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Title Loans in Portland , Oregon

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Car Title Loans in Portland: A Quick Solution to Monetary Concerns

You’re considering getting a car title loan because you’re currently in a tight spot, aren’t you?

Well, have no fear, people. If you’re in Oregon, you can get car title loans in Portland.

We’ll show you how to get such cash loans in just 6 EASY steps! We’re also here to mention what you’ll get from it.

Make sure to pay attention to everything because you wouldn’t want to regret any actions at all!

Why Are We Encouraging You to Get an Auto Title Loan?

To start, the MAIN reason you would want to pick auto title loans (or pink slip loans) in the midst of a money crisis is that it is possible to get your requested money in Portland with no days of waiting!

Now you see why most people with emergency cash needs often reach for title loans.

But other than that, it is also because of the following benefits…

  • You can STILL drive your vehicle even while you’re paying the title loans.
  • A lender can be understanding regarding your situation (example: problems with documents, vehicle condition, payment issues).
  • It is possible to get car title loans completely online.
  • It doesn’t matter if the money is for household purposes or other things.

But Beware Of…

The title loan process can be effortless. But its interest rates are costly. And it poses a BIG risk, particularly when it comes to not meeting the payment terms. So watch out for:

  • The possibility of getting your car completely taken by the lender
  • Fees can be higher over time until you’ve paid the loan amount you’ve requested

The worst-case scenario is you lose a LOT more than what you have borrowed.

But there are still people out there who want to go on the run despite all the horrible consequences of failure.

So if you are 100% confident with your money status, we can get down to the application process for title loans next.

How Do I Obtain a Car Title Loan in Portland, Oregon?

We have laid down the procedures for obtaining a car loan in Portland, Oregon. Your very first step would be to prepare these documents.


To get title loans, the lender will typically search for…

  • Valid ID (such as Portland ID, Driver’s license, or passport)
  • Owned vehicle
  • Vehicle title (must be lien-free)
  • Any proof that you can pay car title loans (such as employment status or bank statements)

There are still more documents you might need to bring. Some lenders have different requirements, after all. Or you can use them as a backup if what you presented isn’t somehow valid.

 Better be prepared than going to your lender back and forth:

  • Copies of car keys
  • Car insurance
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration under your name
  • Credit and bank account information
  • Proof of Oregon residence (such as utility bill or mails with your name on it)
  • References (with their mobile number and house address)

Apart from that, you should also be aware that some lenders MAY install a GPS tracker in your car while you are under a loan contract.

About what is not allowed, well…

  • Anyone aged 17 or below is not allowed to get car title loans.
  • You CANNOT get auto title loans from the same vehicle simultaneously.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to borrow money that exceeds the retail value of your car.

Application Process

The application process in Portland is as easy as pie. Some lenders in Portland can actually hand in your requested loan amounts in just as short as 20 minutes or less. What you will only have to do is…

1.) Search For a Lender

Here are some of the best lenders you can find in Portland:

  • Oregon Title Loans, Inc.
  • Northwest Title Loans
  • Montana Capital Car Title Loans

What’s nice about these loan agencies in Portland is that some can actually operate online. To simply put, there are no store visits required.

You have the option to complete a loan transaction fully online or via phone call. 

2.) Submit the Filled Out Application Form and Other Required Documents

This is a rather simple step. Just answer every personal information asked. But take note of your car details too such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • Mileage
  • Year
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number

You can submit it then, along with the other required documents afterward.

Also, we want to highlight that lending your car title (and the copy of car keys) will also be a part of the loan process. 

But don’t worry!

You will get it back once you are done repaying the remaining loan amounts.

3.) Standby For the Approval

Of course, lenders will have to review your application first before you get approval. They have to ensure people will have no problem repaying for car title loans.

Inspecting the car itself (and possibly) your credit score history will also fall in this step.

4.) Double-Check the Terms and Conditions Before Applying for the Loan

You are almost done with the loan process. All you need to do is get to know how and when you will hand the money back. 

The do-and-don’ts that lenders require.

Don’t forget about the other stuff that goes on in the entire loan period.

5.) Get Your Money

And there it is! The money amount you’ve requested, which again, you can spend anywhere you want.

You can pick up the title loans at the store itself, have them delivered to your doorstep or request for a direct deposit into your bank account.

6.) Pay the Title Loans

This is when your loan proceeds to become something you have to pay for eventually.

Again, how and when you pay the loan depends on the lender. But you are always welcome to discuss another way that is both convenient to you and the lenders.

More Questions?

Are Car Title Loans Legal in Portland?

YES! Title loans are legal in Oregon.

The state has capped loan terms. And they also regulate what the title lenders can ONLY do. It is safe to borrow money as long as the lenders are abiding by the law.

How Much Money Can I Borrow With Title Loans?

What we honestly like in Portland is that the maximum loan you can get there is $50,000. And it is for real! Oregon actually supervised it. The minimum loan goes for AT LEAST $100.

What Is the Maximum Loan Term in Portland?

In Portland, you can only return the money you have borrowed within a maximum of 30 days. And there is no arguing over that.

Some lenders actually only have a 15-day rule too. So ask a representative away if you are worried about the loan term.

What if I Can’t Pay Enough Within 30 Days?

Paying 10% of the principal per month will be required to keep your vehicle. You will receive a 10-day notice to repair the loans.

You can also get a loan renewal as long as you haven’t made payments before the due date. And you will receive a notice too within 14 days when the title loans are renewed.

But if you CANNOT pay the title loans at all, lenders will have to sell your car. But they will return the extra money if your vehicle has been sold for more than what you have borrowed.

Am I Still Qualified Even if I Have a Bad Credit Score?

It is not impossible to get title loans in Portland, even if you have a negative credit story. 

Yes, you will still have greater chances of getting loans if you have positive credit.

That way, you can prove you can pay the loan. But if you have another way to prove that ability (example: proof of income), then lenders will give you an OK signal.

It still depends on what the lender MAINLY requires. Because some do not accept other proof aside from credit, and some don’t check credit scores.

So be fully aware of what your chosen lender requires before signing up the loan contract.


Indeed, the steps are simple enough. Even the gathering of documents is easy-peasy to do. And you can get your cash the same day!

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that it’ll still cost you more than what you’ve borrowed. That’s all thanks to extra charges.

Always keep in mind that this is just an easy way to attend to emergencies. In the end, you’d have to pay for everything.

Make sure you’ve planned how you’re going to repay the loan before you apply for one.

We’re telling you. It’s the WORST OF THE WORST to be highly indebted to agencies.

Have a bad credit score?
We will help you!

It’s not that hard as you think! Getting started
is just one click or phone call away

A few simple steps for a free quote

Select the amount of cash you want

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