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Title Loans in Edmond , Oklahoma

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Title Loans up to $50,000


Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

I found the FAQ section of this loan service to be incredibly informative and helpful in answering all my questions. It provided clear & concise explanations, making the entire loan process much easier to understand and navigate.
Cole A.
Cole A.
Having an older car didn't stop me from getting help when I needed it. The fact that this loan provider will give title loans for vehicles more than ten years old shows that getting the money you need doesn't depend on your age. An... affordable option for owners of vintage cars.read more
Joseph B.
Joseph B.
Navigating the loan process was a breeze thanks to the clear and comprehensive FAQ section provided by this service. The detailed answers and user-friendly format made it easy to understand the terms and requirements, ensuring a smooth... experience from start to finish.read more
Roberto S.
Roberto S.
Sometimes life is unpredictably unpredictable, and you might need to take out a fast loan. I got in touch with this company right then and there. They provide the services I require while adhering to a straightforward process. Thanks a lot... Montana Capital Car Title Loans!!read more
Thaina B.
Thaina B.
Life can be unpredictable at times, and you may need to borrow money quickly. Exactly at that time, I contacted this business. They followed a simple procedure, and they provided the services I need.
Lucas M.
Lucas M.
When you need financial help, you want trustworthy title loan lenders. This company delivered on their promise, and the process was transparent.
Philip F.
Philip F.
As one of the top car title loan lenders in the area, this company made the process very straightforward. I used my car title as collateral and got the funds I needed deposited directly into my account.
Dana A.
Dana A.
I stumbled upon title loans provider in my area when I needed funds for my car repair. Their customer service was exceptional, guiding me through the loan process with ease. Quick and efficient service!
Jill G.
Jill G.
I was seeking loans with a car title as collateral and fortunately found this loan company. They understood the value of my car and offered loan options that allow me to use my car title as collateral.
Brenda L.
Brenda L.
This loan company provided me with invaluable financial support despite my negative credit history. Their understanding of my unique predicament enabled me to obtain a short-term loan. I'm truly appreciative for their assistance in this... difficult period.read more
Dolores C.
Dolores C.
Despite having bad credit, this loan company helped me secure a short-term loan. They understood my situation and provided me with the financial support I needed. I'm grateful for their assistance.
Charlotte M.
Charlotte M.
The loan company direct lenders provided me with the funds I needed to start my business. They were quick, easy to work with, and provide loan with bad credit. I am very happy with their service.
Isabelle R.
Isabelle R.
The online payday loans provided by Montana Capital Car Title Loans are very convenient and easy to use. I was able to get the money I needed in a very short amount of time, and the process was very straightforward. I would definitely... recommend this service to anyone in need of quick, easy, and convenient loans.read more
Brenda D.
Brenda D.
I contacted this loan firm when I needed a quick loan to pay for some unexpected expenses. They were very professional and helped me through the entire process. I was able to get my neighborhood title loan quickly and easily, and I would... definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a loan.read more
Nora P.
Nora P.
I got myself availed of home title loan from their loan company. The loan company is a registered and well-known financial institution in the state where I reside. I am a frequent user of their services and have always found them to be... very helpful. This time too, they did not disappoint me. The whole process was very smooth and hassle-free. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of quick and easy financial assistance.read more
Parswan R.
Parswan R.
I wholeheartedly advise anyone in need of prompt, dependable financial aid to use this loan organisation. The staff was incredibly helpful throughout the procedure, which was pretty simple. My loan application was swiftly granted, and I... soon received the money. For any future loan requirements, I will most certainly go back to this organisation.read more
Cristy C.
Cristy C.
I found the title loan online service to be very helpful. The loan company provided me with the funds I needed in a timely manner and I was able to repay the loan without any issues. I would recommend this service to anyone in need of... quick financial assistance.read more
Aiyana D.
Aiyana D.
Our cash loan was processed smoothly and we were able to close within a 3 week period. There were no surprises, and communication was excellent.
Alberta R.
Alberta R.
This is our second time working with Montana Capital Car Title Loans. They are quick to answer questions and didn't mind the many different offers we put int until we found the right loan amount for us.
Joseph H.
Joseph H.
This is a convenient and efficient way to get some loans quickly. It's best for short term since the interest rate is higher than traditional loans. The whole process was easy. I really appreciate all of their work and communication. They... explain everything thoroughly which is what I needed! Thanks!read more
Eric P. P
Eric P. P
When my parents wanted to get a loan but didn't know where to go, I sent them over to Montana Loans. They were real happy with the service they got. I would happily and honestly recommend Montana. Thank you so much for the assistance.
Ching C.
Ching C.

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Car Title Loans in Edmond: Your One-Stop Shop for Quick Cash

You are probably reading this because you are low in cash and do not have many options to get money.

One great way to solve that financial problem is to obtain a car title loan in Edmond, Oklahoma!

There’s NO NEED to be intimidated by long lines and complicated procedures because car title loans are effortless, quick, and hassle-free.

What Is So Great About Car Title Loans?

A car title loan or auto title loan is a short-term loan wherein lenders use your car title as collateral to secure your debt.

One advantage of getting car title loans is that you can still drive your car around during the ongoing loan application.

You see, lenders only temporarily hold the title of your vehicle, but you still have the freedom to use your auto and go to the store to get some groceries.

Another advantage is that auto title loans appeal to people with poor credit! Lenders do not usually conduct a credit check before approving the loan.

Yes, you do not need to worry about your credit score. Because even with poor credit, you can still be qualified to apply for car title loans.

If you are still not convinced, one upside of pink slip loans is that you do not need a bank account to apply! As long as you can show proof of income, you can apply anytime.

What Do I Need to Apply for Car Title Loans Here in Edmond?

Here are the usual requirements in applying for car title loans here in Edmond, Oklahoma:

  • Valid government-ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • A car title registered under your name free from any lien

Why Do I Need to Show These Requirements?

You need to show the previously mentioned basic requirements to establish information such as your identity, ability to pay back the money borrowed, and vehicle ownership.

Lenders needed such documents to get information about the borrowers and to check their credibility.

For instance, a valid government-issued ID is required because Title Loans in Oklahoma law states that borrowers must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible.

You also need to prove that you are a resident of Edmond. This is to protect the lenders in case there is a default in payment.

If you cannot pay in time, a lender can go to your address and have your car repossessed.

Do I Need to Be Employed to Qualify for Car Title Loans?

No! Although employment is ideal to prove a stable income, you do not need to be employed to qualify for auto title loans.

You can also show proof of income through other kinds of benefits like alimony, retirement benefits, child support, or any source where you can get money.

How Does the Application Process in Title Loans Work?

The title loan process is straightforward and convenient. First, you have the option to apply physically or online.

If you apply online, you can contact any loan officer for your loan to be pre-approved. You can submit the documents online via email.

However, your vehicle will be subjected to service inspection. Thus, you still need to come to the physical store for your car to be inspected.

Physical application is also hassle-free. It only takes at least 15 minutes, and you can get your cash on the same day.

If you prefer a physical inspection, you can talk to our loan officers for any questions and discuss the loan terms. We will gladly help you and be of service.

Other Questions to Consider

Can I Still Apply for a Title Loan in Edmond Even if My Vehicle Has Pre-Existing Lien?

Unfortunately, you can not. It is an essential and indispensable condition for the loan application that your vehicle be free from liens and encumbrances.

This ensures that the loan officer has a sole claim over the vehicle in case of repossession. They do not need another lender or creditor fighting for the possession of your car!

How Much Can I Borrow in Applying for Title Loans in Oklahoma?

In Edmond, the maximum loan amount you can borrow is $500, while the minimum loan amount is $100.

The loan amounts lent to you also depend on the value of your vehicle. A lender may also base the loan proceeds on the value indicated in the Kelley Blue Book.

How High Can a Lender Fix Their Interest Rates?

Generally, title loans have interest rates fixed up to 25%. In Oklahoma, the MAXIMUM APR rate can go as high as 360.00%

However, in Edmond, you can pay for your title loan within 12-45 days, depending on the loan terms.

You might think that the interest is high, but the duration to pay is brief.

That is common for a title loan because a lender takes advantage of the high interest to ensure the high risk it takes to borrow their cash even if you have poor credit.

What Happens if I Cannot Pay on Time?

If you cannot pay on time, the loan company may use their security and repossess your auto. After repossession, they will sell the vehicle and apply the proceeds of the sale to your loan.

Conclusion: The Edge and Burdens of Obtaining a Title Loan

If all of the newly found information above does not convince you, maybe this list of pros and cons will!


  • Applying for title loans is quick and hassle-free.
  • You can get your cash on the same day.
  • Title loans do not discriminate against people without bank accounts.
  • You can drive your car around Edmond during the period of the loan.


  • Title loans have high rates of interest by nature.
  • Duration to pay is short despite the high interest.
  • Title loans are illegal in Edmond.
  • Risk of losing your vehicle if you cannot pay the money you borrowed on time.

The best perk of title loans is that you can borrow the money you need without waiting for a bank service to make credit decisions.

They do not require employment and having a bank account as a condition to apply for a loan. Hence, almost everyone who is at least 18 years old with a vehicle title can apply.

You can also get your money hassle-free!

The downside of title loans in Edmond is the high rates of interest with a short period to pay.

Since it only provides for a MAXIMUM OF 45 DAYS to pay back your debt, the risk of losing your auto is higher.

Everything in life has two sides. That includes title loans. As long as you can pay on time, you do not need to worry about the risk!

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Have a bad credit score?
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