Located in Southern California, Garden Grove is a fun spot for visitors to find water parks and year-round attractions. For instance, the Strawberry Festival is held every Memorial Day weekend. It has become one of the biggest community festivals in the entire Western US. Although the number of residents in Garden Grove, CA are less than 200,000, the festival brings in around 250,000 visitors! Since 1958 the festival has been celebrating Garden Grove’s agriculture, including the cultivation of oranges, chili peppers, walnuts and of course strawberries. At the festival, visitors can watch the largest strawberry shortcake in the world being sliced into portions and enjoy the colorful parade, which is joined by celebrities.

Water Attractions in Garden Grove

Garden Grove is home to the Great Wolf Lodge, which is not only to the first indoor water park, but it is the only one! It is a 100,000 sq foot waterpark that features “Howlin Tornado,” which is six stories high. This structure allows three people to drop through a 30-foot funnel of splishes and splashes until they’ve safely landed inside the pool. For wanna-be or novice surfers, the park has a surf simulator where you can try out your moves while attempting to stay on the board. Of course, for those who just want to relax a little and enjoy a calmer version of the park, they can lazily go floating about in the wave pool.

Garden Grove’s Historical Village

It would be a shame to get to Garden Grove, CA and miss the Stanley Ranch Museum and Historical Village. The site takes up two acres on the Stanley Ranch, showcasing 16 historical buildings. Included in those buildings that were moved to this property is the garage where Walt Disney created his animation machine, which later produced cartoons. He also spent time in that garage drawing out his cartoon characters. Other interesting buildings include the Ware-Stanley House, explaining the life of horticulturist Edward Ware, an old school house and a post office from the 1880s. There is also a barber shop, a dental room, a replica of the first fire station and the Schnitger House. The best way to see all 16 buildings and hear the stories is by joining a tour, which are conducted the first and third Sunday of each month.

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