If you need money fast, there’s a very good chance that you aren’t out of options—no matter what you’ve tried already. To get the brainstorm going, consider these 10 ways to make money without waiting.

Sell Items You Don’t want or Need

You may have lots of money just collecting dust around your house. Old furniture, antiques you inherited or even old cell phones can be traded in for cash. It’s a big trend to live more minimalist, right now. You may find when they’re gone that you don’t even miss them.

Pawn Items until You Can Afford to Reclaim Them

You don’t have to give up any items you want to keep permanently to get some cash out of them. Pawn high-value items and keep up on the small payments until better times when you can pay back the balances and reclaim them.

Rummage Through Your Old Gift Cards for Balances

You may have quite a few gift cards for stores you don’t visit. You can sell those gift cards for cash on many websites, but you don’t even have to wait that long. You can also simply buy items with the gifts cards and then resell the items the same day. Talk to your friends about books, clothes or other items they may want at a discount.

Look for Gig Jobs

In most towns and cities, you can find short-term (sometimes just a day) jobs that pay cash at the end. Concert venues, charity organizations, sports teams, and even local governments rely on single-day help sometimes. Check your local job boards for gigs that you can use to pull fast cash.  

Offer Services Out of Your Home

Make some fast money by starting a small-time, low-investment business out of your home. You can perform basic services like meal preparation for the elderly and homebound, laundry services with your existing equipment or babysitting.

Offer Services Out of Your Vehicle

Use your vehicle to perform some basic services for quick cash. You can sign up with one of the popular ride-share or delivery apps, or offer rides and grocery delivery to people directly in your area. Consider people you know who don’t have vehicles and ask them if they’d be willing to pay for errands.

Donate Blood or Plasma for Cash

Check blood and plasma centers around you to find the ones that offer to pay for the blood they draw. In some areas, you can make as much as $50 per donation, and you may be able to donate as often as weekly.

Ask Freinds and Family for Help

It can be tough to ask for help, but friends and family don’t want to see the people they love in pain. The best way to avoid any awkwardness is to keep your requests as low as possible and spread it around. People may feel more comfortable giving a small gift that they’d never need back as opposed to a larger loan that they’d feel uncomfortable following up on.

Rent out a Bedroom or Vacation Home

If you have a spare bedroom or even a room that’s only available during the day, you may be able to rent it out for some weekly cash. You can rent it out to someone you know who needs a semi-permanent living space, or you can just rent it out as a daily office space to some go-getting entrepreneur without an office.

If you have a vacation home or condo, you can go even further by renting it out year round. You can focus on short term rentals so you can still access it during the times of year you want to use it for vacations.

Apply for a Cash Advance Loan

A cash advance loan is rarely the best option, but it’s widely available and easy to apply for if you have a permanent job. These loans can be relatively safe as long as you make sure they are completely paid off and you don’t need to apply for another one. There are some cash advance rules you can follow to stay out of danger.

Apply for an Auto Title Loan

An auto title loan is another easy loan to apply for that doesn’t come with all of the risks of a cash advance loan. With an auto title loan, you use your own vehicle as collateral to apply for the loan, but you can keep the vehicle until you pay off the loan. You’re limited to losing your vehicle, which isn’t likely to happen as long as you make the (much smaller than payday loan) payments.