc.
  • Income proof or employment status – Any form, including previous paychecks from your employer, tax statements, etc., may be acceptable.
  • References – These can be either personal or professional and may even live far away from Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Bank account information (optional) – Some lenders may send the loan amounts directly to your account.
  • Car insurance proof and registration (optional) – Other lending agencies may require you to verify if you are currently enrolled in a car insurance plan.

While it’s not wrong to bring in any of the documents onsite to a Lafayette lender, you may apply online and send digital copies of your documents.

You may also opt to send them through fax, print, or text.

TIP: Having all your documents ready before applying for an auto title loan will surely guarantee you faster approval in just under 60 minutes!

Step 3: Get Cash Instantly!

Once all the documents have been verified, you’ll receive the final approval of your title loan application, which means you can finally get your cash!

But before that, you may need to sign an agreement contract with terms and conditions first before proceeding to claim your loan.

The whole process takes up to 60 minutes it’s just that fast!

There are plenty of ways to claim the loan money, such as:

  • Money transfer services
  • Mail-in checks
  • Wire transfer
  • Specialized money apps
  • Direct deposit to your provided bank account
  • In-person pickup within or beyond Lafayette, Indiana

Now that you have the cash to use for urgent financial situations, the last step is to pay back to the Lafayette title loan provider within a given timeframe.

Most lenders encourage consumers to pay early to avoid any additional charges that may accumulate over time, but in the end, when you’re going to repay the car title loan is up to you.

Benefits of Online Title Loans in Lafayette, Indiana

Plenty of Lafayette residents find convenience in this service, with some saying even more than the traditional in-store visit!

You may be surprised to find out there are a lot of benefits when it comes to applying for title loans online!

  1. With just a tap, you can do all of that with easy-to-use interfaces and quick tools that guarantee a fast, streamlined process!
  2. You don’t need to go onsite most of the time, which means you can apply online anywhere and anytime, within Lafayette and beyond!
  3. Applying for a loan online may get more financial advantages like high approval rates, low monthly payments, flexible loan terms, and superior service.

Some providers offer loans with no hidden fees, and even others may let you refinance your loan.

However, you must keep in mind that most providers of online title loans are NOT lenders themselves but rather referral services that work with licensed lenders.

They cannot make any credit decisions nor service student loans and other cash loans, unlike other certified Lafayette title loan providers.

Pros and Cons of Car Title Loans

Let’s go over the pros and cons of title loans to see if they are the solution for you.


As mentioned earlier, title loans have a lot of advantages.

  1. Title loans provide an alternative route for people who may have a poor credit history or no credit history – anyone with a bad credit score is welcome!
  2. For others who may find themselves drained by the bank loan process, title loans are hassle-free thanks to lenient requirements and commitments, plus the process takes just a few easy steps!
  3. Title loan applications can take up to as fast as one hour – one of the reasons why it’s among the most popular financial methods!
  4. And to top it all off, you get to keep the money, AND still be able to drive your car wherever you please!

While car title loans may sound great and all and may have gained plenty of positive reception, you would still need to take it with a grain of salt.


Title loans, like everything else, have a list of cons aside from the pros.

  1. You might have to watch out for hidden fees, which might be included upon payment without ever knowing it.
  2. If you’re thrifty or working on a low-income job, repaying the loan is going to be more challenging and costly.
  3. Getting a title loan should not always be considered a long-term solution as it’s only designed for urgent situations.
  4. And, worst-case scenario: If you fail to pay back within the given period, you may lose full ownership of the vehicle to the lender.

Manage your finances well, pay on time, and you should be fine!

Loan Amounts, Rates, and More in Lafayette, Indiana

Maximum and minimum loan amounts vary by state, and in Indiana, their government has its own set of rules and regulations regarding title loans.

  • The minimum loan amount starts at $100, with the maximum up to $500.
  • The maximum annual percentage rate (APR) or a yearly interest rate is capped at 36.00%.
  • The maximum loan term or the allotted period of repayment is 14 days.

Failure to repay the amount, including the interest rate, within the period could result in the lender taking full ownership of the car, per Indiana’s repossession laws.

However, as stated by those laws, title loan lenders may also be given the right to extend the repayment time in negotiation with the borrower.

Loan Proceeds and How It Affects the Total Loan Amount

Depending on any title loan lenders in Lafayette, Indiana, you may either be given the ACTUAL loan amount or a little less than that.

Suppose you’re given an amount that’s significantly less than what you were promised.

In that case, it’s likely due to loan proceeds, which are intended primarily to pay off any remaining closing fees before you could even receive the claim.

Questions About Car Title Loans in Lafayette, Indiana

Do you have other questions about auto title loans in Lafayette, Indiana? We’ve compiled the most important ones right here!

Are Title Loans Legal in Lafayette, Indiana?

Car title loans in Lafayette, Indiana, are technically ILLEGAL on a Federal scale.

Despite this, it is still possible to get them thanks to regulations established by The Truth in Lending Act and other Indiana state laws that focus on consumer protection.

In the same vein, Lafayette & Indiana title lenders must be licensed to ensure legitimacy and customer trust.

When Is the Best Time to Use Title Loans?

Since Lafayette and other Indiana territories allow title loans only for emergency purposes, they are best used in any of the following situations:

  1. For instant cash to meet the payment needs (bills, utilities, etc.)
  2. As an alternative for people with a bad credit score, for those with a really bad credit score or an overall poor credit history, title loans offer solutions so easy; you don’t need to go through a credit check!
  3. To repay any smaller loan or debt, like payday loans or credit card debts.

What Factors Do Lafayette Title Loans Services Look Into?

Providers of title loans in Lafayette, Indiana, usually look into at least two major factors when approving applicants for auto title loans.

  1. The first involves the general equity in a vehicle, identified by the mileage, make, model, year, and overall condition.
  2. The other factor is for the applicant to demonstrate ability to pay back the loan; how much income they have will also affect the funding time allowed to repay the amount.

Some borrowers may have a higher income and be able to pay back in a shorter amount of time.

Meanwhile, others with lower incomes may take longer than the given grace period, in which case, paying through installments might come into play.

Can  Lafayette Title Loan Providers Let the Unemployed Apply for a Car Title Loan?

Yes! Lafayette lenders may allow title loans for unemployed or disabled people.

Car title lending is also available for people with non-traditional jobs that produce varying amounts of income, such as freelancing.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Lafayette Auto Title Loans?

The consumer qualifies for an auto title loan in the Lafayette, Indiana, if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are 18 years old and above
  • A resident of Indiana
  • Have at least a driver’s license
  • Are employed or producing income
  • Proven to be the sole and legal owner of the vehicle and its title.

Alternatives to Car Title Loans

Auto title loans in Lafayette help when it comes to emergencies where extra cash is needed.

But did you know there are other ways out there that work the same as title loans?

  • You may look into other short-term unsecured loans such as a personal loan (a bank loan based on credit score) and a payday loan (used to cover expenses until the next payday)
  • Credit card cash advance is slightly more expensive than title loans, but treat it like any short-term loan, and you’re good to go.
  • You may also try out asking for money from your family and close friends that may help you in times of need.
  • And lastly, among the most popular alternatives is selling items and property you may no longer need through either an online listing or a garage sale.


Auto title loans have proven to be simple, fast, and reliable in attending to urgent needs.

Thankfully, everything in Lafayette, Indiana, is within your reach!

But be careful! Because one wrong step could lead you to more problems beyond your control, it’s best if you play your cards right.

We hope you’ve learned from our comprehensive guide and that we’ve encouraged you enough to look for the best title loans in Lafayette today!

What are you waiting for? Apply for a car title loan now!

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