There’s so much going on in Glendale, California, but one of the hidden secrets is all the meetups! It turns out that Glendale is an exceptionally friendly city where people like to get together – just about any reason will do. The cool thing about meetups is that while you’re doing something that you love, you get a chance to socialize and meet friends with similar interests. Here is a short list of a few of the meet-ups.

BungyPump Fitness Walking Group

The membership in this group stands around 700. They are people who are looking for a simple way to be active and shed some pounds within the setting of an outdoor group workout. They are hoping that through hikes, walks and workouts they will come out feeling healthier, stronger and in great shape. The group provides free use of BungyPump poles, which are walking poles for fitness. They have a resistance of 9, 13 or 22 pounds built-in. When walking with them, they cause you to press against the resistance, which activates your upper body and helps you burn more calories. This is a weekly meetup.

Glendale Photography Group

For all of you shutterbugs out there, this is the group for you! Grab your camera, bring a few of your favorite lenses and filters and join the group. Whether a rank beginner or an experienced photographer, there is a perfect meetup for you. The organizer schedules the events according to the needs of the individuals in the group. The meetups cover all types of photography, including landscapes, nighttime and studio.

Sassy Soul Senior Sisters

This group must have a great amount of character! Get this: it’s for senior African American females who want to hang together. They socialize, go out to eat, watch movies, enjoy concerts, travel and take walks in the park. It’s especially for senior African American females who are retired, divorced, widowed, otherwise single or bored. If the shoe fits, call them up!

Just Pass Go!

This is a professional networking meetup. Somehow or another, they put together professionals with art, whatever that means. Hundreds of them get together to promote themselves, their business or their brand while enjoying contemporary art. Since the events are for networking, they are not industry-specific. Anyone in any field of business can join – just don’t forget to take business cards!

Glendale Geeks

Ok, now this has to be a real catch-all type of meetup. This is for people who live in a totally cool town like Glendale, but spend most of their time with their nose in a book or watching something on a screen. Get up, shake off the dust and get out of the house! Go out into the city with other geeks just like yourself. You’ll feel right at home!

So it doesn’t cost much to just join a meetup and make new acquaintances. But some of the activities do require some money. If you’re flat broke until your next paycheck comes in, contact the folks at Montana Capital Car Title Loans in Glendale to see if you qualify for a pre-approved loan.