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Title Loans in Chesapeake , Virginia

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Title Loans up to $50,000


Montana Capital Car Title Loans Reviews

Having negative credit might be a barrier when trying to get financial assistance. However, this institution offered bad credit loans as a solution. After reasonable terms were decided upon, the approval procedure proceeded quite rapidly.
Mary Y.
Mary Y.
When looking for financial help, having bad credit can be an obstacle. But this lender provided a workaround in the form of bad credit loans. Fair terms were agreed upon, and the approval process moved along rather quickly.
Victor B. W.
Victor B. W.
Having poor credit can be a roadblock when seeking financial assistance. However, this loan company offered a solution with poor credit loans. The terms were fair, and the approval process was surprisingly quick.
kyle M.
kyle M.
Montana Capital Car Title Loans exceeded my expectations when I needed to borrow money urgently. The process was smooth, and their team was both professional and understanding, making a stressful situation much more manageable. Highly... satisfied with their service!read more
Emanuele S.
Emanuele S.
I had a salvage title and assumed I wouldn't be able to get an auto loan. Montana Capital Car Title Loans proved my assumption incorrect! Their salvage title auto loans service quickly got me back on the road. Thank you Montana Capital Car... Title Loans!read more
Michael W.
Michael W.
I had a salvage title and thought I wouldn't qualify for an auto loan. Montana Capital Car Title Loans proved me wrong! Their salvage title auto loans program got me back on the road in no time.
Maureen T.
Maureen T.
This loan organization made it easy and fast to secure a 2nd lien car title loan. I was able to receive the necessary funds while still utilizing my vehicle. The staff were very supportive during the whole process, which was... straightforward.read more
Sherri P.
Sherri P.
I can't thank this loan company enough for their timely help! Availed a monthly installment loan, and they went above and beyond to assist me during a financial crunch. The team was understanding and guided me through the application... process with utmost patience.read more
Sylvia O.
Sylvia O.
I was able to make progress in developing my business thanks to the commercial title pawn I obtained from this reputable loan company. They had a full appreciation of the distinct requirements of commercial enterprises and gave me the... necessary financial backing.read more
Irene J.
Irene J.
This loan company provided me with a car title loan with fantastic terms when I needed immediate money. They offered a 24-hour service, so I always got the money I needed when I needed it.
Darlene P.
Darlene P.
When I needed quick cash, this loan company offered me a car title loan with excellent terms. Their 24-hour service ensured that I received the funds I needed promptly.
Celia M.
Celia M.
I had a great experience with Montana Capital Car Title Loans. The process was quick and easy, and the staff was very professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a loan.
Marie H.
Marie H.
When I was in a tough spot, I found a great neighborhood title loan office that was able to help me out. The process was fast and easy, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
Cory B.
Cory B.
I was in a tough spot financially and a friend recommended that I go to a title pawn place. I was so worried about the interest rates and the fees, but the staff at this loan company was so professional and explained everything to me. I... was able to get the money I needed and pay it back without any problems.read more
Gladys G.
Gladys G.
I am so glad I found this loan company! I was struggling to make ends meet and my car was my only asset. I am now able to get a title loan on my car and I don't have to worry about losing my car. This company has helped me get back on my... feet and I am very grateful.read more
Erin S.
Erin S.
They were so professional and helpful in giving payday title loans when I wasn't feeling too confident with my financial situation last year. They're also a really good option for people who need cash fast and don't have a bank account! I... recommend them greatly!read more
Yannick D.
Yannick D.
I literally can not believe my application was accepted in under three minutes! Never again will I waste my time visiting a car title loan office. This business is close to me and offers excellent title loan services online.
Susan G.
Susan G.
These people are great and fast. I never thought I'd be able to get a loan at such a short notice but these guys were amazing. I found them when Googled, " title loans near me open now," and I thank this company for being proactive and... approving my loan instantly. Thanksread more
Mattie P.
Mattie P.
The loan company provided me with the financial assistance I needed to purchase a new commercial truck. The process was quick and easy, and I was able to get the funds I needed in a timely manner. I would recommend the loan company to... anyone in need of financial assistance.read more
Julia R
Julia R
Thank you for helping me with a quick loan approval! The staff is very cooperative and guided me throughout the loan approval process. I got cash transferred into my bank account on the very same day.
Claudia B.
Claudia B.
I had a great experience getting my title loan without vehicle present approved by these people. Their services and customer service skills are superior to those of their competitors in the market.
Vicki C.
Vicki C.

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How to Apply for Car Title Loans in Chesapeake, Virginia

Car title loans are simpler than you think. You can apply online and get approved within a day!

If you need quick cash for emergencies, you can get a car title loan in Chesapeake, VA.

We’re here to show you everything you need to get started!

How to Get a Car Title loan in Chesapeake, Virginia

Car title loans are auto title loans, payday loans, or pink slip loans.

Like short-term loans, they have high-interest rates and risks attached.

  • You use your car title as collateral for the lenders.
  • Once you’ve set terms with your lender, you have to pay back the loan or risk repossession.

In general, this is how car title loans work in all states where they’re legal.

However, they work a little differently in Chesapeake, VA!

#1 Gather Information About Car Title Loans in Chesapeake

You must do your research before diving into title loan services.

We’ve compiled all the necessary information about Chesapeake title loans for you at the end of this guide.

You can choose to jump there for the necessary car title loan information you need in Chesapeake or finish this how-to guide first.

#2 Prepare the Required Documents

The required documents vary with different lenders, but you can expect to provide the following:

  • Personal information (your name and address, for instance, documented in an ID)
  • Contact information (phone numbers and emails)
  • Financial information or proof of income
  • Proof of residency (bills and other documents that prove your address)
  • Car details
  • Car insurance
  • Vehicle title
  • Vehicle photos

What If I Don’t Have a Title?

You might want to get a title loan, but you don’t have the title itself on you.

Don’t worry. It is still possible to get a title loan without the car title.

However, you need to be upfront with the lenders you meet to discuss your options.

What If I Can’t Provide Proof of Income?

Some borrowers may be unemployed, self-employed, or own a business. Lenders understand this!

Proof of income is required, so lenders know you have the financial capability when you’re paying off the loan.

You can substitute bank statements, business documents, and other financial information to prove that you have money inflow for the loan payment when the time comes.

So, if you can’t provide proof of income, you can still have a chance of getting a title loan!

#3 Look For A Lender or Loaning Company Based In Chesapeake, Virginia

Title loan companies are everywhere in Chesapeake, VA. From the Indian River to Airline Blvd, you’re bound to find lenders willing to process your loan application.

Can I Apply Online?

Yes, you can!

If you can’t make an appearance at a loaning company in person, you can call up a lender or apply online.

Plus, if you apply online:

  • You skip the commute
  • No need for lines
  • Directly speak to a lender based in Chesapeake.

It’s convenient and hassle-free!

#4 Submit Your Documents and Wait for Approval

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, submit them to a lender of your choosing. Instant approval is rare, so you will have to wait for your application to be approved.

The lender will take every piece of information you provide into consideration.

Does My Credit Score Matter with Car Title Loans?

It depends! You have a chance of getting a title loan whether you have good or bad credit score.

If You Have Good Credit…

You do have a better chance of getting pre-approved if you have a good credit score. You can also get more deals and discounts.

If You Have Poor Credit…

You can still get a title loan in Chesapeake, VA!

Some lenders don’t perform credit checks when you apply for a personal loan. In the long run, your credit score won’t matter.

However, some lenders do perform credit checks. There will be an instance where a credit check and a poor credit score won’t affect the title loan itself.

You’ll have to be wary of a credit check happening. There are times when even just a credit check will have an impact on your credit score, even if it’s not used for the loan application.

Does My Car’s Condition Matter?

Yes, your car’s condition does matter. After all, it’s what a lender will base the value of your title loan off.

If you remember the requirements we listed above, we included your vehicle photos. Title loan companies may need this to assess the value of your car.

They can do an in-person inspection.

In the case of online title loans, they may ask for the photos and other details.

  • Include the make, model, and year of your vehicle.
  • Add in mileage and any car insurance information as well.
  • Both the exterior and interior of your vehicle should be in good condition. That means there should be no scratches or dents outside the vehicle, and the interior should be free of any holes or rips!
  • If you do upgrades on your vehicle, make sure to include those details. Even a new paint job on your car can bump up the money you get from the title loan.

What About Equity?

Equity may play a part in how your loan will be approved. Check if you have monthly payments left!

If you’re in a negative equity position, you may not be able to go through the loan process.

#5 Get Your Cash!

Once you’re approved, you can get your fast cash!

Some lenders will give you your money on the same day. However, another lender may decide to take a business day or two, so they can process your loan.

You can either pick up the money or have the lenders direct deposit to your bank account. 

Yes, all of this can happen on the same day that you file an auto title loan and get approved for it.

This is the fun part! Now that you’ve received the cash you needed, you can attend to your emergencies.

And don’t worry – yes, you will get to keep your vehicle for the loan period. You’re only giving the lender the title as collateral. You aren’t selling your car or having a lender hold it for you.

How Much Is The Minimum Loan Amount I Can Receive?

In Virginia, you can only receive loan money that is 50% of the car value.

Make sure you adjust your expectations!

After you get your cash, you’re now bound to repay the lender. If they repossess your car, they’ll sell it, keep the amount of your loan, then give you the surplus.

You can have someone appraise your vehicle before using it as collateral for auto title loans.

Chesapeake, VA and Car Title Loans: Everything You Need to Know

Curious how title loans work in Chesapeake, Virginia?

We’ve saved you the time and hassle of having to research.

Everything you need to know about Chesapeake title loans can be read below:

Virginia’s State Corporation Commission Will Play a Role in Your Title Loans

The State Corporation Commission of Virginia regulates all business and economic affairs. They’ve also drawn up some terms you and your lender must stick to throughout the loan process.

First, a written agreement must be in order.

The written agreement will cover the terms and risks of getting an auto title loan. Both of you must be legal adults, and there must be no hidden fees attached.

This way, both you and the lender are protected.

Title Loans in Chesapeake, Virginia Have Set Time Periods

In Chesapeake, Virginia, loans can last from 120 days to a year. It cannot be any shorter or longer than that!

This time period is a step-up from other states’ loan terms. You have to pay the loan back within 30 days in other states.

As a result, most people roll over their loans. They pay off the interest, but the principal remains unchanged.

You Cannot Extend, Renew or Roll Over Your Title Loans in Chesapeake

With the generous loan term that Chesapeake, Virginia offers, it makes sense that renewals, roll-overs, and extensions aren’t allowed.

You have to pay back your loan within four months to a year. You can opt to do this via monthly payments!

If you can’t pay off your title loan within this set time period, your car will be repossessed.

Early Repayments Have No Penalties

However, you might have the opposite problem. Instead of taking a lot of time to finance your loan, maybe you’re able to pay it off earlier than you realized.

With other short-term loans, early payments have penalties. This isn’t the case with loans in Chesapeake, VA!

You can choose to lower your interest rates by paying early. No strings attached.

Interest Rates Are Set in Advance for Title Loans

For title loans in Chesapeake, Virginia, the competitive rates are set according to the range of cash you’re borrowing:

  • Expect an interest rate of 22% per month for loans up to $700
  • Expect an interest rate of 18% per month for loans between $701 to $1400
  • Expect an interest rate of 15% per month for loans $1400 and above

At the very least, you’ll be able to calculate the amount of your loan with the set interest rate!

Repossession Won’t Happen Right Away

If you do end up not paying off your loan within the set time period, your car will still be in your ownership.

The lender will give you a 15-day notice to start paying for your loan. If you can complete the money needed for the title loan, you get to keep your car!

The Benefits of Auto Title Loans in Chesapeake

Title loans have slowly been rising in popularity for the past years.

If you’re still on the fence about getting title loans for yourself, let’s discuss the main benefits below:

#1 Ultra-Fast Processing Time

Compared to traditional loans from a bank or credit union, auto title loans can quickly process your application.

As long as you have a few things in order, you can even get the money you need on the same day! Just have your personal, financial, and vehicle information ready to submit.

It’s extremely convenient when you’re in a tight spot and need the loan amount immediately. Any other financial institution can and will drag its feet to fund your short-term loan, but title loans make it easier.

#2 Just About Anyone Is Eligible for Title Loans

Car title loans don’t stop anyone from applying to them. Even if you lack a title, have a bad credit history, or are currently unemployed, you can get a secured loan.

Again, it’s different from any other financial institution – which will be strict about who can take out a loan and who can’t.

As long as you have a vehicle you can use as collateral; you can apply for a title loan right away!

#3 You Get to Keep Your Vehicle, Too

Some people are intimidated by the idea of title loans. They think that they may have to lose the vehicle during the loan period because it asks for the title.

We’re here to remind you that this isn’t the case! You can still keep your vehicle to work, school, or visit your friends.

You’re simply using the title as collateral. When the time comes that you can’t get the loan money you owe to the lender, that’s when you will get your vehicle repossessed.

If you get the money you owe back to the lender within the set time period, you’re in the clear! You got the money you needed and kept your car around.

#4 Title Loans’ Repayments Are Made Easy

Repayments are ridiculously easy, especially in Chesapeake. You can start paying the money you owe monthly or repay early. There are no penalties or hidden fees – just you, your loan principal, and the interest rate.

#5 There’s a Generous Loan Period for Title Loans

Compared to other states, Virginia is generous with the loan period for car title loans.

An auto title loan is considered a short-term loan. In many states, thirty days is more than enough.

However, this can cause trouble if you don’t have the money needed for the loans within 30 days. While borrowers can start paying for interest, the principal remains.

You can avoid this if you apply for car title loans in Virginia. Here, any loan company will allow you to start paying within four months to a year.

To Sum It Up

Title loans in Chesapeake, Virginia, are available and convenient. You don’t have to go through bank or credit union loans!

If you need money fast for one reason or another, title loans are one way to go about it! As long as you provide certain documentation, you get your cash fast.

Getting a title loan in Chesapeake, VA, is easier to navigate. They give you more time, and the entire loan process is regulated.

We hope you learned a thing or two about getting a title loan in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach!

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